Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico: Review + Tour of Ritz-Carlton Reserve Hotel and Resort | Nick Gray

By | March 4, 2020

Here is the main pool at the Dorado Hotel.
This is my room card. My room number is 1115 and it’s right back this way. I have a ground
level room. This is the outside of the building. That’s my door there. We’ll go walk in now
and check it out. This is my room. We’re gonna go inside and take a look. Alright, this is
inside the Ritz Dorado inside my room. Here, I have a ground level plunge pool, hello it’s
me! Alright, I’m gonna give you a tour looking around the room to see what it looks like.
You can see immediately outside this beautiful plunge pool. Great view. Here is what the
room looks like now. I’ll go show you back the king size bed. There’s the entry way we
came in on and the fan up top. Pretty standard desk area. Looks like they brought in a steamer.
I don’t know if that’s custom. And there is the entertainment area and here is outside.
This is the famous plunge pool that some of the rooms have access to. Looking out right
here onto the beach. This looks like a day bed lounge area to relax. Let’s go check out
into the bathroom to see what it looks like. Oh by the way, near the bed, which I always
like to see…okay, we’ve got light switches, no USB ports but several power outlets which
is great. Walking to this back area. Here’s the mini bar and the coffee and snacks set
up. Looks like they’ve got the pods, standard selection here. We’ll peak in the closet while
we are there. There’s my backpack and my hat. Do they have robes? Here’s one robe and I
imagine there’s another robe in the bathroom. Alright, moving into the bathroom now. Here
is the bathroom set up. Very, very, very pretty. Great bathtub, outdoor shower. Excellent outdoor
shower area. Indoor shower is also available as you can see. And then the bathroom here.
As we walk back out I guess this will conclude the room tour and we’ll continue to go around
to the rest of the property. I am standing outside of my room here at the Dorado and
I want to show you the bicycles that I’ve been riding around all week here. This is
the bicycle that I have been using. It’s a mountain bike. All of the guests have the
ability to get a bicycle. This is another beach cruiser variant and I ride these all
around these paths exploring the property, to my room and to the pool as well. I am riding
through the property now, oh there’s the gym. Riding through on my bicycle as we head back
to the main room showing all the villas and all the little rooms here on the side. I’m
just gonna put the camera back on the main road. Oh, here’s one of these art installations.
Alright people are coming so I’m gonna turn my camera off here. The gym here located on
the east side of the property is very nice. I’ll show you what it looks now as I walk
over there. This is the outside of the gym building. You can see there’s a huge beautiful
green lawn and right in there is the gym. We’ll go in there now. Hey everybody. This
is the gym here at the Dorado. Let’s take the tour ad walk around. Let’s go look inside
the gym now. This is the gym. We are walking in. No one is here right now so I don’t feel
bad about recording and first of all, the first thing I love is these tall, tall ceilings.
Here is the equipment. I’ll pan over here to show the free weights. I’ve changed into
my beachwear so here’s me now. Good free weight selection. Let’s see how high they go up to.
They go up to 26 kilograms. Leave me a comment if you know how much that is in pounds. More
accessories over here. Looks like they’ve got a rowing machine, a pelaton bike, some
treadmills, more devices over here. There’s a lot of snacks that are available. I can
see here there are some apples and then back by the machine we’ve got some Power Aid and
some bottles of water, some snack bars, headphones and more. The men’s and women’s locker rooms
are over here an they have some, I’m not going to go inside of them, but they have some showers
and lockers. There’s no sauna or anything like that. This is looking back out, outside
this area. Aright, I’m going to get a workout in. I’ll see ya in a minute. I’m pulling up
on my bicycle to the main bike parking area that’s right by the pool. I’m just gonna park
my bike here. Out here you can see the lilies and the wading pond. As we walk around this
way, this is towards the main reception area where I first checked in. The main reception
area is right up there and behind me is all these lily pads. There’s two different types.
There’s blue ones and white ones which I’ve been informed open up at night, the white
ones do. This is the guest reception as it looks out into the ocean here. This is behind
the scenes as Derek is getting his picture taken. This is the welcome lounge area. I
put my phone inside this ziplock bag and I’m gonna try to jump in the plunge pool just
like this. Here I am in the plunge pool and now I’m gonna go down underwater. Let’s see
if this will work. Hold on tight. I don’t know what happened. If it stopped recording?
Let’s try this again. Did it work? I don’t know. This is the main pool area. Over there you can get towels
and suntan lotion and bottles of water. At this pool area, it is one meticulous pool.
You can I think reserve or sit at these things over here. This is the restaurant that I was
showing you before. I want to show you the cold plunge pool. It is right here. The cold
plunge is very cold and then there is the infinity which is a hot tub. Hot tub continues.
This is one of the shower areas near the Dorado where you can wash your feet and shower off.
I’ll show you how this works, I mean it’s pretty self explanatory. Washing my feet.
While you do this you’ve got a pretty good view out here. This is the Positivo bar. Here’s
some of the settings. We had dinner here last night. This is the bar where we can hang out
and have a drink. I’ll go up and take a look at the menu, actually I’ve got one where I
am seated. We’ll take a look at this menu here. Oh, that’s where you can get Omakase
with the chef. You can sit at the bar or have it out here. Highly recommended. We didn’t
get a chance to do it because we neglected to make a reservation but when I come back
