마블덕후 PC방+오락실+피규어 6평 방꾸미기 인테리어 랜선집들이🏠[집꾸미기] House Room Tour

By | March 7, 2020

[Gonna geek out anyways] [Let’s fanboy happily] [The owner of this room]
Let’s make a space so that I can see my collections all at once. [Movie characters covering a side of a wall] [His house is an arcade + a museum] [Actually making a man’s interior design dreams come true] [Decorating a fanboy’s room (games + figures)] [House decorating] [Many have requested us to make a video on how to decorate a room for fanboys] [If you want to decorate like this] [They say you need Kpop idol merchandise or memorabilia] [So we just went for it] [Q. What made you decorate your house like this?]
After moving in here, it’s been 2 years since I had my own room. I simply like collecting, but also whenever I come into this room and see my stuff I feel really good and comfortable I set the concept to be a space where I could see my collections all at once, and I just started to make it one by one. [#before #decorating_the_house]
When I first moved in here the place was renovating so the ceiling was just white as normal and the floor was also white, so it was too ordinary so the first thing I wanted to change was the ceiling lights. So using the ceiling lights I wanted to give off an atmosphere using a downlight. [Gwangjin’s top recommendation is downlight]
It wasn’t like this before. It was just one main light. So if I turned on the lights, only the center was bright, while the outer parts were dark. [My collections didn’t stand out]
The room was extremely [The before looks very ordinary]
not a room with character but just an ordinary room. [Personally bought the bulbs through the internet and set them on the ceiling] [To match, he papered the ceiling with a dark color as well] [Q. What are some of the pros of downlight?]
When you first turn it on, the color is white then when you turn it off and turn it back on, it’s a natural white and if you turn it off and on again within 5 seconds, it gives off a warm white color. So what’s great about this is when you want an atmosphere like a cafe or a movie theater you use the warm white color. [The color expression is very important during photoshoots]
And since I do blogs, when I take pictures not to distort the light with a white color, [You can give off whatever atmosphere you want with this three-color bulb]
I can decorate the space depending on what I want. So this is the main light Usually people would put these in a cabinet. [Q. What are some tips for creating a fanboy room?]
Just put your stuff in a bookshelf or a rack and use just the light of the room an exclusive cabinet’s characteristic is that when you turn the light on the look is totally different. The value of it looks so different when it’s inside and outside the cabinet. [Kwangjin’s second recommendation: My museum exclusive cabinet]
This is something I wanted to invest in for a long time so when I got my own room and it was pretty wide, I made a big decision to buy this. [Whether it’s for people or figures, lighting is important for all] [Q. Recommend us another cool item]
When I’m on the computer alone I can turn on one of these it’s called T5 LED and it’s pretty popular nowadays. So the design is like an LED bar [T5 LED light color bulbs are just 6,500]
They come in different lengths, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm with three different colors. So the good thing about this is I can use it like an LED bar [The existing LED products are different to use]
but for an LED bar I need an adapter for a different length because I need to consider the different electrical usage but for this, all I need is a 220V plug. So simply like setting up a curtain, I just need to fix a bracket and set up the light so that in the evening if I turn it on like this, it’s nice and cozy. So I’m using it like this. And from here if I want to give off a certain atmosphere you know the places where you want to play games? If I want an arcade-like feel, then I would want something flashy. In that case, T5 has colors. So here – the switch isn’t well placed I need to turn it on with my hand but here if I turn it on, I can turn on a red light. And since I placed a red light here I set another one here. So like this, I have a green light and blue light. So I tried a color using blue and green. When I play games here, I would turn on all the lights So that it becomes like this This lighting can make the room feel disorderly but on the opposite side, it can make it look exciting. So instead of staying simple and quiet [A different space for when in game-mode!]
when I want to enjoy games, I decorate my room like this. [A relaxing space to make memories with my son] [Q. The floor is different from the average house..] I wanted my room’s concept to be black to make it darker. So it’s all black here. Because of matching everything in black the white floor suddenly stood out too much And I wanted a rug, but big rugs were hard to find. Big rugs are hard to find, and the tone I was looking for was harder to find. So at first on the internet, the ones I could find were herringbone rugs. I bought one with a black brick design, and I liked it. It made the room a bit darker. And since I was using that, the problem was since I didn’t stick the rug to the floor, whenever I walked back and forth from it, the rug would keep moving. So the rug moving and creasing were a constant stress factor for me. So when the chair would move, the rug would move. And since I couldn’t put it all in one room, the creases in the middle would stand out. So I used this rug for a few months, but I got too stressed out so I decided to change it, and when I thought that, I found a YouTuber online who had something called a tile carpet. If you look, if you pick this up, it just comes up. Like this. You can pick these up one by one like this. [Gwangjin’s third recommendation: Non-slip tile carpet]
You can pick these up and place them one by one. If you see, the floor used to be like this. But the floor has a material that makes it non-slip. So if I place them together, the carpet doesn’t slip. [Q. The door kept opening] If you see, you can tell that because it’s my personal space and I’m so thankful to my wife who allowed me to make this room, but then again, if I come in here and play games all day and close the door to play games all day, that wouldn’t look so good, right? The fact that my wife agreed to this is something I’m so thankful for. For allowing me this space. So I want to keep this door open So for example, if my wife calls me from the living room, or my son calls me I have no thoughts of keeping this door closed. And my wife sometimes comes in here to play games. My wife and my son come here sometimes to play games. And if I buy something and display it here my wife sees it and says that it’s great. And son also sees it and says it’s great. So decorating my house one by one It’s like this. I bought another cabinet. Trying to decorate it and filling it up can be stressful, but the process itself is full of so much fun. [We’ll be waiting for our subscribers’ geek rooms] [Visiting the houses with home decorations | Arcade + Museum Mancave designs] [Find out more about a variety of interior designs and products through our app]

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