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By | January 1, 2020

Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali! Today we are in South Odisha, in Gopalpur. We reached here last night. We spent the night at OTDC Panthanivas. I loved this place very much. We paid Rs. 2688 room tariff for a double occupancy room. The tariff includes breakfast. This place is amazing because sea beach is just next to it. Cool breeze kept blowing in all night. There is breeze during the day as well but the weather is warm. Now, from here, our next destination is going to be Brahmapur. It is 30 minutes away. I’ve heard that Brahmapur boasts of a large variety of food items. But first, let us go to the beach. We will spend about an hour there and then continue our journey further. We are going to spend tonight in Brahmapur. So, we’ve reached Gopalpur sea beach. This is the month of November. The weather is warm but despite that, you can see people are excited and enjoying in water. Even I want to take off my shoes and get down into the water to have fun but….. …for that, we will have to spend 2-3 hours here. Wow! And there are stalls selling street food every few feet. We had seen beach in Puri as we’ve seen this one. The biggest difference between the two beaches is that…. …activity level is lesser here. So, if you like it to be peaceful,…. …this would be the perfect environment for you. This gentleman here has made us a delicious plate of chana masala (local snack)! You do photography? Yes! Tourist photographer! Very good! It is okay! Good! So, eat chana masala, drink coconut water,… And take a dip in the ocean! It must be very crowded during the evenings? Yes, it is crowded during the evening. Isn’t it! Since it is still warm and sunny, people are enjoying a lot, so, by this one can imagine the crowds in the evening. If you want to enjoy coconut water by the beach, take a seat like this,…. …and spend 10-15 minutes enjoying your coconut water! It is a good experience! And enjoy the sea waves with that! Wow! We were standing there, near the stalls, which you can see. Now we’ve walked 200 meters to this spot. So, you operate water sports services here? Yes, sir! The jet ski there, what is its charge? Rs. 500 for a round of jet ski. We charge Rs. 500 per head for a round that lasts 5 minutes. I see! I really want to go on a jet ski. But I might get wet doing that. And second thing is we also have to go to Brahmapur. We might get late and it is already 12.30 pm. So, brother thanks for all the information and knowledge. From 10 am to 5 pm! Yes, sir! Bye-bye! As soon as you enter Brahmapur,… …just keep looking, you will see one lassi shop after every 15-20 shops. This tells us that lassi is quite popular here. And standing at this crossing right now, I can see the board of Girija Restaurant in front of me. And within this area of 50 meters, I can see about 10 shops selling lassi. We are sitting in one of these shops right now. Brother, give me one lassi. One glass! Ohh, you’ve kept it ready in advance! The lassi is topped with kaju (cashew nuts) and nariyal (coconut)! I’ve had many lassi glasses before this. But this taste is a bit different. The first difference is this lassi has rabri in it. Second difference is nariyal, which is in this lassi. So, this lassi has multiple tastes in it. The lassi was soothing! As I had told you, the weather is warm today, with the sun shining bright. Now, the next thing we need to do is identify the hotel, where we will spend tonight. We will identify our hotel, in another half an hour or so, deposit our luggage and then leave for sightseeing. Right at this crossing, I came across this hotel – Nandan International! I liked this hotel. They also had a room for Rs. 1650 plus taxes. Another room was for Rs. 1850 plus taxes. I’ve booked the latter, which looked slightly better. Our room is on the third floor. From the window, I can see the crossing down below and the huge post office building right in front. Now, we will stay in the room for abou 15 minutes, unpack our luggage…. …and then leave for sightseeing, but before that, we will have our lunch. What you see right there is the Peedha Hotel. Their non-veg food is very famous. But there is no one inside. Sir, is it closed today? It is closed on Monday! Ohhooo! It is closed on Monday! And today is Monday! So, what should we do? I will have to thin now where to go for lunch. But for now, I can see a stall there. Let us eat something here. Then we will see what to have for lunch. Ever since I’ve come to Odisha, I’ve seen that street food is quite popular here. Everywhere, whether in a town or a city, you will get lots of variety in street food. And see what we are eating right now! This is Patta Gobhi (cabbage) Pakoda.