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By | March 4, 2020

James: Hi guys, welcome to The Beach House. Corbin: Today we are gonna be doing Corbin: Most likely to. Let us tell you how it works. Corbin: So one person asks. Corbin: a question. And the other people answer who most likely will do it. James: We got our cards of all three of us. James: Me James: Corbin and Ellie. Michael: And I’m off camera. Dad here. Michael: I’m gonna read the questions. Are you guys ready? James: Yes. Michael: The first question. Which of you is most likely to stay up all night long James: We both do. James: All the three of us. James: We all like… Corbin: Probably James. James: And me and Ellie and Corbin. Corbin: Just most likely. James is the most. James: Ellie and Charlie always go up to our bedroom door and be like… James: How about we do this and this and this. Let’s play. Ellie: Cause I want to stay up every night. Corbin: Yeah, almost every night. James: Every single day of the year. Michael: Okay, which of you is most likely to try a strange new food? Michael: Corbin, you think you’d be most likely? James: No. You will. I wouldn’t do that. Corbin: When we are going somewhere James was voting on going to McDonald’s. Corbin: When we are going to a restaurant to get mom a break because she was pregnant Corbin: James was voting on McDonald’s and dad said Corbin: That we vote. We have one vote and dad has ten votes James: So we’re like yeah, I’m…I was trying to gather everybody up and say we are having a team and going to McDonald’s! Corbin: And then I was like James: I’m always good with toys. Corbin: Ellie and me was like… Ellie: No, I guess was McDonald’s Corbin: I said new place and we went there. Corbin: It was Carl’s Jr. that we went to. Michael: Which of you is most likely to have a secret superpower James: It’s Corbin. Because he has an Infinity Stone and we don’t know what that power he has Corbin: Every one voting on me. Michael: All right, which of you is most likely to sneak candy? Corbin: I would say Charlie. Corbin: But other than him, James: It’s Ellie. Corbin: The reason why is because Corbin: A lot of mornings, Ellie sneaks candies. James: So does Charlie. Corbin: And we have to tell on him. James: You’re the one who most likely… Michael: Which of you is most likely to not brush your teeth? Corbin: I often brush my teeth. But for a couple of days, I haven’t been doing that. Corbin: But it was like a week ago that I wasn’t doing that. Corbin: And now, I’m starting to. So… James: I vote on Corbin. Michael: Which of you is most likely to go fishing? James: Ellie you haven’t even gone fishing once in your life! James: I go fishing almost every month. Ellie: That’s why I want to go fishing. James: It’s me. Michael: All right, which of you is most likely to kill a spider? James: Dad Ellie: James and Corbin. Ellie: A huge spider. James: No. It’s me, I guess.. Corbin: it’s because he’s the oldest James: Yeah. Corbin: He’s probably gonna be the bravest if he’s the oldest. Michael: Which of you is most likely to find a real treasure? Ellie: Me James: I’m smarter than both of them. Corbin: I do know how it read and I can do math and basically Corbin: Every kind. Corbin: I can even spell rainbow. I’ll spell it. James: Not even close. Corbin: R A I N Corbin: B O W Michael: Which of you is most likely to finish dinner first? Corbin: Well normally, I finish dinner first. James: Me Corbin: Normally me. Because at night James: I finish food first! Corbin: Probably me because James always like stay up and eat food. Corbin: Because he likes to watch Dad play video games Corbin: Every night. Michael: Which of you is most likely to create a new game? James: I’ve been asking Steven to come over so much. He is my uncle and he Corbin: He always says maybe next time. James: So he could come over. James: And I really want to make a game. James: And he is a bit too young to. Michael: Which of you is most likely to play pretend? James: No! Michael: What do you think Legos are? James: All those are toys Corbin: Normally Ellie because she normally pretends she’s a baby and Charlie’s a puppy. Ellie: I wanna pretend that I’m a Minecraft Ellie: Actually, I’m a real princess. Michael: Which of you is most likely to give a hug? James: Stop voting me. I have to think about it. Corbin: Ellie we both vote on you. Michael: Which of you is most likely to get hurt playing? James: Well, Corbin. Yeah. James: I always play super rough and it never hurts me when every body’s rough with me. Corbin: Once, it was a couple of days ago Corbin: James and me and Ellie were playing on the trampoline James: Throwing balls at each other. Corbin: And James threw ball at me and they hit my eye and I started crying like wild. Ellie: He didn’t