Jerzdays Will Never Be The Same 😱 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

By | March 7, 2020

– [Lauren] One last ride to Otisville. – Can I help you guys?
– I’m picking up my husband. – [Mike] Oh my god, yes! I’ve been waiting for this
moment for eight months. Turn up, we free. – Where to? – Back to the Jersey Shore. (Lauren laughs) – [Nicole] Oh my god, Mike’s out! – [Pauly D] Mike’s a free man! – BDS is in the building! (group cheering)
– [Pauly D] What the hell? – [Mike] Just like the old days! – Oh my god! – [Pauly D] Wow! This is awesome! – My probation officer’s
not gonna like this. – I’m officially asking these bitches to be my bridesmaids! – Bachelorette party! – [Mike] They gave BDS his passport back. I can now travel freely,
throughout the cabin. – [Deena] New Orleans bitches! (bass thumping beat) – Show your titties, oh yeah girl! – [Jenni] I’m officially divorced. – [Pauly D] When I get the green light, me and Jenni, we are going to hook up. – I love Pauly. – I know he has feelings for you. – Should I go in there and do it? I want to. – [Jenni] Oh my! – I’ve been waiting a very long time to see Pauly and Jenni hook up, hopefully it happens at my wedding. – [Announcer] Put your
hands together for the new Mr. And Mrs. Angelina and
Christopher Larangeira. – [Deena] You could just
tell how much he loves her. – [Nicole] You look gorgeous. – I’m so happy that you guys
are here after everything. – (together) Awwww. – Wedding started off perfect, I was like oh this is great. – I would like to call up
Nicole, Deena and Jenni. – It’s good, but funny. – Angelina, you’re the– – And then boom! (horn sounds) – Oh my god. (bass thumping beat) – [Pauly] Oh my god. – That was so (beep) up. – [Pauly D] Holy (beep). – I’m so mad right now. – [Nicole] Well, I’m not happy. – [Woman] I told security
to get rid of them. – Honestly, I feel sick to my stomach. – You guys are (beep) with me now. Enough! I’m done. – It was supposed to be
funny, no one got it. – Can you take your camera
crew out of my (beep) face. – [Jenni] Who’s crying outside? – [Nicole] Angelina and Chris. – ‘Cause of us? Are you (beep) kidding me? – I would never intentionally
try to ruin someone’s wedding. – I’m letting everybody
know, right now, here, I will never film with her again! – The family is torn apart right now. – I’m done with this (beep) show. I’m (beep) done.

100 thoughts on “Jerzdays Will Never Be The Same 😱 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

  1. cheriblossom983 Post author

    What’s ironic is that had Angelina never left in season 2, there would be no deena. Wonder what that would have been like hmmmmm

  2. Enzo Begzino Post author

    JWOWW and Snooki are Scumbags insulting someone on their wedding. Also let's not forget Snooki cheated on Jionni with The Situation back in the day.

  3. J Post author

    Pauly and jenni dont need to be a thing. Hes too good for her. He needs to run fast

  4. Kyla Redfox Post author

    He was better with Sammy kinda don't like do you know she feels like she's in a child cast member she's not entitled to titled I don't like Dina

  5. MistyMcCullough Post author

    So, am I the only one who doesn’t know what was said to her?? 😬😬😳😳

  6. Unique Kait Post author

    If jwoww and Pauly get together my life would be complete

  7. NJ Post author

    What does she even bring to the show? All she does is kiss Jenni and Nicole's a**

  8. Daisy Monster Post author

    I feel bad for angelina. Shes been trying to except them dispite their past for so long. Shes been the outcast for so long and for her to say how happy she is to have them at her wedding, its sad to see this. That poor girl. 😟

  9. nat x Post author

    where can i watch full episode online? or even season 1?

  10. Ale Drita Meza Post author

    they just did that on purpose, they never genuinely liked her and they looked shady and jealous at her wedding.

  11. JokerCirca66 Post author

    He actually married that garbage bag hahahaha, she so would have banged Jwow’s bf.

