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hi everyone welcome back to my channel
and if you’re new welcome today’s video I’m so excited because it’s all about
Jamaica I’m going to share with you ten things that you should bring fashion
clothing wise to have on your trip in Jamaica and I’m so excited to do this
video because I love Jamaica I really want your state to be as easy as
possible and it’ll just give you some insight on how to prepare and what to
expect when you go to Jamaica and now if you’re new to my channel I suggest that
you subscribe because I do a lot more Jamaican based videos on my channel I
have Jamaica vlogs to make a how-to is just all things Jamaican here on this
channel so make sure you subscribe so yeah if you’re interested in knowing
what to pack for Jamaica who I’m here to help I’m so excited so let’s get into
this so the first thing that I would suggest you bring to Jamaica are basics
so basic tops and basic shorts so basic in color and basic and stuff so you can
start off with bringing basic tank tops basic muscle tees basic t-shirts see how
I have it in colors like black and white these are timeless pieces that everyone
should bring on vacation because you can always mix and match and wear them it
will always look good for any occasion it can be a beach day it can be going
out to event it can be going out for food it could be going out for an
excursion on the day if you have like any activity so these are things that
you can always wearing bringing these it’s perfect for the weather it’s super
hot it’s simple you don’t really have to think a lot when you’re on vacation when
you’re putting together clothing so these basics can match with anything and
it always will look good so once you got that out the way and you bring the basic
color and basic style you can go ahead and go in with solid colors now I
recommend bringing color to Jamaica I feel like color just looks good in
Jamaica you can bring solid color tops and you can do that in the basic style
again if you want to go in with the red top and pair it with a nice white shorts
or jeans you can definitely do that so beyond the basic color is going with
solid colors and I’m trust me it’s gonna make you pop in Jamaica because your
skin is gonna be a little bit more dark darker and you’re just going to look
good and I hope this video gets you excited to go shopping for Jamaica when
it comes to me I love shopping for Jamaica it just makes me feel good I
love shopping in general but when it comes to vacation time and I’m like yeah
I’m going to Jamaica I go all out I’m buying all these new things since I’m
just so excited comment down below or like this video if you love shopping for
Jamaica you love buying new things it’s it’s
just I get excited you guys are gay going to get excited I hope so okay so
next I’m going to suggest some items that I feel like you should only bring
one one of for your trip so I just suggest that you bring one one jeans any
type of jeans these are ripped jeans that I have one pair of tights
I would suggest bringing your flowy pants I love the flowy Pence’s because
they’re just so tropical and they’re lightweight and the reason why I say
that you bring just one of each of those is because it’s just in case for days
where it is raining or if it’s cold the reason why I say don’t pack a lot of
this for a tropical vacation and especially when it comes to Jamaica
because Jamaica is so hot like it’s a different type of heat down there and my
whole entire life coming to and from Jamaica let me tell you I wear pants
only on days where it would rain and I would have to go outside and do stuff
because I just don’t like the feeling of wet grass on my skin but again I am
being dead Sears do not even think about if you’re someone who can live without
going to Jamaica without any jeans tights or pads definitely don’t
recommend bring it it is so hot you’re just not going to feel comfortable
because of the humidity I just don’t recommend but if anything
bringing in case definitely oh and sometimes I think that my sisters always
do like some of them if you’re in an area where there’s a lot of mosquitoes
they would bring actually they would wear track pants or they were worried
your jeans are tight just so the mosquitoes don’t bite their skin so
that’s another option so beyond that I would also recommend
that you bring the sweaters so I have a cardigan option this is very like
lightweight and very thin and I have this pullover crewneck and this is a
very light one as well now reason for it again it could be because the mosquitoes
but in Jamaica depending on the time of year that you consul from September I
would say all the way till January February it gets really chilly
especially in the evening time so that’s something that you can put on or if it
rains you can definitely just put on a light pullover crewneck sweater but I
notice depending on where you’re staying in Jamaica if you’re staying in
Manchester it gets really chilly so I would