get a black eye. Ellie: And that’s good. Corbin: I didn’t get a back eye and it just hurt. I don’t know why. James: You said a back eye instead of a black eye. Corbin: I have an eye in the back. James: Okay. Michael: Which of you is most likely to build a trap? James: Oh you vote on me?! You always vote on you on something that you think was actually me but it’s actually me instead of you. Corbin: The reason why is a couple of days ago James built a trap with cardboard Corbin: And he put sticks on it. James: A trap for pit bull. And I dug so far I saw a white pipe. James: So I filled it back in but before I found it it was really deep James: And I put cardboard over it and made it look like dirt and then I was like Dad step in front of me and I… James: And he did. And he fell into the hole. Ellie: And when we were doing a video James: During the winter, I built a snowman it was humongous! James: Bigger than Corbin. James: It was like hollow and he put a… James: I took a knife and the bottom one I was ooh this is gonna be good. James: So I was like cutting it with Ellie. James: On the inside while…this is gonna be a good trap and we’re like birds are gonna fly in here and we tried to get some bait to put bird food in there. James: And we actually were waiting for so long to try to get a bird to go in there because I always wanted a pet and we’ve never gotten a pet other than fish. Corbin: Other than another pet. James: Which is a dog that died. Corbin: We had Sam. Corbin: And James: He died. James: But it wasn’t really ours it was our Grandpa’s Ellie: I was really sad when Sam died. James: We couldn’t really spend time with it because it bit me in the face one time. Corbin: It was like, right here. James: It was like bit on the inside of me. Corbin: And right there. Michael: Which of you is most likely to make a wish? James: Well, actually me because I always would for more Minecraft Legos Corbin: Every single night at eleven he’s like, I wish for Minecraft Lego’s Corbin: Every night and I’m trying to go to sleep. James: You didn’t even say the right word. Corbin: He did it every night when I was trying to go to sleep. And I was like, be quiet! James: He always says be quiet instead of be silent. He always says be quiet. I’m quiet. James: I always…I’m like whispering. He’s like, be quiet! James: He always means to say be silent. And I’m like, I can’t help I’m bored at night! Ellie: I wish for a real unicorn. James: I wish I wish for a Minecraft. The whole Minecraft Lego set in the whole entire world. That either have James: an Alex or a random person maybe more and was a monsters and a Steve with a random person maybe. James: More random people and monsters and animals James: I wish that every night. It’s like, it’s too long! James: Corbin always is like, I don’t want a wish. Michael: Alright. Corbin: Because it’s something that will not come true. James: You don’t know that. James: I got it for Easter! From the Easter Bunny! Actually! James: The Alex and a random person, monsters and animals! In the exact same thing! Corbin: Some nights, it hasn’t come true at all yet. Was, I wish I could have all the super powers in the whole entire world and I could control the world. Corbin: But it never happened. Corbin: Because I know it won’t work. Corbin: I know it. Corbin: I’m not…I don’t think Corbin: I know. Michael: Which of you is most likely to earn the most money? Michael: Alright, which of you is most likely to overreact about getting hurt? James: Serious James: Ellie, it’s Corbin. James: What are you saying?! I don’t think…I think you’re just trying to make me mad. Ellie: No. I’m trying to be funny! James: That’s not funny. Michael: Which of you is most likely to act super silly? Corbin: No. No. Corbin: I always do the silly things. Like early in the morning when they had a fat thing on me Corbin: That was so weird. James: We were like getting stuffed animals. Getting PJ’s and we’re stuffing it all over inside our PJ’s and stuff. James: And I was so fat! Michael: All right, which of you is most likely to win a spelling contest? Michael: Which of you is most likely to eat a bug? James: I will never eat a bug! Ellie: A bee? James: Only if I get a million dollars I will! Corbin: I have eaten a bug before! Ellie: I’ve ate a bee before. James: A bee?! Ellie: Stung my tongue. Michael: Last question, which of you is most likely to clean without being asked? Corbin: I say. James: Thanks. James: But no. James: No! James: That one’s mine. Corbin: Thank you for watching. Corbin: Make sure to hit the bell Ellie: And share. Corbin: If you want to see our other channels Corbin: Link in the description below. Bye. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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