19 thoughts on “Chilean Tourists Target Ventura County Residents In Recent Burglaries

  1. frequentflyer Post author

    Yeah don't hide your valuables in the bedroom, when I was burgalized they ran sacked he bedrooms and hardly touched the living room…..

  2. Dee Dee Winfrey Post author

    Deport the criminals, and dont let them back in.

  3. MW3 KINGDOM Post author

    ..close the border and stop giving visas until all asylum cases are denied..🤓

  4. Hellhound k Post author

    fking immigrants, Gavin Newsome are u watching this mofer. fuking thief latinos.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Post author

    the shoe criminal looks right at the camera with no mask

  6. RedHotChileno Post author

    Idiots saying build a wall… Chileans dont cross borders, they just take a flight,

  7. Vennis Rodriguez Post author

    Law enforcement has no idea why these Chileans have come to the states specifically to steal and it's easy, they're like the Gypsy's; it's in their culture, they're fucken thieves!

  8. Kit Post author

    Motherfucken tourists causing crime are u kidding me? Trump should execute these pieces of shit and send their bodybags back to their home country to their families.

  9. G.M.C. Sketch Post author

    Get there nuts kicked in
    Send them back with a scar across there face.
    LA , OC vendetta

  10. Claudio MD Post author

    Que triste que por unos pocos ladrones.. cambiaran el proceder de la visa.. debiera darles duro a estos tontos ladrones… cambian toda la tranquila paz de aya..

  11. Chris Christian Post author

    Open borders are bringing more crime and problems than GOOD to America , people have changed and don't have morals only trying to take advantage of America and it's citizens


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