definitely recommend that also in regards to the jeans and the tights if
you’re someone who’s not who doesn’t wear jeans and tights you can always go
in and off that and change that with skirts I see a lot of people just
wearing skirt in Jamaica if you don’t want to wear skirts you can
go in with wearing dresses and you can just wear dresses like there’s no
tomorrow so in regards to shorts oh my god bring as much force as you can bring
tight short tight spandex shorts like these you can bring very flowy shorts
like flowy everyday shorts bring going out like I’m going to eat out dinner or
I’m going out to club type of shorts like bring shorts as much as you can
because I again I’m going to stress this to all of you Jamaica is hot Jamaica is
hot the humidity out there even though there’s wind it’s hot it’s just super
hot especially if you’re gonna be staying in Kingston you’re gonna being a
girl during the day and you’re out in the day doing things like it’s super hot
man when I’m in a girl all I wear is my
swimwear like my babies to Bottas them tops I walk around the whole entire town
like that because I’m just like it’s too high if you watch my birthday vlog you
would see me I literally walked around the whole entire town with my somewhere
because it’s super hot you make us hot I am NOT over exaggerating Jean I’m sure
it’s high-waisted I live for high-waisted stuff and if you’re someone
who don’t who doesn’t want to wear shorts but you still want to wear
something similar to shorts always bring capris these are my capris i love these
capris so my can i have a whole tutorial on my channel if anyone’s interested in
wondering how I made these capris but these are my faves so I have all these
options for you I know I’m not the only person that buys all these things for
vacation and I don’t wear half of that now this is my theory that I came up
with the reason why when we go on vacation we just don’t wear like some of
the clothing items that we bought we’re wearing back the same exact outfit we
wore a few days ago or we just don’t know what to wear and we’re just
confused and some things don’t look good on us like we thought it would and it’s
just all this big mess now hmm I have a solution to all that especially when it
comes to Jamaica okay let me let me tell you guys when you’re going to Jamaica
your social life is gonna be up to by ten thousand like when I’m actually in
Jamaica I have a social life and I’m actually doing stuff when you’re in
Jamaica you’re going to be on the go I am not exaggerating late you’re gonna be
out swimming in the afternoon in the evening it’s time for you to go get
ready to go up for dinner after that it’s time for you to quickly change and
we’re going up to a club we’re going out to event you’re on the go I don’t know
what it is but I just don’t have time to think when I’m in Jamaica in regard to
clothing outfits or makeup and hair so what you’re going to need to do is have
pre-planned outfits and I’m not saying like have alpha
planned in your mind and you’re like okay I’m gonna wear this top with these
shorts when I go to make know the turnout like 9 out of 10 times we’re not
even aware that combo when you go to Jamaica pre-plan outfits in the sense
that by rompers buy dresses buy two-piece sets okay buy jumpsuits when
you buy these things you already have outfits put together and you don’t have
to think all you have to do is okay I’m gonna wear this two-piece set my whole
entire outfits already planned out oh I’m gonna wear this romper my whole
entire outfits planned out this trick is going to save you more time energy than
actually thinking about okay when I go to Jamaica I’ll think about what top and
pants I’m going to wear it it may sound logical now because you’re just thinking
of it but when you’re there your life is on the go bring rompers to psets because
they’re gonna save your life when you go you’re not gonna have to worry about
your outfits I don’t know how to stress this but if I would suggest anything
beyond like the basic stuff let the rest of your vacation wardrobe be already
pre-planned two-piece outfit rompers drum suits dresses like galore dresses
all save so much time if you got like nice cute dresses I don’t know what it
is but in Jamaica patterns look good color looks good so go crazy when it
comes to pattern and color it’s going to look so good on you
another thing I would suggest is bringing bra let’s workout Brides I feel
more free and relaxed when I’m wearing bra leg like Rustin for bra lights or a
sports bras that I can wear and just get ready in I feel very free and you can
just lounge around in these things now the next thing that I would suggest that
you bring is bags I would say only bring one two two bags when you’re coming to
Jamaica I would suggest that you bring a shoulder bag or a bag that you throw
over your body a crossbody bag or you can bring a backpack depending on your
style also I would suggest that you bring a
beach bag and your beecher I can either be an actual beach tote bag or it could
be a backpack again it just depends on your style but I definitely do recommend