(fritters). I am told that the batter for this pakoda is made with mixing rice flour and besan (chickpea flour) together. What a taste! Wow! Very nice! Absolutely crispy! And filled with flavourful spices! I enjoyed it! This chutney, that you see on my plate, has been made with chana dal and green chilies. And it has tamarind for that sour flavour. The taste of this chutney is awesome and these pakodas are also delicious! These pakodas are tasting yummy with this chutney. The place where we ate pakodas just now…. …it has Municipality office on one side and on the other, it has thana (Police station). Now we are leaving here to have lunch. Someone told us about a new biryani centre, about 1.5 kms from here. We were told we would love the biryani there. After reaching New Biryani Centre, I’ve ordered biryani for myself. Till the biryani is served, I’ve ordered for myself this Chicken Pakoda. This chicken pakoda has solid taste! I’ve had 2-3 pieces so far. I don’t like it so much with chutney, as I like it without chutney. The biryani is here. Let me serve it now. This portion of biryani has 3 chicken pieces in all. I’ve served two pieces now and one I will eat later. I’ve had a portion of biryani so far. The biryani is made with good quality rice. As for chicken, it has been perfectly cooked. It is soft as well as tender. I have eaten a piece of chicken already. One thing that I find impressive is that the flavours of this biryani are intact. By intact flavours, I mean that it is rich in taste, and fragrant with the presence of whole spices,…. ….even though I cannot see any whole spices in it. Usually, the whole spices in a biryani give good flavours to the palate. But they have added powdered whole spices to this biryani. But very good flavours! This, I think, is out of place! I am enjoying biryani even without this. So, I don’t need this. Let me taste this raita (yoghurt dip)! You can add a little bit of this raita to the biryani, just for some more taste. But the taste of this biryani is good even without it. Let us finish the rest of the biryani and after that…. …we will see local Brahmapur. The time is 4 pm now. As I told you already, the sun sets early here and it starts getting dark by 5 or 5.15 pm. The place where we ate our lunch, about a kilometer from there is ‘Bada Bazaar.’ That is where we are right now. And the exact spot where we are standing right now is the Nariyal Bazaar (coconut market). This is a market selling goods both in retail and wholesale! So, brother, the papad here is very famous! Show me some. You have a lot of variety. Alright! So, this papad is made of rice and sesame seeds. And these are pure rice papad. This papad is made of fried paddy. What is the price of this papad made by frying paddy? Rs. 40! Wow! So, I would like to purchase one this packet from you. Should I buy this one? Give me this one for Rs. 40. I am giving you the money. We are in the wholesale market right now. If you go further from here…. ….upto 200-300 meters, you will reach the retail market. This is mango-chili pickle, sold for Rs. 80 per kg. Though there is tartness of the mango,but it is more spicy because of the chili. So, this is cashew, raisin and cherry pickle. This kind of pickle is something I haven’t eaten ever before. It is sweet! It is too sweet! But I liked the first one better because I like sour pickles more! When you come to Brahmapur, you can explore the variety of pickles. And I am sure you would love to explore the variety of pickles available here. So brother thanks! So, all the pickles that you sell are sold within the range of Rs 80-120? Yes! So, this pickle that we tasted, with lots of dry fruit in it, is sold for Rs 100 per kg. And this one is for Rs. 70 per kg. So, the whole variety of pickles here is sold within the range of Rs. 60 and Rs. 120. Right now, we are at the Annapurna Market, near our hotel. The market that you see in front of you is Annapurna market and this part is called Bhapur Bazaar. I have the channel subscribers with me and they are taking me to show the local market. Along with that, they also told me about the large variety of pickles in Brahmapur. So, according to them, they are going to show me even more varieties