Delphin Hotels Repeat Guest Voucher Code Explanation

By | March 6, 2020

hi I wish sunny days to everyone from Delphin Hotels This video is recorded to explain how to use repeat guest discount voucher codes If you stayed at our one of Delphin Hotels more than twice after year two thousend seven you may get special discounts for
reservation made from our online official web page Now let me show how you can apply voucher code First, select date of arrival or check in dates, in our example
let’s select fiftenth of the June and how many days, how many nights you will stay you will
choose from here you must stay at least three days to
be eligible for repeat guest voucher discounts room count one, how many adult we’ll say? let’s say two and let’s enter the children number, one let’s enter the children age in our example, ten then let’s search our room as you see here, we have different kind of room types for example “superior room land side”, “superior room sea side” “family room”, “lagoon room”, “junior suit” and basically two types of rates “prepaid rate” and “fully flexible rates” “Prepaid rate” is non changeable non-refundable and total amount your reservation will be
charged to your credit card at the time of reservation real time it will
charge you It will be charged to your “3D secure” capable visa or mastercard Of course it is cheaper than “Fully flexible rate” which is, which allows to booking modification or cancellation up to one day before the check-in date I remind you that to be eligible for repeat guest voucher code discount you must choose “Prepaid Rates”!!! prepaid rates, every room has prepaid rates as you see here and also you can see your daily rates from this button as you see here now let’s select “Superior Room Land side- Prepaid rate” Okay Book Now In that screen you see, your summary of reservation also you can buy from here, “Airport Transfer – round trip” From “Antalya Airport” to “Hotel” and from “Hotel” to “Antalya Airport” Push the plus “+” button to buy “Airport Transfer” and as you see here, your “Grand Total” is thousend sixty six “1066” euro then fill your personal information in our example, First Name is John Last Name is Doe and Family Name and E-mail is [email protected] we can fill your telephone number as and also here special requests or notes you can write here and also if you buy /bought airport transfer from us, you must write also here “Arrival Date” “Arrival Time” to “Departure Date” “Departure Time” and “Flight Numbers” Now the main issue is “Voucher Code” You can evaluate from this link, your voucher codes usage in detail, we close here and then now I will tell you how you can create your “Repeat Guest Discount Voucher Code” You will write your; first name, last name and your birth date with capital letters without any space and punctuation in our example first name is John Last Name or Family name is Doe and Birth Date is 26th of May 1968 and The first name and last name must be written here as seen as at your passport and then you will push to “Apply” button to see how much discount you get Here you see in our example you get here 130 € discount and your total Grand Total after discount, is 936€ Now check the, ” I read and accept the Term and Conditions” button and then save your personal info to go ahead to the payment page at this page you see your reservation summary and credit card information you must fill this form also, credit card
number Card Holder’s Name, Expiration Date, etc. and after then, push the pay button you will pay your reservation and confirmation, you will go to confirmation page and seperate confirmation e-mail will be send to your e-mail address for detailed information, you can go to
homepage and then from here you can evaluate, how to create “voucher Codes” in English and also in German and with visuals Thank You very much, Have a nice day 🙂

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