  12. Matt K. Post author

    Oh Jesus!!!! The Brazilian rain forest is on fire…There are about 250 Siberian tigers left in the wild…Coral reefs
    around the world are bleaching and dying…..Globally, many animal species are threatened or endangered with
    extinction….And yet, all of you fab fashionista's seem to care about is shopping, tanning and watching reality
    T.V. Yea, you go girls!!! But don't worry your empty little heads….Real people are on the job, working hard to
    make a positive difference….Just keep being you and stay the f ck out of the way!!!

  13. muzika2607 Post author


  14. caitlynn fair Post author

    Idc about the wedding I’m here for Pauly and Jwoww

  15. Daisy Lau Post author

    Jenni and pauly should’ve been together together already ….

  16. Kitty Post author

    I'm kinda over this show and the hypocrite women. and now nicole is leaving because she's "tired" of the drama that she help create ? ? please . . .

  17. Madara Sensei Post author

    i ship Pauly and Jenni so hard!! they would be so great together, Pauly would treat Jenni like the queen she is!

  18. Cesia Meza Post author

    Oh we call you trash, dump, etc in your wedding day and then we act like oh no nobody got it??? This is the reason why I dont even watch the show anymore cuz it just annoys me.

  19. kiddada3 Post author

    I just lost a few million brain cells from watching this.

  20. Eye Witness Fake News Post author

    Bunch of liars he wasn't at otisville

  21. Klare Moon Post author

    I don’t get it. They hurt her feelings on her wedding day, in front of all her guests. Why are they upset?

  22. Andrea G Post author


  23. Tashie0239 Post author

    Those girls should be ashamed of themselves.. what’s Jenny catch phrase.. “we are classy now” nothing these girls do is classy.. Mean girls never change.. Angelina has put up with a lot from the mean girls.. either move on and make Jersey shore good again or cancel it and move on being the wino moms you show us all you to be. Hopefully them boys step up and put them mean girls in their place..

  24. Raulitos Mom Post author

    Angelina has more than proved that the Ratchet ones are jwow and Nicole they are bullies and deena is a sweetie but she follows them when they go against Angelina.

  25. Primrose Jones Post author

    Well now we know why Snooki left the show

  26. Iriana Corona Post author

    They always turn on Angelina but roasting her on her wedding so too much. No one found that funny

  27. Isabel Post author

    Well, Angelina kinda deserved it.hello, based on her past relationship with all the roommates. why not roast her a bit, come on this is the Jersey shore style. Love it!!!

  28. Margo Post author

    angelina does have feelings..theres a time and her wedding tho? comon now ladies..

  29. Letitgo Post author

    3 nasty slags….
    If that was sisters wedding I would have followed them to the loos and rearranged their faces permanently, put their dirty heads down the toilet..
    Jennie n snookie are total trash and deena is a weak follower.

  30. Eating with China boo Post author

    Everybody don't hooked up with everybody don't give us that like the first season her and that n** linked up and now everybody look like cartoon characters I'm just saying

  31. Lyzzie K. Post author

    So the girls are mad that they made a bad joke at Angelina's wedding and no one found it funny? That's a whole new level of stuck up

  32. icy31 Post author

    You know what bothers me the most about them?..They say they are family but they are not. The men keep quiet and when they do not keep quiet then they stir up the woman and create more drama. Then they say in the camera it is not right what the woman do but not say that to the woman directly (at least that is what we are seeing)

    I'm surprised that Angelina keeps taking this abuse by all (except Mike)of them every time they get together…She changed her life and honestly i feel like she is the only one who would say if she is wrong that she is wrong and then apologize..The others do not..So she is the better person..

    Snooks is leaving the show because of all this drama..Well maybe for the better imo.

  33. Alexandra Mateo Post author

    They’re wrong for roasting her at her wedding like that smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ I don’t like Angelina as much as the next person but still you don’t do that to people !! That’s just petty on a whole other level!! I’m surprised nobody in her family confronted them !!! Maybe now Angelina will wake up and realize they are not her friends !

  34. Elena Moreno Post author

    You’re gonna have jenni be your bridesmaid even tho – ok

  35. Brianna Grout Post author

    I mean I think it’s fine to make fun of someone a little bit on their wedding but doesn’t seem like they did it in a funny way that’s tasteful.

