#30 European Hotels Trends : 1st semester of 2018 #LTDC

By | March 6, 2020

Hello. Who is the European champion in
term of market performances for the first semester 2018? Will Southern and
Eastern European market will continue to lead your RevPAR growth? We will see
all those details in the analysis. The hotel performances in Europe shows a
rise over the first six month of 2018. Indeed, RevPAR increased by almost 4%,
pushed by the average daily rates, +2.5%. Regarding the demand, the hotel occupancy increases by almost 1.0 point. The increase
in performance is quite homogeneous depending on the categories. RevPAR
growth ranged from 3.2% for obscure luxury hotels to 5.6% for budget hotels. Almost all the countries are performing
better in the first six month of 2018. The best performing markets are Latvia
and Greece, which are experiencing double-digit RevPAR change. For
Latvia, this good result was made possible thanks to the strong increase
of the demand, +6.1 pts. On the other hand, for Greece, it is the sharp
rise in average daily rate +11.3% that explains RevPAR growth. Other significant good results are for Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands,
Portugal and France. For the first three countries, the good trends of the
business clientele explains these good results. For Portugal and France, both
business and leisure contribute to the good performance. The other countries
posted slightly higher or even stable performances compared to last year. The
stabilization of the performances in the UK can be explained in particular by a
sluggish economic context following the Brexit. As we saw the performances are still strong across Europe. Will the European
hotel market reach its highest level of 2011? See you soon for coffee break

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