Ancient Aliens: Was Human DNA Edited by Aliens? (Season 13) | History

By | February 28, 2020

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  1. HISTORY Post author

    Watch new episodes of Ancient Aliens Saturdays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at

  2. Extraterrestrial Guapo Post author

    Thanks for letting be the first to see stuff been watching the show for years

  3. roberto armstrong Post author

    I’ve got money on our creator being ALF! Remember ALF?? He’s back! In POG form!

  4. Mandela effect- Quantum stuff Texas - Danny . Post author

    The Mandela Effect . The Quantum Effect . We're a very small amount of the human population . ( This Earth ) . Remember many , many , situations clearly from a alternate timeline , another distinctly different Earth ! Different physical anatomy which is obvious when we observe others . The difference is most apparent when we make note of the nuanced differences between our oldselves , and who and what we turned into now . Memory retention of my old body is chronological , last direct observation before changes . June 2016 . I can clearly see the physical changes but am amazed at how much as opposed to different human beings look alike . Clear differences still remain . I have changed somewhat all way round . Don't have to blink my eyes somewhat as often . My skull has side indentations were my full bone temples were at . The face very slightly protudes further out . The jaw line is slightly more angular and sharp . The forehead is slightly more narrow with the 💀 Skull being shaped different as to again going further back up towards the crown of head just a tiny bit more area going to the rear base of the skull , causing the human ears to be further back on the skull lower , and at a bit angled back on the head . The model of our old brain was more or less centered in the bottom base . I had no brain stem going from my backbone up into the brain cavity . I had neck bones with extensive muscle support in the neck . We have no rear sockets behind our eyes .The Hands are now different . With still 4 fingers and a thumb , however with the thumb here clearly further down stretching out and at a different angle . The Pinky finger lower , the other fingers more curved outward , the nails serrated as opposed to smooth and slightly lighter in tone . SHALL I GO ON !! Peace.df.

  5. Nicole Clark Post author

    Can you history channel do the slave that built America that would be good

  6. Cheryl mccloud Post author

    Finally some proof. Ancient Sumerian texts say that our dna was altered by the Annunuki (aliens)for their purpose of using us as slaves..long story True? Idk

  7. Mockavel Velli Post author

    We ARE the aliens. Humans and society on earth have been reset over and over already.

  8. MachineThatCreates Post author

    Ape + spice = Humans.
    The likes of Australopithecus existed 4 mil years ago and in all that time the extent of their evolution was to lose some hair. Then Bam! A massive boost to their intelligence.
    Some say fire ,some say red meat but I like to think ' someone ' injected a bit of spice.

  9. DDanielG Post author

    you always ruin the argument with your opinions at the end. You hear organic robots, like WTH!

  10. ALTRAX Channel Post author

    i doubt they can edit your life when you're sleeping and make it're wake while on bed and hearing those unknown language and voices behind your bed but you can't see're aware that you're wake but you can't move..and one you can move you noticed that you're dreaming..

  11. Elementalist Post author

    "According to Ancient Alien theorists… The rise of the sun EVERY day, proves that we were seeded here by Aliens, If we were not, why would the Sun need to rise every day?" Complete bunkem! , Now I believe in Aliens, but these "Ancient Alien Therorists" really make things difficult!

  12. ALTRAX Channel Post author

    you feel your life is skripted and misserable and for me they just only a parasites..the unseen parasite that manipulated your life..

  13. SECURETEAM10 2020 Post author

    DO we still belong
    to God if aliens
    manipulated our DNA?

  14. Mark Townsend Post author

    I have an open mind approach to all this ancient alien talk, however it does not belong on a history channel, discovery maybe, sci fi more likely.

  15. Henri Follin Post author

    god is in all religions a alien contact with other worldy beings!!!!!!!!!!periode

  16. Alan High Post author

    If this is true, it should serve as a cautionary tale. Imagine how horrified the ancients would be if they knew how their little experiment turned out.

  17. Goddess'god God Post author

    Humans couldn't do it dummy lol 😂 😂 who else duhhhh

  18. Mark Anthony Francisco Post author

    I believe in god yet we should not forget that humans and life on earth wasnt the only creation of god …. We are all uniform in creation …. like robots or machine which everything in it has a function

  19. Jeff Hess Post author

    Contrary to what humans might Think & Believe the Bible & the Others are Interrelated & "The Truth Shall Set You Free" if you let it!!

  20. Yinakaa B Post author

    I think AI is creepy and we might not know hat we do, many people warn against AI.

  21. Sabrina Morris Post author

    Wasn't there an episode of Star Trek dealing with the same subject

  22. Mike M. Rocker Post author

    What's wrong with my country? Do you evem know what it is? Is it racism or something to block videos (and why not thid one?) for some countries?

  23. Justin Sutherland Post author

    How can Gorgieo expect people to take him seriously with that hair. I mean… I am all about expressing myself…..
    But I feel I am being trolled when he speaks.

  24. ThePuppetBB Post author

    I think aliens created us and behind of all religious are they!

  25. J Post author

    Intelligence is relative and all animals possess it in various degrees. Some plants are even capable of counting (venus fly traps)
    We would be classified as engineered intelligence not artificial intelligence

  26. Samarth Shirsath Post author

    Please please release new seasons of ancient aliens or project blue book in India.