  36. Pillan Datti Post author

    "I will never film with her again" as she films with her multiple times since.

  37. Ashley Machado Post author

    Deena is talking about never wanting to film again and her husband is looking at her like she’s a nut job lol

  38. Eric Lee Post author

    I knew it was too good to be true… It wouldn't be the Jersey Shore without one ounce of drama SMH 😒

  39. Diana Rios Post author

    How much money did they pay Angelina to make these catty girls her bridesmaids? lol cause ain’t no money worth it to have your wedding ruined like that.

  40. The Sanchez Familia Post author

    Henny and pauly d should’ve ended up together!!!!! 🥰💯

  41. Alexandria Serr Post author

    hamster is trynna get paid anyways…

  42. Sarianna Rosette Post author

    Ive wanted Jenny and Pauly to date for soooo longgg they’re good for each other.

  43. Sarianna Rosette Post author

    Lets be real here, Deena wouldnt consider herself Angelina’s friend. She only put up with here for nicole. In all the other past episodes, she never liked her.

  44. Adal gael Montes Post author

    Angelina – es fuerte 💪💪💪
    Nunca ha dejado vencer por la bulleadora y loca jwwow ojalá siga la guerra y le pateé el trasero .
    Pensaba que deena era amiga de angelina 😕😕😕

  45. Onyx lila Post author

    I have been waiting for Jenny and Pauly to hook up since episode one season one lol there perfect for each other

  46. Mezmerized4Life Jay Post author

    I thought it was a drag queen in the thumbnail lbvs 😂

  47. Toya Cakes Post author

    Let's keep it real…they are NOT good friends !

  48. Diamond Williams Post author

    Umm so y’all just gon make out with snookie tryna sleep in the same bed 😂😂😂

  49. jk jk Post author

    How can they blame Angelina for the actions they’ve caused? I would feel embarrassed especially if my family were there too. And since when do bridesmaids act like that? So much disrespect.

  50. mr lancer Post author

    Pauly d needs to spend money on his face so he looks younger all the tanning made him age quicker

  51. Felix P Post author

    Does anyone know of what was said at the wedding ?

  52. Rocker12 abfan1 Post author

    Waiting for a Pauly D and Jwoww wedding 😍

  53. SayU SayMee Post author

    That's why Nicole's been milking to get paid from touring, clothes, makeup, etc before this episode airs because she knows it will hurt her image and pockets. That's why she quit, she's preparing for the backlash…she knows they were in the wrong. 🗣️ PERIOD.

  54. Marty Jacqz Post author

    What happened at the wedding anyone I need spoilers

  55. Damaris Hankins Post author

    Those girls have NEVER accepted Angelina ever! She should know that by now! Somehow, I feel it’s the producers doing this!

  56. Kimberly Gross Post author

    Let's be honest noone really cares about Angelina and her wedding!! Real fans that have been watching it since day one hate Angelina. And really everyone just wants to see Paulie and Jenni hook up it's like we r in season 1 again!!

  57. faith xo Post author

    yeah, you shouldn't do that at a wedding but mind you this is how they have been ever since the show started. snooks said it, she never meant for it to happen like that. she wanted to have a laugh but people didn't get it. yeah you shouldn't do it at a wedding but that's how they are.

  58. brayden haug Post author

    Lol stop calling each other brothers and sisters if you're going to hook up after a divorce 🙄

  59. MrOmar9741 Post author

    Lol girls always don’t know to take make jokes or take jokes. They always push the limit

  60. Queen Shay Post author

    Lol idgaf about the wedding but jennie and Pauly finally hooking up.

  61. Matt Feis Post author

    It would of been ok to jokingly roast her at the bridal shower, but definitely not the wedding, Angelina should of never let them make any speech

  62. Kristy lynn Post author

    So Instead of apologizing you play victim and say that you’re done with her 🙄

  63. Jahaira B. Post author

    IVE BEEN WAITING FOR PAULY AND JENNI TO HOOK UP AGAIN FOR WHAT FELT LIKE MY WHOLE LIFE😍😍😍 idk about that other mess but I never wanted Angelina back as a regular on the show anyway. She left …..TWICE. The prank was funny but should’ve sent her home after.

