Free Hotel Room Upgrade at Las Vegas Flamingo

By | February 27, 2020

In this video, I’ll go over the Flamingo
Go Room and how I got an upgrade without paying full price. First, why Flamingo? The Flamingo hotel isn’t the nicest hotel
on the strip, but it offers great value. It’s located in the middle of the strip
so you can walk to the Bellagio fountains or the Cosmo or check out the Mirage’s volcano
with a little walk. They also have real flamingos, a koi pond,
and a pretty nice pool. Sure, it’s not going to be nice as the Wynn
or Aria, but you are paying a fraction of the price. Like right now, Wynn rooms are going for $156.. Vs Flamingo is going for $29 I mean… unless you plan to spend a lot of
time in your room or you have money to burn.. I think Flamingo is a go! Now, let me go over how I got the room upgrade
for $20. So, you want to first book the room online. And if you’re not a Total Rewards member,
sign up for one so you get a discount on the room rate. You see … my room rate just went from $29
to $23 Go ahead and book the cheapest not so fabulous
Fab room… I really want the remodeled Go Room…. But for now, just book the cheapest room. Now, when you check-in… don’t use the
automated kiosks which is pretty cool btw but line up for a human to help you. When you’re in line.. Look for a worker that looks like they’ll
do you a favor. I waited on the side pretending to be busy
on my smartphone and when the worker I liked was open, I went in. You basically want to hand the worker… your
credit card, your ID and a $20 bill. Also know exactly which room you want to upgrade
to. Most workers will say something like they’ll
give you a higher room with a better view but that’s not really an upgrade. My person this time just told me he’ll take
care of me so I asked if it’s the Go Room. And he said it’s the Go Room. And now…. Here is the Go Room with the High Roller View! Let me just show you around first and then
I’ll make comments on what I liked and didn’t like The room was great! especially for $23 a night. The vibrant colors, the room was clean, bed
was comfortable with 4 pillows with firmness, it came with all the necessities like a coffee
maker, a small fridge, a big mirror, decent sized TV, a DVD player and surprisingly electronic
sheers and drapes which are really cool to use when you wake up at noon. And some minor details like this barn door
for the bathroom, A TV mounted into the mirror
This modern sink Basic alarm clock
And this cool remote holder Nice lamps
Plenty of outlets light and mirror right above the bed… I don’t know why they have that there…
if you know what i mean, Here are some things, you may not like about
the Flamingo. No security at the elevators like some other
higher end hotels making it less safe. Be aware of your surroundings when you’re
going into your room and make sure to use your deadbolt when you’re in your room oh
and use your safe For the bathroom, water pressure wasn’t
as strong as some other hotels I’ve stayed at, but they have these side things to wash
your…. Belly button. Also, No bathtub… but the shower was big
enough for two people.. if you know what I mean. I do see the signs of the casino’s wear
and tear. I mean, they’ve been around since 1945
There was a pretty big gap under my door that kept bringing in smoke and noise from the
hallway. I learned to put pillows here to block the
breeze. I’m a bit sensitive to sound and I could
hear my neighbor’s TV, but I had no problems sleeping with the sound machine app. The internet here was unreliable. You are supposed to have 5mbps with your resort
fee, but I was having technical issues and it kept taking me to the login page over and
over and when I checked out, I saw that they were charging me $10 for each time I logged
in. I eventually gave up and ended up using the
coffee shop nearby to work. I have to say, Caesar’s support was beyond
excellent in helping me with the billing issue! That all said, I think Flamingo is a great
value and I would still recommend it! The location and value is just gold. I loved being able to go outside to the middle
of the strip within 3 minutes of leaving my room. If this was helpful, you don’t have to subscribe
but please hit thumbs up or leave a comment which will make me happy.

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