bring like a fanny pack I know a lot of people like fanny packs as well and you
can just wear that I literally bring any type of bag that you like and yeah it
should work okay so when it comes to undergarments mostly bras I recommend at
least at least one of each of these things so when it comes to bras what I
would recommend is you bringing just at least wine now at least you didn’t bring
like 10 20 of these depends on how much you would need for your vacation but
just bring one regular the simple not even
brah you want something simple to wear it’s one of these simple everyday type
of bra is one of is strapless push-up bras now the reason I would suggest that
you wear a strapless push-up bra is because you’re gonna be wearing like
dresses maybe that are halter top why is this on here so yeah I would suggest
that you bring a strapless bra and again at least one at least and then another
thing that you can bring is a push-up bra but these push-up bras have actually
straps on them because sometimes you need your push-up bras to actually be
strapped not strapless okay yeah cuz sometimes not all the time do I like
wearing strapless push-up bras they’re annoying so you can bring that actual
push-up bra that has straps on them those are like the main thing because
those are all versatile and you would need them for different different
occasions and outfits okay a next thing that you’re definitely going to need is
hats bring whatever type of hat that you like hats work so well mmm and bring
sunglasses I know a lot of people forget to do that when it comes to jewelry I
wouldn’t say bring a lot of jewelry what I would say is bring simple timeless
pieces you can bring stud earrings I definitely recommend that because you
can wear it all the time for every single thing one watch if you’re into
wearing watches one bracelet if you’re into wearing braces hoop earrings or a
lot of people like statement earrings I feel like a lot of people forget this do
not forget to bring pajamas remember basic simple lights at minimal clothing
when it comes to sleeping I would suggest you doing that and footwear
items that I feel like you should bring at least one of these I feel like these
are just all you need and you can always interchange with your outfit with these
the first thing I would say is bring flipflops flip-flops are so convenient
and easy and simple and with me I don’t care about flip-flops in the sense that
if they break they just break I’ll throw them out and grab another pair so bring
as many flip-flops as you want when it comes to flip-flops there are little
easy Footwear items that you just put on your feet quickly and you run here you
run there with them to always have at least maybe two or three in your bag and
you can go and again you can bring slides as well Perkins or any type of
footwear like these I love bringing these another thing that I suggest that
you bring is running shoes running running running shoes now it can be just
simple plain colored running shoes which I would recommend more for your
excursion to your activities maybe your hiking maybe your running horses this
helps a lot okay another thing I would suggest that you bring is Ellie
one favor heels it could either be wedges I know a lot of people love
wearing wedges in tropical islands but if you’re not burning at least only a
one pair of heels and bring the most simplest heels I feel like one strap
heels are always the simplest to wear on vacation and I would suggest that you
actually bring it in black because black you can wear with all outfits and it’s
such a simple style style that will look good with every single outfit that you
have when it comes to Jamaica you want to adapt to the culture and the climate
in the sense that just wear more breathable Footwear but if you want to
wear Footwear I would suggest just bring just one nice Footwear is gonna be like
these ones are where you can just wear them when you’re wearing running errands
or something but I always always always carry at least one or two nice it rains
one day and I just want to wear these but yeah that’s it for today’s video so
those are my top holding fashion items that you should bring fridge Jamaica let
me know what you think in the comments comment down below some things that in
regards to fashion and clothing that you think that people should bring to
Jamaica as well because of course there’s so many other must-have things
that I’m leaving out that I want to learn as well too and again make sure to
watch my other Jamaican beast videos on my channel it can be from vlogs what to
eat when you go to Jamaica what to drink like I have it all here and I hope you
have such a fun time in Jamaica I always have fun and I always hope that everyone
else that comes down there has a great time as well so that’s it for today’s
video I hope you all really liked it and I’ll see you all in my next one marv
walk by but here’s some more videos if you want to watch

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