Aliens May Have Visited Earth But We Haven’t Noticed

By | March 7, 2020

Hey, you still waiting for a visit from the
little green men? Sorry, but you might’ve missed that one
by about 10 million years. A new study claims that aliens do exist, and
they’ve already visited our planet! They just haven’t come back in a looong
time… Published in The Astronomical Journal in August
2019, the study points out that extraterrestrials could be taking their sweet time getting to
our planet. Why? Because they likely rely on the movement of
star systems since they make crossing the universe easier. You see, stars and planets move around the
center of our Milky Way, and they pass one another occasionally. And the Milky Way galaxy itself is also rotating! The study argues that aliens could be waiting
for one of those destinations to move closer to them. This could be a reason why they haven’t
visited us. The study itself delves into a theory called
the Fermi Paradox. It asks, “If alien civilizations do exist,
why haven’t we found evidence of them in our galaxy?” The paradox is named after Italian-American
physicist Enrico Fermi. Back in 1950, he was having lunch and discussing
recent UFO sightings with his colleagues. When they started talking about how these
UFOs would have to travel faster than the speed of light to get to Earth, Fermi could
only wonder, “But where is everybody?” That is, if they have this technology, why
don’t we see more of them more often? It doesn’t make sense if there are billions
of stars and planets where intelligent life could’ve evolved to the point of having
interstellar travel. This Fermi Paradox forced scientists into
two camps: either no one ever left their planet, or we Earthlings are the only advanced lifeform
in the whole galaxy. But this 2019 study sheds new light on the
question by explaining why they haven’t visited us. Makes sense, but there are plenty of other
theories why aliens seem so uninterested in our little rock. There’s the possibility that the conditions
on Earth could be fatal for them. Think about it: signs of microscopic organisms
have been found on Mars and other planets and moons. Humans certainly couldn’t live on Mars,
but these bacteria could! If aliens have evolved specifically under
the conditions on their home planets, then Earth could be toxic for them. It’d be like you or me going to Venus and
trying to breathe in pure carbon dioxide! Never mind that it’s also so hot there,
that we’d melt before we even got a whiff! And they likely know about this. Those fancy saucers they’re flying can probably
measure the conditions on a planet from afar. They’re purposely not making contact with
a planet they wouldn’t survive on. Chances are they’ve come near Earth but
decided to keep moving on. There’s also something like a Zoo Theory. You’d think these super intelligent beings
would have advanced space suits to protect them from harsh planetary conditions. If that were the case, then aliens aren’t
interested in us because they probably see us as primitive beings. They choose not to make contact, much like
we don’t go up to wild animals and try to talk or reason with them. Maybe we haven’t been able to communicate
with aliens simply because we have such different ways of communicating. If they have tried making contact, how would
we know? We communicate with radio signals and soundwaves. They might use some other system completely
unimaginable and unintelligible to us. What if this difference makes us invisible
to one another? And, of course, there’s the theory that
they’ve been among us all this time – they’re just particularly good at hiding. Hmm, you’re not an alien, are you? Ok, just checking… Anyway, can’t talk about aliens without
mentioning crop circles! These massive and perfectly geometrical figures
have been a source of extraterrestrial speculation all over the world for decades. One of the first incidents occurred in the
1960s when an Australian farmer supposedly saw a UFO rise up and fly away from his land. He then discovered the reeds and grass lying
flat in a clockwise pattern. Many believe extraterrestrial beings are to
blame and that these images may serve as a way of communication for them or possibly
even landing sites. But the only evidence so far points to creative
humans with a lot of spare time on their hands. One man even admitted to doing it himself
back in the 90s. If it is E.T.s, then England seems to be their
favorite spot for drawing weird pictures in the countryside, particularly around Stonehenge. And that brings me to another popular alien
theory. Author Erich Von Daniken proposed that Stonehenge
served as a landing site for aliens. Because many of the stones weigh about 25
tons, he found it impossible that humans constructed the monument 5,000 years ago. Other ancient sites believed to be built by
aliens include Peru’s Sacsayhuaman, the Egyptian Pyramids, and Teotihuacan in Mexico. So far, there’s no way of proving that extraterrestrials
constructed these mysterious monuments for one reason or another. Ok, so what if humans did come in contact
with aliens? What would they look like? Some experts have suggested that aliens may
look completely different than what we expect. Popular drawings and caricatures show similar
features: long limbs, large almond-shaped eyes set on egg-shaped heads, and green or
gray bodies. These little green men typically land on Earth
aboard a flying saucer. But the chances that they’d look so similar
to us (two legs, two eyes, two arms, etc.) are slim. Lifeforms evolve depending on their particular
planetary conditions. So, for example, if the gravity on their home
planet is quite strong, they’d likely be more horizontal creatures rather than vertical
like us. The most bizarre alien theory is called the
“panspermia hypothesis.” It turns all the others upside-down and claims
that we, humans, are the aliens! This is the idea that life did not originate
on our planet, but rather on other worlds. How did we get here? Simple: we started as bacteria that were later
transported to Earth by meteorites! Ah, humble microbial beginnings… The Earth does serve as a model when thinking
about life on other planets. Life exists in extreme conditions on our home
turf. You can find creatures in the deepest oceans,
on top of the highest mountains, in the heat of the hottest deserts, and even in the frozen
soil of the tundra. That would justify our most recent obsession
with Mars. It contains water and some of the same conditions
– found on Earth. Could the Red Planet be something like Early
Earth? It’s interesting to think about! A recent poll found that 20% of Americans
believe aliens have visited our planet. And those numbers might start going up any
time now! In the summer of 2019, US Navy pilots admitted
to seeing UFOs. Now, remember that UFO doesn’t necessarily
mean there’s a little grey dude in there – it simply means they couldn’t identify
what this flying object was. But they are strange alright! These UFOs seem to defy all laws of our physical
world. They’re incredibly fast and can change direction
in the blink of an eye. The majority of these events are left without
explanation. The most popular states by the number of reported
sightings are Vermont, Montana, New Hampshire, Alaska, Maine, and California. All witnesses describe similar things: bright
lights, typically in a V formation, in the night sky. Citizens also describe that same erratic movement,
and then they just vanish. Could witnesses in totally different locations
be seeing the same type of object? Or are they simply describing what’s been
accepted as UFO behavior without really witnessing anything? Well, the more people that report the same
sighting, the more credible it might be. But we still can’t know for sure… Sightings and interest in UFOs have been on
a steady decline since 2014. Some of this can be blamed on the development
of technology. Since people have a whole world of information
right in the palm of their hand, they can stay better informed versus relying on questionable
fuzzy videos. Plus, most of us always have our smartphone
on us, so it becomes a legit question when someone claims to have seen a UFO: “Well,
why didn’t you take a video of it?” Or maybe people simply don’t care anymore! We’ve all got our noses buried in social
media – we probably wouldn’t even notice a UFO right above our heads! Or even an alien right behind this microphone! Is there advanced life beyond our planet,
and have they visited us? Let me know what you think down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
the video a like and share it with a friend! Here are some other cool videos I think you’ll
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on the Bright Side of life!

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