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By | February 27, 2020

The reason for Nagamangala to get the name Nagamangala is this Yoga Narasimha temple I am in front of Nagamangala Saumyakeshava temple but i did not get permission to make video of this temple Right behind this is Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple come let us go and see that Yoga Narasimha Temple is is said to be Nagamangala’s First temple prayer Sri Yoganarasimha swamy temple Nagamangala Nagamangala’s association with Purana, famous temple which has history Has got the title of Devalayagala Nagara(Temple town) is this Nagamangala. This Nagamangala is Known for its Purana and is this temple considered to be the first temple of Nagamangala this Yoga Narasimha temple is well known for its Purana This temples Restoration was done by the the ruler ruling North India to South India by the ruler Narsimha Nayaka during his period this was restoration. Then this village was a dense forest In between a dense forest, inside a anthill was the statue, install this, or restore this, was told to him by swamy in his dreams Then he comes searching on his horse back at that time as there were anthills across the forest he could not find out so he prays to god and goes to sleep At that time, atop of Swamys Anthill a Hungery plant is on top of Anthill, that plant even today may be 1 or 2 and a half feet if it grows,then its considered as very tall plant but on top of this anthill this plant had grown around 40 feet high, on that basis this temple was built. it is 3000 to 4000 years old temple, it is said After removing from the anthill, this temple when it was to be restored, an snake was sitting in circular form believed to have shown this place Hence this place gets its name Nadamandala even till date the anthill is here and water milk when put in it how much ever is pored into it, it does not emit foul smell till date there is Snake Movement here, and if purity sanctity if not maintained, Snakes can be seen moving around The history of here is During Ruler Narasimha Nayakas time Garbhagudi and sukinavasthe was renovated and Muka Manatapa was done during Arjunas son Babruvahas time, because of this, the village got the name Manipura, Kanipura and Uluchi Nagara later Muka mantapa during times of Krishnadevarayas time was restored also at that time, those who studied four vedas Bhramins stayed here because of which Chaturveda pattana agrahara was the name given to this village These three names have gone now and from Nagamandala has become Nagamangala This villages Narasimha Nayadipathi and and yoga narasimha are this villages first and foremost temples for these it is famous along with its puranas As this place was found with a snake sitting in circular form, this place got the name Nagamandala it is believed here the main temple, i will show you now this is the main original temple This is more than 3000 to 3500 years old later these extensions were done by Arjunas son Babruvahana during his period the temple was renovated This is Hungery plant this grows up to 1 to 2 half half feet in height Maximum if it grows to that height it is considered a tall plant this is used in villages during harvesting such a plant it is Such a plant had grown on top of the anthill for identification that was cut and kept here, based on this the temple was built here before 3500- 4000 years ago we cannot take it out, if we want to take it out then the plant has to be cut to remove it if to remove it from here, this side is the wall and this side are the pillars and in between these pillars they have kept it in between and built such that it cannot be removed if you try to remove from this side, then this pillar portion will fall on that support it has been built in spite of so many years, this plant has not been affected any termites or worms this is worth seeing for all Arjunas son Babruvahana in Mahabharatas battle goes to bring Nagamani (Snake Pearl) from Nagaloka(Snake world) he went through this well is said in the puranas In this well the water, this may also be called as the paddy well as no matter how high the summer is the water does not dry and this well water is used for all temple purposes even till today the water is neat and clean for drinking, cooking or for gods abhisheka, tirta for all these purposes, this water is used the water is has been clean all through This is a specialty this in Uthsava moorthy in South India this is only found here Four handed Garuda the Garuda with Shanku Chakara is not avaliable anywhere else as Uthsava Moorthy Now the place where we are standing is a place renovated by Krishana Devaraya then in this village four veda studied Bhramins were residing so it was named Churveda Buttara Agrahara and was ruled with this name in this village , this Yoga Narasimha swamy in Vaishaka shundda kolan that is during the month of May during Buddha Poornima day here Bhramothosava is celebrated Here as per Vaikantha saga Bhramothsava programme and daily pooja weekly pooja, Karthika Deepothsava Subramanya Sirsthi has been conducted through generations Here Vaishaka Shudda, Chathurdasha days and Narasimha Jayanthi also Kalyana Uthsava for Swamy Special Garudouthsava al these have been conducted Here people having Sarpa Dosha, those not able to get married, problem in business, people with ill health for these Akshesa homa, Sudharshana Homa, and kalyanaothosava programme are being conducted till date these have been conducted and even in future this will be continued here has been an generation to generation of archanas in Vaikatha sadhana way we have been conducting i am almost the 15th generation head archakaru here and happy to say so Sugreeva Swamy sannidhi sudarshana narasimha swamy sannidhi this is Mahendra from Nagamangala, he is also my subscriber along with that he is part of the renovation work here. Hi Sita Raama Saanidhi Now where i am standing and talking this place Arjunas son Babruvahana s period renovation was done that is why i would like to show you this place Sri yoga narasimha swamys sannidhi

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