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As most of you know, I was born here in Hell. And, growing up, I always tried to see
the good in everything around me. Hell is my home, and you are my people. We just went through another extermination. We lost so many souls, and it breaks my heart
to see my people being slaughtered every year. And no one is even given a chance! I can’t stand idly by while the place I live
is subjected to such violence! Isn’t there a more humane way to
hinder overpopulation here in Hell? Well, I think “yes”! So, that’s what this project aims to achieve! Ladies and gentlemen,
I’m opening the first of its kind! A hotel that rehabilitates sinners! What in the Nine Circles makes you think
a single denizen of Hell would give two shits about becoming a better person? Isn’t that a “redeeming quality”? Helping friends with stuff? Not with turf wars that result in territorial genocide! Eh, you win some, you lose a few hundred. [chuckles] I-I don’t know what I’m doing… [music] Stay tuned, folks… [low chuckle]

100 thoughts on “HAZBIN HOTEL (Official Trailer) NOT FOR KIDS!

  1. ตรีโรจน์ พรหมขจร Post author


  2. MaJestic . Post author

    I was here to see if theres any bad stuff in it so its safe to watch lol and not to check for swears, im fine with swears

  3. Александр Деньгин Post author

    Показал своему сыну

  4. GlockPackinMofo Post author

    Art style is really cool, the voice acting/premise sucks complete dick. Oh and all the trans/gay/anti-white propaganda means this is not considered art. It is considered propaganda.

  5. Catalyst _ Post author

    Hazbin hotel: NOT FOR KIDS!!!

    10-12 year olds: Exposing their ages

    Half of them being fined for 4,000 dollars

  6. Rodrigo Leija Post author

    Hell has so many demons

    Spawn: I've been waiting for this

  7. Sr.Master Red Post author

    Incrível gostei muito as animações, eas piadas são muito engraçadas tudo feito com muito capricho, muitos parabéns pra vocês são incríveis muito bom, já sou inscrito nesse canal TOP!!

  8. Alexis Beckwith Post author

    0:14–0:16 this is the only amount of footage that wasn’t in the pilot.i hope to see it in the next episode (if there will be one)

  9. The Golden Rift Post author

    This should be on adult swim or on comedy central

  10. •Lil Miss Infinity• Post author

    0:14 Ohh, so those are what the extermination angels look like

  11. AnisxGaming l أنيس كس كيميك Post author

    Oh my god please tall me is on TV 🙂

  12. mushy pi3 Post author

    i remember seeing this plastic year in my recommendation so i watched it and forgot about it until i saw a post on instagram of angel dust saying “oh hArDeR dADDy” and i remembered this video and was like “😳”

  13. Macaroni and Cliches Post author

    something seems… off about the animation
    like frames are missing? or the mouths are out of sync with the faces?

  14. MMDNoroi Post author

    0:14 kind of a shame this lil scene with the angels wasnt in the pilot at all
    Hope its in the next episode tho úwù

  15. MarioCrack 8 Post author

    Se nota que cambiaron demasiadas cosas como escenarios en el interior del hotel

  16. Peter Morin Post author

    looking back at this, the extermination angels look really creepy

  17. Sander Hockey Post author

    The saddest part about the exterminations is that it is hell’s new year cellebration

  18. Artic Wolf Post author

    If they already die and go to hell. Where do they go when they die in hell

  19. JAMI WITHERSPOON Post author

    So when it says it’s not for kids what would you say that age ranges to????

  20. SovietDuckz ☭ Post author

    Hell is overpopulated
    Doomguy: "Guess i haven't killed enough"

  21. Anahísh Post author

    Traduccion español latino atrasado :'>


  22. {•gacha Miami•} Post author

    I’m 11 but my mum doesn’t care what I watch as long as it doesn’t have sex in it

  23. The Black•cloud Post author

    i cant understand how hell it can be that funny I LOVE IT

  24. deadfish Post author

    Y’all know that Charlie was supposed to wear all black

  25. Latios Hunter Post author

    Title: NOT FOR KIDS
    Kids: that wont stop me cause I cant read

  26. Bunny’s life Post author

    me see’s it says “NOT FOR KIDS”
    Me:meh ima watch it anyway

  27. Izabel Lara Post author

    0:55 what’s The song name that they used in the background

  28. Dane Hartsough Post author

    I still absolutely love the character designs, you guys did an amazing job, especially with charlie, vaggie, and alastor

  29. Absolite 6 Post author

    I remember being so excited when this first dropped.
    Pilot was well worth the wait.
    Pretty cool looking back and seeing things that didn't make the cut.
    Seeing the angels up close is really chilling, though it makes more sense to relegate them to just the intro without showing them fully yet. At least until the show gets and more episodes can be made….👍🏻

  30. ミスタースライス Post author


  31. Cam - Crivity Post author

    I still come back to this and smile just as wide as the first time I first heard about Vivziepop.

  32. _HeyItsMia_ Post author

    Anyone else notice how Cherri’s hair changed from a blonde in the trailer to a light pink in the pilot??

  33. Viper Post author

    0:15 i really like angel of hell but why they didn't appear in pilot ?

  34. charleyisalittlebitodd x Post author

    You know what would be amazing is if this and the pilot went viral enough maybe something like Netflix, adult swim or some network (company) might take it up and find it cause it has a built audience and has already proven its quality, animation and writing wise.

  35. VENOM Dragon Post author

    Ky neighbour kids said their mom said to watch that

  36. CrAzY Gamer Post author

    Alastor’s singing voice is Black Gryph0n (AKA Gabriel Brown) Incase anyone carried

  37. Dolan Winfred Post author

    well, alastor's obviously planning some horible, nightmarish thing but you still can't help but like him

  38. 傭兵Cloud Post author

    Glad Youtube didn’t labeled the pilot as “Kids Friendly.”

  39. Lulu Camarillo Post author


    Charlie: singsong voice Just gonna crumple up the paper and make it cease to exist because Hell magic! Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ

  40. Sienna Maree Campbell'Slade Post author

    Hahaah this is so funny like im a kid so i do not care

  41. Daniel Lindorff Post author

    What is the music playing called? Or where can I find it?

  42. wolf dance Post author

    What happened to the vids of hazbin hotel? All I see are clips

  43. GHOST_ BIKER Post author


  44. KatieDid Last name Post author

    Anyone notice that they changed Cherri’s hair from blond to white to a kinda fade from a orangish color to a pink thought that was interesting

  45. Sylvia McCranie Post author

    Hey when are you gonna give us another episode like can we at least have a release date cause I love this

  46. Soviet Red Post author

    Doom Guy LEGIT should be in one of the episodes, slaughtering demons

  47. Name: Redacted for pravicy O-Council Post author

    I'm kid but if i am from Czech republic that mean i can look at this?

  48. Lyric Post author

    I've heard about this and heard it was complete shit, I can see what my friends were talking about now…

  49. Magdalena Giménez Rivera Post author

    Que alguien me diga dónde puedo verla completa 😫

  50. ღlapis chida :3ღ Post author

    haha I'm a girl and in the title says no for kids haha ​​;-;


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