Centuries old Nandi statues excavated Arasinakere Jodi Basava Mysore Tourism Karnataka Tourism

By | March 7, 2020

At Mysore’s Jayapura Hobli, We are at Arasinakere village Here two Bull have been discovered this was excavated four days back Its details let us see with my friends, come lets see These two bull excavated at Arasinakere the villagers knew about this bull statue since long Many centuries before they had informed the Archaeology Survey of India Archaeology Survey of India had visited there once and there after Did not do anything about it Since Archaeology Survey of India did not show any initiative The villagers came forward to develop this place as a temple They decided this and started the work once the excavation had started ASI got the information they stopped the excavation and have agreed to develop and protect the ancient monument Now, when will ASI develop it? and after development will they allow public to view it? and if they permit public will they permit photography and videography? we will have to wait and watch. Where was the Nandi found? Basava? oh that side is it? Where was Basava found? The two Nandis were found in Arasinakere village in Satellite view its location can be seen This is way through which i went to the excavation site This place too is not marked on Google map so i am naming it as Arasinakere Jodi Basava When this was removed from under the Mud The JCB’s Tooth broke so they went back Then people joined together and got it out and kept it here Was this here itself? No this all was also found there there trees where there, trees were cut and this was shifted here that entire area was covered with trees so many trees were there? when was it removed? in the last one week oh for purpose of excavation? Yes because if the tree falls the Horns may get damaged so it was removed from there first only so much was visible then later as it was excavated, little more was visible Then it was visible above is it? The place was even like the place here. Once when the farmer was ploughing then the plough got stuck in the Horns What got stuck? There was no stones in the field The Lake water fills and overflows, the ground water flows When the cannal water is realeased The lake fills up and the underground spring comes neither they nor they are able to cultivate their fields next week water will be released in the cannal then this will get submerged before water release they have to do the work if not this year nothing can be done This is a agricultural field The ladies who used to pluck the weed discovered this As they were clearing the weed, they found the Horns So they wondered what is this chalkstone or soapstone is doing here so they starting digging the place as they kept digging they found the second horn ours is the field next to this, from there we could see the horns, so big was it it was so high above the ground? Yes so after they found one horn another horn was discovered after digging this every year festival is being celebrated Maharaja, came and tried to excavate it they would get food for workers in lorry rice items for workers from Hullhalli, Ramapura, Arya, Arahalli all used to come and work here its been more than 40 years since Maharaja came here Its a Monolith, They pored limestone water and prepared to take it but later he expired His wife and He too expired so nothing was done after they expired? No it was abandoned The first festival was done by ladies here the ladies made Mudde (Ragi ball) they collected arli leaves , made food ate and celebrated a festival here because of this even now every year then men followed because of this even now every year women are given first meal during festival Is this your field? yes our land is from there to there we brothers have 6 acres, 3 acres each So this comes in your share of land? This is my Doddappas (fathers elder brother) land From the time this was discovered, we gave up this part of the land That means from before you knew about the existence of the Basava? Yes since my great grandfathers times they have told us, we have passed on that information to our children You used to do the Pooja is it? yes we do daily pooja When water gets filled the statues which were above we used to offer pooja to it. they want to build gopura yes they will build a temple here They will make it all even and make a temple here they will make a road till main road Garuda gamba, Kondali, Golden pots and golden Chariot all this was there it seems Can you see that line? till there it was visible so now to see further they dug it during Kings time. Which King? The Big King Since the time of Big Maharaja this was there.1976 Kings father came and come and had got it dug in 1976 Today is his Birth Day.How did he know that this was here? dont known he said one farmer whose farm it was when he was ploughing he found this they dug it how much ever they dug it would only sink further down, it would not come up it was at a height when we saw 30 years back its has been so many years now Then they had carved both on a single stone our villagers decided to excavate this and collected fund to make Basawa ready plan was to build a temple around it someone called and informed them, they came and stopped the excavation work so villagers planned for temple construction now from government side they should not do it so when will government do? no idea Sangama Thata(Grandpa) there is a Sangameshwara Mata it is near from the village if you go left there is a temple there from there Grandpa came and said that the Basawas are here. upto this level water gets filled then these two horns would be visible In Varuna channal when water is released the lake gets filled, after lake gets filled water fills here as this is a low lying area

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    Current status of Jodi Basava
    ಜೋಡಿ ಬಸವ ಪ್ರಸ್ತುತ ಸ್ಥಿತಿ
    Watch video: https://youtu.be/dBA4InPRCgk

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