BENEFITS OF SOLO TRAVEL | Kyrgyzstan: Hitchhiking from Bokonbayev to Karakol

By | March 5, 2020

This is an agency Both of them have come here to return their tents and sleeping bags but there is something happening You must watch this Let me tell you now The agency is saying that you have damaged the tent A lot of Indian tourists have faced this problem in popular tourist destinations like Thailand …even in places like Goa in India Where the tourists were forced to pay for the damages which were not done by them Let me give you a tip if you are going to use a dry toilet like this so it’s not impossible to survive for the vegetarians in Central Asian countries only if you are okay with these things All these boys are harvesting potatoes today I am going to leave this place I am a tourist… A hitchhiker Where are you going! I’m surprised! three kids in the back seat It’s better to keep candies and toffees If you are also hitchhiking I couldn’t understand Forgot the name of the thing which I just had I think she’s pregnant and I wanted her to sit comfortably in the front seat I requested her using Google translate But, she is not willing A Manaschi is a person who tells the story of Manas through a poem This is probably a statue of a Manaschi Like we have ram Leela in India, which is a dramatic folk re-enactment of epic Ramayan Manaschis also present the epic Manas through a performance Manas is like Mahabharat or Ramayana in Kyrgyzstan This epic is based on the story of a superhero named Manas The international airport in Bishkek is also known as Manas international airport this is also a popular attraction – Red mountains We are going to take a halt This house belongs to the mother-in-law of the person who offered me the ride He asked me if I have time I replied take me anywhere you want They always offer a special seat to their guests There are a lot of non-vegetarian dishes on the table they serve directly on the table instead of using a dish It’s a new day And I am with two of my hostel mates we all are from different countries We are just enjoying each other’s company (Thanks in Japanese) (Thanks in Turkish) I can never forget this word My Turkish friend is going back after two days He is on a 10-days long holiday He stays in Istanbul Whereas this gentleman has left everything to travel the world he is more into organic agriculture He wants to learn how organic agriculture is done in different countries After a few years, he will go back and do Organic agriculture in Japan People are so interesting in this world I enjoy their company when I meet them in hostels Last evening I met a couple in my room They were from the Netherlands Although they left this place today morning Even they left their job to explore the world surprisingly I’m getting to meet a lot of people like this on this trip Who have left their job And going to travel for a few months or even years This trend is now getting popular even in our country Now there are people in India also who have their own priorities Besides the regular needs of a house, a job or a family They give time to themselves They travel and explore themselves by exploring the world. Then they get back to their routine life and after some time again start travelling this is their sleeping bag He is Yunus They went together for a 2-3 days trek They hired these camping gears from a local agency This is a sleeping bag. That’s a tent and sleeping mat Instead of hiring 2 tents they slept in 1 tent If you are coming to a place like Karakol Where there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and trekking you can hire these equipments though I have a different plan this is the agency where both of them have come to return their gears But something unusual is happening here Let me tell you what happened! The agency is saying that they have damaged the tent Agency is asking them to pay 300 Som This is related to a lot of Indian tourists A lot of members of ‘TouristHelpline’ group on Facebook They have shared complaints against such agencies Especially in popular destinations like Thailand even in places like Goa, in India Where they were forced to pay for the damages which were not done by them when they went to return their hired pieces of equipment So remember this thing… Before hiring any car, bike, tent or anything else Please check them thoroughly If possible make a video before taking their possession Don’t delete that video until you return your equipment so that you can prove that the damage was done before you hired their product I’m not blaming this agency Sometimes we break things accidentally We should always pay for those damages But unfortunately, there are a few agencies who have made this their business they make money because of our ignorance Always do this whether you are in your own country or outside Do proper documentation, make a video or take a photo Do not sign any document without reading it properly to avoid any problem We are going to eat Ashlan Fu Let me tell you what it is!

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