in pickles than I just saw. So, shall we? Let’s go! You have 75 different varieties of pickles? From that you can assume the range of pickles available here. They also have a lot of variety in laddoos (sweets). Peanut laddoos! Sesame laddoos! And what is this? This is Palkhai! Palkhai! What is in there? It is made with rice and sesame! Rice, sesame seeds and sugar! Yes, with sugar as well. Alright! I will take one of this. Please open this packet and give me one piece. Alright! Ghee and til (sesame seeds)! Both give a magical taste to this snack. It is crisp. A little bit hard to chew as well. But after you take the first bite, it is a magical taste! It is just these three ingredients but together, they create an amazing taste. And slight feel of ghee in it. Wow! This is whole green chili, dipped in curd (yoghurt) and then, sun-dried! And it is eaten with rice during the summer season. Great! I will try this as well back home. So, I will this as well! Great! Brother, what is its cost? Rs. 20! So these two items and that one, please give me these three! While roaming around the market, we’ve reached this stall. What you see here, this white circular thing, it is called Pochi Chhena! From what I’ve understood, this food item is made by adding milk powder to milk…. ….mixed well and then steamed in a steamer. After steaming it for 2 to 2.5 hours, they let it rest and then put in inside refrigerator. That way, it solidifies! These guys explained this cooking process to me. They also add sugar to it. So, brother, give each one of us a little bit of it! We are four persons! Very soft! Cutting into it feels like cutting into butter or cheese. Wow! This is an amazing thing, really! I am feeling milk powder’s taste while eating it! The good thing is that the amount of sugar is limited. Very soft! It is very soft! So soft that it just melts in my mouth! You cannot even fathom that it has been steamed to cook. Yeah! According to my opinion, its nearest taste match, I mean, if someone eats it and he isn’t told about it,…. …would be chhena! I mean taste-wise, this sweet feels like eating chhena in some other form. After eating Pochi Chhena, we’ve been walking around the Brahmapur market for the last 30 minutes. We are just enjoying the crowd here. Though it is 9.30 pm but the market is full of hustle-bustle. This means that the night usually lasts till late here. We found out that Girija Restaurant is also closed because today is Monday. We’ve reached a crossing right now, where I can see lots of street food joints. So, let us check out what all is available here and then…. …we will pick one thing to eat. We went to all the food stalls here and checked out what and how they are cooking. Since I wanted to try something different, I saw that here at No. 3 in the list. Can you see that too? Pasaruni soup. So, this looks different! This is what we are going to try. Pasaruni soup! What is it? Pasaruni soup! What is it? This soup is made of this leaf! This is what the soup is made of? What is it? Sir, this leaf is used to make this soup. This soup cures our body in case of cold or pain. I see! This leaf has Ayurvedic benefits. Wow! So, give each one of us a bowl of this soup. The Pasaruni soup is here. They’ve topped it with black pepper powder and given us this spoon to mix. Let us mix it and drink. Frankly speaking, we usually look for some taste while drinking a soup. That helps us enjoy our soup better! But drinking this soup feels like I am having a medicine. Nothing wrong in that, I know, because this soup is a kind of Ayurvedic concoction! Since this afternoon, I was feeling a slight cold working up in my body. So, I think, this is going to help me fight that. And adding black pepper has improved its taste! Otherwise, this soup is a bit bitter! Not much, just slightly bitter! For some people, this soup works as a substitute for dal, while eating rice. Alright, with rice too…. …yes, it is eaten…. Wow! After enjoying the street food, I bade goodbye to the subscribers and thanked them too. Thus ended our today’s journey at Berhampur. Since it was Monday, we had to let go o f a lot of non-veg food opportunities. In the next episode, you will see us having the famous Berhampur breakfast. Impressive! Really impressive! Berhampur is also known as the ‘Silk City.’ Large-scale handloom work goes on here. We will meet again soon! Next episode, new journey! Till then goodbye! Thanks for your time!

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