I’d lie to try that. This is their lunch menu and just take a look at it here. Positivo
lunch, I ordered this, the ceviche. We’ve also have a lot of other things. I want to
make one suggestion. Check this out. We had it for dinner last night. It was really nice.
Salads and entrees. And these are the other menu options available. Hello, thank you very
much! Can I film it? There’s the ceviche. Thank you! I just ordered the ceviche here.
I can’t wait to eat it. Once again, this is the Positivo Sand Bar and it really is the
main restaurant that is right next to the pool so plan to come over here and check this
place out a lot. Alright, I’m going to check out my ceviche now. When you get your bill
here at Positivo you get a message in a bottle with a positive message. Let’s take a look.
Hello, I’m gonna walk around a little bit here at the Dorado Beach Resort as it is the
golden beautiful hour close to sunset. I’ll give you a little tour as we look around.
I’m gonna walk around as the sunset is coming. I want to give you a little peak. Okay, this
is the restaurants. This is where we have breakfast in the morning and it’s right on
the property and the name of this restaurant is called Coa and to put it in perspective
of where it is this is the main pool and you can see the other restaurant Positivo that
I was just at and here’s Coa right behind me. The cold plunge is over there where these
people are and this is the beautiful, beautiful beach area. I’m gonna pause this for a quick
sec so I can take a picture,. Hold on. I’m back with this sunset video of the Dorado.
I’m gonna walk a long the beach here and just give you a little glimpse back to see some
more of the property. Look, you can see some of the rooms down here. This is described,
I believe, as the west side of the resort and this little cove over here, this is the
cove of the hotel and the other side is Encanto, which is another part of the property. I’m
walking down though so I can turn back and actually show you what the resort looks like
from down here in the cove. I’m gonna put my feet in the water and now just as I look
up you can see just how fantastic the resort looks with all of these palm trees and this
rocky type area. These rocks, by the way, they will tell you when you get here, were
put in by Rockefeller in order to limit the waves. You can see they are doing a really
good job of blocking these waves. But back to the resort. This is the resort, the restaurant
that I mentioned, here’s some of the rooms on the east side of the property I think and
you can see that they go all the way down. You’re definitely going to want to rent a
bicycle or just get a bicycle. Oh, those right there, those are the stand up paddle boards
that you can get. They’re free as part of your resort fee and that’s it. I’m gonna walk
back to the main property. I guess I’ll just keep the video going. If you are watching
this, thank you by the way. Will you say hi in the comments. Let me know when you’re thinking
about going or what you think about my video. I don’t do a lot of these but this hotel seems
so special that it was truly worth making one of these videos. Alright, I am going to
take a little break so I can say hi to the camera. Hello to the camera. This is me. I
am walking back up to the property like we talked about. Okay, that’s enough of me. Back
to the resort. One of my favorite things that I’ve been doing here every single day during
our stay…oh, this is the little beach area. You can get suntan lotion, you can get towels,
whatever here. One of my favorite things that I’ve been doing every single day is the cold
plunge and the hot tub which is right over here. This is the main pool that I told you
about. But over here is the cold plunge and this is the hot tub and I have to recommend
every body should definitely come and do the cold plunge because it is so refreshing and
this is the cold plunge right here and then this is the hot tub. It’s all part of this
same unit but it’s this infinity. Let’s see if I can get down. This beautiful infinity
pool, hot tub situation. Right near this beach. You can’t really go and swim in this area.
Nobody swims over here. It’s too shallow. I did go swim over there, but it’s not very
deep at all. Look, you can see somebody is down there taking a picture. These are more
resorts. This is on the east side I guess. This is where those rooms are and this center
area, oh, that’s the library. I forgot. I don’t think we did the library yet so I am
going to take you over now and I’m going to go walk to the library so I can show you what
that looks like. I’m gonna walk up and go to the library. This is where the library
is right here and they serve coffee inside of this library every day from 7-10 in the
morning. Looks like one person is in there now so I don’t want to disturb them but I
will take a peek inside and show you . Hello! Can I look inside the library? I’m gonna take
a picture. Thank you! Make sure my feet aren’t too dirty. Here is inside the library. Fresh
water is available with these three different types. Alright, this is the back to the check
in area. Here’s some shops over here at that area. People were in the library so we didn’t
want to do a lot of touring while they were there to disturb them and back out there is
the famous beach area. Well this brings to an end my tour of the Dorado Beach Resort
here. Thank you very much for watching. I really enjoyed my stay. If you like this video,
press the like button and subscribe. I’ll do more videos when I go to some more hotels.
For now, let me know. Are you thinking about coming to this resort? Say hello in the comments.
See ya later. Bye! Well the sun is setting behind me and this will bring a close to my
tour of the Dorado Hotel property. Thank you for watching my video. If you like this, leave
me a comment and let me know your favorite part of this resort or when you’re thinking
about coming. Bye. Sunset. I keep thinking that this video is going to be over and then
I see something else incredible just like this. Beautiful, beautiful sunset.

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    I have family there and am narrowing down my choices to go celebrate my 50th Birthday and this is on the top 3.

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