Bali Vacation🌴☀️ With Family From USA

By | March 6, 2020

These few days in Bali were amazing and
is something I will remember forever Like share subscribe button to my
channel for the latest upload this was easily the vacation of the year because
my sister’s family came all the way from Colorado, United States to join me
and my mom for this rare family get-together How old are you
Nephew: Five Where are we going
Nephew : Bali That’s good! Would you like to see my chicken
Nephew: yes let’s make friends with chicken after we come back from
Bali after a quick flight from Jakarta our
Bali escapade begins this spacious sunny and luscious resort
relaxes you almost immediately and I gotta warn you we are taking a relaxing
vacation not the adventurous kind so this whole trip is really about well
hibernating in the Balinese paradise Day 1 Bali, beautiful lagoon view right here Walking Walking to the beach So the beach is about a minute away from my
room nusa dua beach is shared by a coastline of other hotels such as Westin
and Sofitel making it easy for hotel hopping here now let’s talk about breakfast the most
important meal of the day as a huge fan of healthy foods I’m
delighted to find a fresh supply of local seasonal produce of course of
all the five days I stayed here I could not keep off the waffle station
pork is commonly eaten here very unlike Jakarta and it takes a little getting
used to mix and match your own juice and I love this attractive rotating carousel
providing an array of yogurt and bircher muesli hi there so this is like day three
I think and I haven’t got into swimwear yet I’m still like chillin
super lazy here Cheese pizza just for me Masih aja Kerja (Still working) Hi can I have Coconut
just one please thank you Guys this is a bulbul right here eating a
coconut hi I’m not gonna get too close oh I’m so
sorry Oh baby baby squirrel chased by a bulbul oh look look look look they’re
playing again You’re just playing? that’s you making that noise beautiful day today which way am I going getting escorted to the lobby because I
got lost at my brother from another mother’s restaurant the Balinese
classical Bloem’s Waroang named after the men and himself Henry Alexie Bloem who came
from a family of chefs specializing in Balinese food I’ve came to the right place with Chef Henry Bloem, a popular legend Come to Bloem’s Waroang at Kuta at Kedonganan Jalan Toyaning No.5 a casual and laid-back vibe
fill the air so chill I spilled some dragon fruit juice twice So drink matches my lipstick
and guess who I am with Bloem’s Waroang please come it’s exciting dammit Day Four I don’t know if I have a
tan already So I’m going to the Cabana right now can chill there Welcome to Bali, my beautiful sister Sorry you are baked but let’s have more good time in Bali Server: Satay comes with the shrimp cracker and the normal rice Some peanut sauce, really really good Terima Kasih Oh I missed it on the first day Oh look at that after the family dinner I went to walk
along the coastline to Westin hotel and beside it
tamarind restaurant in the welcoming nusa dua beach hotel the beach is right
there unique bamboo-thatched roof and making
you feel like a 50s throwback what a loving, amazing few days with the
family doing exactly nothing in the best place to do nothing in look at you Miles
you’re taller than daddy as soon as we headed to Jakarta the infamous Jakarta
flood of February 2020 raged in through the city and my house so we had to put up at a
hotel for a staycation okay I tell me Nephew: You pretend you’re my Mommy perfect
more family bonding time Brother in law: Got Dim Sum, sushi, Japanese food Cherish your family and every loving moment together
Much Love

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