3 Michelin stars Frank Giovannini, Hotel de Ville, Crissier: grand tasting menu [2019]

By | January 1, 2020

Two Grand menus, please! Yes, chef! No changes. We are starting your lunch with a cylinder of tomatoes, with some guacamole. Olive oil and basil. And a little tomatoes focaccia. The taste is quite simple. But I like when you see the work on the plate. There are enormous details on every plate. But it’s the taste that always dominates. You have the blue lobster from Brittany. Refreshed with coral cold spinach velouté. You have now local green beans from la Côte cooked with black pearls and garden herbs juice. My philosophy is all about the best available products. Seafood, vegetables, fruits… And to pair the different tastes. Elegant Porcini and Chanterelles vegetal ravioli tasty reduced sauce with Marsanne grapes The kitchen is organized according to the order of the menu. From the left to the right. So the first station is the appetizer station. The second one is where we prepare the cold starters. Over there is the fish and shellfish station. And on the right-hand side, we prepare the meat and the poultry. This is the pass where the chef stands. And from where we send the plates to the dining room. We have now the crispy fillet of red mullet from the Atlantic coast. Accompanied by artichokes and saffron. My story is about best products of this moment. The tasting menu is about 7 salty dishes. This is a very balanced tasting menu. It not over complicated. It contains 1 meat, 2 vegetables, 1 mushroom, 3 seafood plates. All the products that I buy, if they are not Swiss, they are from neighborhood countries: France, Italy. So I am obliged to respect the seasonality. How often do you change the menu? I change my menu 5 times per year. Fine Bouchot Mussels moisten with Dézaley wine light nage with fresh herbs from Orny Now you’re having a filet of local beef. Grilled. And served with tangy figs and Cornalin red wine reduction We have goat cheeses. Blue swiss cheeses. It’s a good selection. Stilton and Roquefort, as well. We have hard and semi-hard swiss cheese. And Comté cheese from the french side. Some liquid aged cow cheeses as well. We have fresh cheese, as well. And French classics. Camembert.
Reblochon. Brie. Pont Levec. And stronger ones: Livarot. Muenster. Epoisse. And sheep cheese: Manchego from Spain.
Brebis Corse. And sheep cheese from the Pyrenees. Bot Appetit. Thank you very much! Bread selection for your cheese. Poppy seed bread, seeds, black olive, fruits, cereals, and rustic bread. Here is you pre-dessert. A glass of yellow peach, lime, and some lemon. The main service is over. So it’s our time. Here are all our dessert orders. We tear off the sheet and send the order to the dining room. To finish you have a smart bite of apricot from Valais. Accompanied by caramelized almonds. If you like few more sweets. We have the marshmallows, dark chocolate with whiskey and caramel. White chocolate and mojito and biscuits with apricot. If you are still starving we have
more compliments for you. Do you feel the pressure of having 3 Michelin stars? This pressure should be positive. If it’s negative, you should do something else. The biggest challenge for me is
to keep happy all my guests at all time. Yes. Guides are important. But they are part of the game. If you work hard, you don’t think of Michelin stars. The most important is the satisfaction of all my guests.

73 thoughts on “3 Michelin stars Frank Giovannini, Hotel de Ville, Crissier: grand tasting menu [2019]

  1. rowan wolters Post author

    That cheese trolley is bigger than my entire kitchen lol. Love the video btw.

  2. Rislox Post author

    Hey, cool video ! Happy that you reviewed the best restaurant in the world that is my country ! You just made a mistake in the description “Crussier” change the U to I 😉

  3. rima1815 - Post author

    Very nice, I was there 2 week ago. For the fish, "the rouget", the saffron sauce is from one of my friend's field.

    Hope you will go to visit the Troisgros Family around Lyon ;).

  4. Nirja shrestha Post author

    Would love a subtitle and story on side. Neither its good as usual.

  5. Nicki Zaroli Post author

    The meat course looks delicious but couldn’t catch what it was

  6. Mircea Dimian Post author

    Fffuuuucccc…… me !
    Even Ramsay couldn't have said it better.

  7. jack grant Post author

    no way this is a channel anyone would like. smug enough to call your self elite life must be great having that much money while the rest make do with what we can. and how did your channel blow up i swear theres somthing fishy from nobody watching to suddenly way more trafic. would not put it past you too buy some sort of botting for subs/views.

  8. vedant gondalia Post author

    Would really like to work as a chef in a three starred restaurant.

  9. Bartek Ozimek Post author

    3 Michelin stars and most of tableware is white … Really !! Same as budget hotels !!

  10. R.A.H Mavyyev Post author

    Why does this make me think of Food Wars, i can imagine the orgasm noises people make when they are eating this food

  11. Goran Seso Post author

    You EAT EWERTHING with a spoooon???? You have some beans so i can fart in yo face wile im driving you to Afrika. Ppl there eat weri good. ASSHOLLES

  12. skymugen Post author

    I had tried many michelin star restaurant before..most of them doesn't impressed me

  13. kuden Post author

    Street food looks and tastes better than these fancy meals

  14. Bing Koy Post author

    The menu sir is tuna with coconut husk, some guava leaves. Mixed with rose torns and toasted carabao poops. It cost 800 dollars. Best seller

  15. Susanna Matarr Post author

    Never understand how these restaurants make profits, they buy the best ingredients probably the most expensive, they pay the best chefs, paying all the employees , the rent etc. After all how they can make profit?Just interested .

  16. TJ Post author

    So Mike still wears suits but not as a lawyer anymore huh.

  17. Alessandro Clocchiatti Post author

    The history of haute cuisine… You are GLORIOUS, Guys!!! Don't stop making these outstanding videos!!! 😘

  18. Scott B Post author

    It does blow my mind to know people pay a ton of money for this food that looks so disgusting.

  19. Martin Slovák Post author

    I have a question, were you hungry, when you finished with eating a desert? Thanks for the answer.

  20. raven11356 Post author

    And here I am eating le ramen consomme with le blanc brioche.

  21. Arden Ma Rui Post author

    I would totally be clueless when they tell me to choose between all of those cheese

  22. Nate Yenke Post author

    I'll get a spaghetti and a salad on the side, if the salad comes on the spaghetti, I send it back..

  23. Даниил Мазаев Post author

    3 звезды,повара работают без перчаток…Это ужасно – повар кладет продукты на ладонь,а после пинцетом на уже готовое блюдо.

  24. Luis Henrique Kunst Post author

    Anyone have an idea about what is that fish crust? Some kind of bread?

  25. el giee deee Post author

    What cheese do you want?
    Me an uncultured swine: that cheese…

  26. Geert Matthys Post author

    Cheese man needs that moustache to survive the daily smell in his cheese corner

  27. sandeep tamang Post author

    Wonderful video….keep it up and Luck for channel🙂

  28. saputra Adi Post author

    If you don't mind please make a video michelin starred vegan cuissine..

  29. Marco Alla Post author

    Thank you so much for showing the culture of eating, the quality of food, and the impeccable service. Normal that prices are high. After all, quality is paid for. Congratulations!

  30. Prasetya Bhagasnara Post author

    When he said that he changed the menu 5 times a year, it is clear that people come for 'the luxury' and 'the exclusivity'. Then 'the taste' come later.


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