22 Free Things You Can Take from a Hotel Room

By | March 6, 2020

Hey, it’s the source of those 18 tiny shampoo
bottles and bars of soap in that bottom drawer of your bathroom cabinet! Yep, I’m talking about hotels and all the
stuff we like to take from them, even if we don’t use it! But be careful there, sticky fingers – you’re
technically only allowed to take certain things! Let’s start off with the stuff you’ve
already been taking home for years… 1. Soap and lotion
This is probably the only thing you can find in any hotel regardless of the price range. That bar of soap is there for you and only
you to use. The next person who stays in your room will
obviously get a new one. Same goes for any lotions or hand creams. Those are nice for the dry air on the plane
trip back home! 2. Shampoo and conditioner
If these items are branded with the hotel’s logo, they actually want you to take them! It’s a hotel’s sneaky way of advertising
itself because many people bring them home to place in guest bedrooms or give away to
friends. 3. Toothpaste and mouthwash
Feel free to take your Barbie-sized toothpaste and mouthwash to-go when you check out. Some hotels also provide travel-sized toothbrushes
for guests, probably because that’s the one thing we often forget to pack! And forget about the guest bedroom – these
minis come in handy for your carry-on. Or, ya know, when you’re running late for
work and realize you forgot to brush your teeth… 4. Shaving cream and razors
Hey, if the hotel so kindly left you some shaving stuff, kindly accept the gift, even
if you packed your own! But if you’re about to get on a flight back
home, check your airline’s regulations about having aerosols or razors in your carry-on. Free stuff is cool and all, but you don’t
want to get an extra pat-down at security! 5. Deodorant
Was that thing on your pits? Yeah, please, take it with you… Even if it wasn’t, the deodorant is yours
to keep! Ok, enough toiletries – let’s get into
the good stuff!… 6. Sewing kit
This thing is a real lifesaver for frequent travelers. But it might be hard to find a small sewing
kit that won’t take up much space in your bag. Don’t miss your chance to take these teeny
weenie ones from hotels! 7. Shoeshine kit
Such kits usually include black shoe polish, a shine cloth, and shoeshine brush. Not many hotels have this item in the rooms,
but you can ask for it at the front desk and keep it for good. 8. Shower cap
Experienced travelers know a pretty cool trick for your next trip: while packing your stuff,
simply put your shoes in a shower cap to make sure dust or dirt on the soles of your footwear
won’t get on your clothes. That’s smart! 9. Plastic bags
Just like a shower cap, they can come in handy for organizing the stuff in your luggage. For example, if you don’t want to mix your
clean clothes with the dirty ones, then throw the soiled garments in those plastic bags
most hotels provide. You can also use them to protect your clothes
from any bottles in your suitcase. 10. Hairbrush or comb
Yep, it’s yours. But any other hair tools you find in a hotel
room, like a hair-dryer or straightener, shouldn’t be taken. Sorry! 11. Stationery
Ever notice how when you need to write something down, a pen is nowhere to be found? Every single time! That’s why most hotels provide you with pens,
pencils and notepads. They won’t mind if you keep them. Again, they want you to swipe the stationery
– they’ve plastered their logo all over it, and you know, you’re going to lose that
pen somewhere! And of course if you actually don’t move
it, then it’s stationary stationery. 12. Envelopes
While you’re stocking up on writing utensils, go ahead and throw the envelopes in your bag
too. It’s one of those things you always forget
to buy even though you need it more often than you realize. Who cares if your holiday cards come in an
envelope with some hotel’s name on it? It’ll still get the job done! Merry Christmas from the Do Drop Inn! 13. Magazines and newspapers
You can grab any reading materials the hotel has left for you to entertain yourself. Again, they’ll be nice on the plane trip
back home, especially if you don’t have in-flight movies! However, some magazines might have special
stickers on them, which means they must stay on the hotel premises. Be sure to check for that! 14. Coffee, tea, and sugar
If your hotel provides stuff to make warm beverages right in the room, then don’t hesitate
to take the tea bags, coffee pouches, and sugar packets if you want. Just make sure those items aren’t part of
the mini-bar – otherwise, you’ll have to pay for them! And…You can’t take the coffee machine
or tea kettle… bummer… 15. Coffee mugs
Strictly speaking, guests aren’t allowed to take the mugs from their rooms or from
the dining area. But if you really like your hotel coffee mug,
steal it while they ain’t lookin’! No, I’m kidding! Simply ask if you can take it – chances
are they won’t have a problem with it. If you do steal it, and are caught, down at
the police station, they’ll take your picture holding it, and it’s a whole different coffee
mug—shot. 16. Bottled water
If you’re staying in a country where drinking tap water isn’t okay, then most local hotels
will stock your room with free bottled water. But if you’re in a place where tap water is
safe to drink, be ready to pay for these bottles. So, this freebie often depends! 17. Snacks
To avoid extra spending, you should assume that all food and drinks in your hotel room
are not free. Except for small chocolates you might find
on your pillow. But if you see some snacks or fruits in the
hotel’s common area, it’s probably fine to take them to keep hunger pangs at bay while
you’re out exploring a new city. 18. Bathrobes
Rules regarding these are a bit tricky and depend on the hotel. In many places, a mithing bathrobe…a mithing
bathrobe? Take two: a missing bathrobe will be added
to your bill. Some hotels even put price tags on the bathrobe
hanger to make sure guests are aware that it’s not a free item you can take home. However, many pricier hotels consider it a
gift and even add an embroidery with the guest’s initials on it! Well, “gift” is a stretch – you probably
paid for that customized bathrobe in the price of the room! 19. Slippers
They’re not reusable, so if you leave them in the room, they’ll get thrown away. That’s why it’s no biggie if you get hold
of one pair. They’ll be especially useful on your flight
back home if you’re wearing shoes that are uncomfortable for a long trip but don’t fancy
walking around the plane in your socks. But keep in mind that some expensive hotels
have much nicer slippers compared to those cheap flimsy ones, and those should be left
for future guests. After they get cleaned and sanitized, of course! 20. The bathtub ducky
Got attached to the rubber ducky left to keep you some company in your room? Then don’t leave your new friend behind! Besides, he’s seen waaay too much at this
point… Rubber duckies are pretty cheap, and even
though they’re reusable, the hotel staff probably won’t mind if you take it. Just ask them to make sure. 21. Umbrellas
Plenty of fancy hotels have them in case of bad weather. They’re usually stored in the lobby instead
of the guest rooms. Obviously, umbrellas are pretty expensive
compared to slippers, but in most cases, you can keep one. And again, those are branded, so if you use
it after staying in a hotel, more people will find out about it. There’s no such thing as too much advertising,
right? 22. The “Do not disturb” sign and magnetic
key card Tired of your roommate barging in as you’re
trying to get some work done? Well, next time you stay at a hotel, go ahead
and grab that Do Not Disturb sign and take it home with you. As for the magnetic key cards, not sure why
you’d need those, but they’re free for the taking as well. The hotel deactivates it after you leave anyway…. Ok, our list is getting pretty long, and that’s
not even all the things you can take from your room! Other freebies didn’t make it to the list
simply because getting them is more of an exception than the rule. But many exclusive hotels go out of their
way to impress guests, providing them with Rubik’s cubes, stress toys, and even teddy
bears! Oh, and one more tip that should cover all
the basics: if you ever want to take something from a hotel room but doubt you can, simply
ask if you can purchase the item or check if your hotel has an online shop where you
can buy all those cute pillows and soft blankets. Because, yeah, you can’t take the bedding
and towels! Now it’s your turn. What things from the list would you take home
for sure? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
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