Georgia & Callum Get Grilled By Each Other’s Moms 😱 Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love

By | February 27, 2020

– This is the happiest
I’ve been in the chalet since I’ve been here. This just makes me so happy.
– Aw, oh, don’t start crying again. – I can’t believe what’s going on. Callum, what the (beep), I’m so shocked. (moms laughing)
This is Callum. – [Sharon] Right. – Hi.
– I really like him (laughs). – Yeah, but I’ve heard some dodgy stuff.
– Why do you– (Callum clears throat)
(dramatic music) And you got a bad, bad reputation. – [Georgia] Mom. – Oh yes, yes! Right off the bat, Georgia’s mom has started grilling Callum,
she’s started to, you know, try and find out what he’s about, is he a (beep) in all this. So
(Niall applauding) a round of applause to you. – Right, can I just say–
– Now, come on. – I’ve heard that Callum
had a really bad background with girlfriends, two-timing,
meeting other girls behind each other’s back,
so I have to have that out. I’m afraid that you two-time. (dramatic music) – I really care about what my mom thinks. She don’t take no (beep), so
due to Callum’s shady past, I knew she was gonna give him a grilling. It’s a bit scary, not gonna lie. (dramatic music) – I don’t know what you’ve
seen and what you’ve not seen, or anything.
– We haven’t seen nothing. – I’ve been a little (beep), I’ve dabbled, like I’m a young lad, I’ve done my things. I’m quite career driven, you know. I said to you, I said
the saying is, I said, “I won’t stop till my mom’s in a Maserati “and my nana’s in a mansion,”
(Georgia laughs) because that’s the goal,
that’s the end goal. – But honestly mom, I really,
I think he’s a good guy. – He is definitely a good guy. Georgia, have you ever cheated? (dramatic music) – Dun dun dun dun dun! – My God, Georgia is
gonna get (beep) grilled like a piece of salmon. I’m just like (whining). – In past relationships,
yes, we’re kind of similar. – Okay, is that recently that you cheated, or is it–
– Not on my recent relationship. – It’s completely bull(beep). Georgia went round her exes’
house when I was with her, slept round there. Like, for me, she cheated on me, and it changed the way
I am with relationships, like I keep one eye open now. – I have cheated in the past, yeah, 100%, but I was not in the right place in life to be in a relationship. So I liked that person,
but I was also thinking the grass is maybe
greener on the other side, like I’ll have more fun being single. And I’ve realized the priorities in life, and grass ain’t greener on the other side. Sometimes what you’ve
got is the best thing. – I do believe you can
fall in and out of love. – Yeah.
– I have respect for that. And I feel that if your head does turn or you do have other feelings,
please consider Georgia and say it before you do it. And I will always have
respect for you, Callum. – No, yeah.
– Never cheat. – This time, you know, I
think everyone’s been there, where they think at the time
the person that they’re with is the one. But like, you know, I honestly feel like 2% of the lucky world get
to meet people in their life that they’re willing to say
that that’s their soulmate, and say, “I knew that it was the one.” And I feel like that
this girl is my soulmate, and this is the one. – Yous never ever said that
someone’s his soulmate ever, and he’s crying, oh my God, what the hell? – I like him, I like him.
– Check Callum, are you okay?
– I love him, mom. – Callum, oh God!
– I love you, too, aw! (all crying)
– (cries) That’s so sweet! – Mom, don’t tell dad.
– I won’t, I came in here to hate you. (all laugh)
– Yeah, she did. – And I liked him.
– Oh, do you mom? You promise mom?
(moms laughing) ‘Cause I care about what
you think, and that. – [Sharon] I know you
do, I do, I like him, I think he’s honest–
– You promise me, mom? ‘Cause I really like him.
– And I think his noble. ‘Cause I know he won’t do anything nasty. – No, he better not, ’cause
I’d, there’d be trouble. (Callum laughs)
– I think his mom, you might–
– I definitely would have to kill him, as well. – Oh my God, look at the state of her now! I’ve got a mom and her
mom who know us both best, this is real, and that’s all I needed. I probably should ask (hums)… – What?
– What? – Oh God, what’re you gonna say? – It would only be right for me to ask you in front of your mom if you
would like to be my girlfriend. – Aw!
– Oh my God. (women laugh) – You’re funny! – Okay.
– You’re funny, Susie! – Okay, I thought.
– I’m scared! I’m sweating.
– I think I need to think about it (laughs).
– You can think about it. Oh my God.
(woman laughing) Why would you do that? – I thought I was your girlfriend anyway. – Aw.
– That’s how you should know, sweeties.
(couple smooches) – Aw!
– Oh my God. – I love this girl, my girlfriend. – And I love this man (giggles),
he’s my boyfriend (laughs). (dramatic music) – Cheers, cheers, cheers!
– Congratulations, to a happy relationship!
– Oh my God.

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  1. MaxElvyMedia Post author

    I thought Georgia was with that northern bloke from first dates 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. nellie’s nose Post author

    She’s cheated!? So she did lie about being loYaL

  3. PrivateMinus90FTW Post author

    Is this just people desperate for fame? Cling onto 15 minutes a little longer.

  4. valerie foster carter Post author

    pretty couple lovely indiviuals i like their new england vocublary

  5. It’s Shithead Post author

    callum is soooooooooooooooo gross he probably has every std from a-z smellyyyyyyyyyy


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