How the Grinch Hijacked the Holidays – Studio C

By | February 28, 2020

♪♪ Man: We now return to
our feature presentation of How the Grinch
Hijacked the Holidays. ♪♪ Narrator: Then the Grinch
thought of something he hadn’t before. – Maybe Christmas… Narrator: He thought, – …doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps
is a little bit more. – And what happened then? Well, in Whoville, they say, that the Grinch’s small heart
grew three sizes that day. – Ouch. – All at once, the Grinch paled
and began to convulse. – That’s strange. – He said, and started
checking his pulse. Then the Grinch knew his problem
and his chest he did clutch. His heart grew three sizes,
but that was one size too much. – My blood isn’t flowing. A doc needs to pump it. – So, we called 911
to come to Mount Crumpit. – Help, my heart’s beating fast
and I feel I can’t breathe. – You have hypertrophic
cardiomyopathy. – Oh, that doesn’t sound
so good… [words slur] Narrator: Grinch’s words
were all slurred. – We don’t have much time,
we must get you cured. Narrator: So they put him on
nitro, they put him on statins. They put him on blockers,
on thinners and aspirin. [crunching] Cindy Lou entered, she was
really quite hurried. – I’m here! Narrator: She said. – And I’m terribly worried. Narrator: The doctor sighed. – See, Grinch’s heart
is a muscle but it’s enlarged and it
won’t let his blood hustle. Narrator: That scared Cindy Lou
and she said… – All is lost. He learned how to love
but it came at what cost? – Doctor? Narrator: Interjected young
Doctor Catechin. – The Grinch is having a
myocardial infarction. – Blast! Narrator: Said the doctor. – He could drop on a dime. He’s young and deserves
more time, time, time. – Doctor, refocus. The Grinch’s heart
is too big. – You’re right. Hand me that scalpel
and that thingamajig. [boing] Narrator: They acted quickly
and Cindy Lou was glad to see that they performed a
successful angioplasty. When the Grinch awoke from his
pectoral affliction… – Ahhh! – [screams] Narrator: …he was given a list
of dietary restriction. – I want you off carbs,
I want you off sweets, I want you off flim-flams,
I want you off meats. – But doc, was my new
Christmas spirit at fault? – Yes it was, and perhaps
you eat way too much salt. – Personal space, Cindy. Go. Personal space! Narrator: And now that his heart
didn’t feel quite so tight, he whizzed with his load through
the bright morning light. – It’s the Grinch! – Don’t touch me. Narrator: And he
brought back the toys and the food for the feast, but he, doctor’s orders,
did not eat the roast beast. [crunch] ♪♪ Man: Coming up next, find out what happens when
Kevin’s cousin Melvin is left behind at Christmas. It’s Home Alone 16
Layover in Delaware. – Thank you for watching this very special
holiday edition of Studio C. – For more Christmas content
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favorite Dr. Seuss story. – And a very merry Christmas
from everyone here at Studio C. – Happy holidays. – This is our Santa impression. – Ho ho ho. – Ho! It’s very good. ♪♪

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