  27. Dixie Normus6 Post author

    I usually agree with these videos but this ones not it coach

  28. Subhasmita Senapati Post author

    may b they mutated our gene and changed our ability to teleport n telepathy n other higher modes of communication by something baseless n in d process degraded us …n left .

  29. Conspiracy Theories Revealed Post author

    Not everything that has a pattern or it can be correlated with mathematics means is made by aliens.

  30. Twoer2er Post author

    Calling sentient beings, “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” is a slap on the neck

  31. Olliveiro McAllister Post author

    Ancient Aliens: Was Human Extraterrestrial DNA Edited By Aliens? (Season 13) History Channel

  32. GIT LIT Post author

    how can we trust scientist? they been proven wrong A LOT..!! and if anyone dosent go alone with mainstream science. their blackballed and shamed. i dont believe NONE of this.

  33. Cha Kra Post author

    If you imagine Giorgio’s head to include the shape of his hair, you’ll see it’s the classic grey alien head, he’s basically telling us he’s an alien hybrid 👽

    Ancient alien astronauts say: YES

  34. Baz Clarke Post author

    I'm sure we will find out in the future if our DNA was edited or not.

  35. Gerard Miller Post author

    The aliens created Adam and Eve. The rest is history. They lived here before us humans. This is written in Ezekiel chapter one. Ezekiel describes 4 beings who came down, and the craft coused a whirlwind as it landed. The craft that Ezekiel describes was huge and round.
    The 4 beings were humanoid, and they comunicated with Ezekiel for several days. They are described as having wings, and their wings were straight, not like a bat or a bird . No flapping of wings was described.
    They had four faces, however; they are most likely wearing a helmet, as a pilot would. And the aliens are not exactly green or gray. Thing about it. They are wearing clothing. Ezekiel lived 350 years before Jesus days.

  36. Saleh Khamis Post author

    Just have my new born baby got stamp on his balls the extraterrestrial put stamp while he is inside woumb

  37. no more sea Rev 21:1 Post author

    3. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

  38. Naya Naya Post author

    The modern-day for demon or falling Angel is alien and yes they did alter the human DNA for example the Nephilim

  39. Fabiol Kurti Post author

    Prap mua nuk ma kaloni!
    Οπως κι νανε σε φανταστικη αποψη της εξυγησεως αυτης της θεωριας δεν με ξεπερνατε!!

  40. Joel Robinson Post author

    So would you say we are food or canon fodder for a galactic dust up ?

  41. Udrescu Alfred Post author

    Well Giorgio I don't think you all believe you all came from a monkey..
    In special when Darwin was a Mason…
    And him was been put by the Brotherhood of the 🌞 Sun to fake all this genealogy…
    Also I know you all do not believe in the Vatican claims you all was made by God. .
    Also Vatican is the same infamous Brotherhood of the 🌞 Sun…
    Hiding under a different name like many others in fact…

  42. Udrescu Alfred Post author

    So Giorgio let's give to the King what it is for the King…the Truth…
    And the Truth will Set you all Free ..

  43. Udrescu Alfred Post author

    Forget about AI Giorgio…
    Is not for human beings that….
    Human beings have another purpose and not to transform themselves into machines…

  44. Udrescu Alfred Post author

    That purpose it is pure Spiritual…
    And machines are not spiritual even if them in one day will fake that thing…

  45. Lance Reihana Post author

    Now explaining what's been theorized, is real pure intelligence on a superior natural understanding, I still think Annunaki are da reason why we are on earth, and if not its been Jehovah's will all this time..Om chanting……lol

  46. Brandon L Post author

    We got created by aliens from the planet Nibiru, they came to Earth in 445,000 B.C creating civilizations, doing mining operations. They later found homosapiens and did genetic modifications to the homosapiens to create humans in their own image. One part of the human was called "The Adam" or "Project Adam", and the other part was "Chava" other wise known as "Eve". They created Adam and Eve in a colony in Africa called E. DIN others wise known as The Garden of Eden. The Aliens explained to Adam and Eve that they are Gods from Nibiru and they spaced traveled to Earth. The aliens left and Adam and Eve went to reproduced the human race. This is recorded history of the Sumerians tablets. This is where the story of evolution and creation ties into play.

  47. Yom Kippur 2021 Post author

    Yes, the "aliens" (fallen angels) modified human DNA. This is the reason the flood took place – almost all the humans and animals at the time had been modified by the fallen angels and were no longer God's creation and had to be destroyed.

  48. Moshi Manju Post author

    0:46 Giorgio's hair looks pretty much more extraterrestrial to me.

  49. Jesus’s Eternal Son Post author

    My mother wisdom did ALIEN substance only one chance in entire creation but everything need to line up 💯% so there will never be a copy cat 🐱 lurking around.

    Wisdom 7

    Proverbs 9:2

    Job 11:6


    Ecclesiastes 11:6
    MERCY – Hebrews 9:5-18

    Isaiah 28
    The LORD will rise up as he did at Mount Perazim, he will rouse himself as in the Valley of Gibeon– to do his work, his strange work, and perform his task, his alien task.

  50. Deep Tafadar Post author

    We can't communicate with extraterrestrial because they design us they are 1 trillion times intelligent than us with any how… because they design us to stay happy…


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