  64. Andrea Cadena Post author

    i get that the point was to be funny but not at her wedding infront of her whole family come on

  65. Marie Sanchez Post author

    They did it on purpose ! But if it was done to them it would be a big deal !

  66. lucyy496 Post author

    Does anyone know what they actually said? Asking for myself because I don’t know and can’t find anything in the comments! lol

  67. Issy YourBoo Post author

    I think what snooki said was true. Apparently she said that the producers made them do that and maybe that's why shes leaving cause she doesn't want that drama anymore

  68. Jo T Post author

    If & I mean If!!! The Producers were behind all this from the start : JWOWW, SNOOKI & DEENA – has women should’ve put their feet down & “ SPOKE UP “ like “ A REAL WOMEN with “ CLASS “ would’ve done & said “ This Is Her Wedding Day “ I won’t be a part of that!. Any woman with “ MORALS “ would’ve done just that. Are you women that “ Petty & Jealous “ of Angelina to do this in front of Their ( Angelina & Chris ) Family & Friends? PATHETIC , DISGRACEFUL , MEAN GIRLS ( SNOOKI ) only way to describe the 3 of you. Straight Up ruined – What should’ve been The Best Day of Their Lives. Real Women , A Lady with Class would not even think to do this on such A Memorable Day of any women’s life. Wrong in Every Sense!! Don’t even try to play victims. One thing that really bothers me ( aside from the horrible wedding speech ), How could Pauly, Vinny , Ronnie sit there & let them 3 continue ( Deena’s Husband Chris as well ). Mike , I know ur just released from Prison but seriously even you could’ve spoke up & said something . Idc how much of a pain Angelina was when the show first started, No One deserves this treatment on Their Wedding Day.. Would this kind of behavior been tolerated at JWowws, Snookis, Deenas , Mike & Laureens Weddings? Clearly not , correct? You all had Beautiful Weddings didn’t you? What made any of think this would be ok to do at Angelina & Chris’s wedding? Even when Family & Friends began “ BOOING “ that’s when you should’ve stopped, but no – You 3 showed No Respect & kept on “ HEARTLESS, PATHETIC , B…… “ !! You should All Be Ashamed of Yourselves!!!!

  69. Blanca Rosario Post author

    I get why Angelina is upset, she got embarrassed on her happiest day and the girls decide to roast her without her consent and that's why her family and friends were booing so idk why the 3 girls are mad SMH🙄

  70. Blanca Rosario Post author

    I also feel like Deena is like a little minion with Snooki and Jenni she's always takes there side it doesn't matter if u knew them longer

  71. Itsjackiehun G Post author

    “Ur the dump to our Island” “the throw up to our hangover” plus more.. yup no sorry. Not nice at all…

  72. Katie Brooke Post author

    Why would Angelina ask them to be her bridesmaids? That’s their sense of humor especially with her. What did she think they would talk about? Their friendship is based on those jokes. Did she expect them to be all gushy when they don’t have that kind of relationship?

  73. Andrea Asvestas Post author

    Keep It Classy Ladies, Especially At A Wedding That 2 People Put So Much Heart & Soul Into. Fun Is Fun But In Front Of So Many People That Are Close To Them Both Not Something You Should Do And To Boot Let Me Just Say This, I Know All 3 Of Them Who Did That If DoneTo Them Would Be So Angry , So Angry And They Would Have Crucified Angelina. Girls Power Comes From Each One Of You Fix Each Others Crowns Don't Smack Them Off One Another. Poor Choices Ladies I Hope You Raise The Kids Better Than That

  74. Alonzo Post author

    to be honest i dont like the girls JWOW is cocky and a bully, Deena is Fake, and Snooki is annoying. Angelina is the only one thats cool

  75. Lele S Post author

    What exactly was said that got Angelina so angry?

  76. Angel Rae Post author

    Are any of those girls even that close to her to be her bridesmaids? They were barely friends if ever friends on the show and I doubt they reunited and made up once the show was done filming. Makes me think she only allowed them to be bridesmaids for the money and the tv show clout and fame. Angelina is my far least favorite but this makes no sense to me to make females who barely even liked you or cared about you to be your bridesmaids lol..


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