Next vacation destination: Indonesia! Caravaning, Motor, Touristik (CMT) 2020 (tourism) [SUB ENG]

By | March 4, 2020

Simple. Diplomat. From. Indonesia Hi everyone! My name is Lucky and welcome to another video on… Promoting Indonesia Indonesia participated in the CMT 2020 exhibition What is CMT? Let’s directly hear it from the Information, Social & Cultural Affairs or “Pensosbud” Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt If you haven’t met them, here they are! Hm…yes, that’s them… Risa, Wita, Talitha I think there’s a better photo… oh here it is! Ok that’s enough! Let’s start! What is CMT? CMT is the largest tourism exhibition according to the CMT organizers largest business -to-consumers tourism exhibition in the world according to the CMT organizers What is CMT short for? Caravaning, Motor, Touristik It is held in Stuttgart from 11-19 January Wrong! 10-19… What? No it isn’t! *just let them argue…… So…CMT was held in Stuttgart, from 10-19 January 2020 Sorry you had to see us argue… Is CMT crowded? Total number of visitors according to latest press release by CMT This year reached a new record of 300.000 visitors during the whole 9 day exhibition How was Indonesia’s participation in CMT? In this year’s CMT, the Indonesian Pavilion was purely facilitated, coordinated, built… …well actually it was built by the vendor but it was funded and facilitated by the Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt so this was an independent pavilion yes that’s right, at the start of 2020 We did participate in CMT once, back in 2012 but the booth was very small and the project manager informed us that many people were looking for Indonesia *text: where is Indonesia? people were asking why is there no Indonesia then we had a few meetings and thought was a good idea and we decided to participate in this year’s CMT with quite a big booth 32 meter squared and this was totally independently carried out by the Consulate General in Frankfurt but we also cooperated with 4 co-exhibitors they were Ravelino Tours & Travel, Panorama Destination, IndoEscapes, Boki Dive And not only that We also…had a show on Saturday, the second Saturday because there were 2 Saturdays throughout the duration of CMT We invited Indonesian dancers, who are living Frankfurt so we invited them to Stuttgart They put on a show on the main stage for 30 minutes bringing 4 traditional dances Many visitors came to watch and appreciated the performance What did Indonesia promote at CMT? We promoted all tourist destinations in Indonesia But we have 5 super priority destinations, which are…. We told visitors that tourist destinations in Indonesia is more than just Bali and there are many other places that are beautiful We also had a map (at the Pavilion) Yes, we had a big map to illustrate just how big Indonesia really is It also helped visitors visually So for example if someone said “I want to go to Bali, but I don’t want to spend the whole two weeks there” “I want to go to other places” Ok, you can look at this map – this is a map
– this is a map *I am a map (sorry Dora fans) The map really helped us in promoting just how vast Indonesia is The map attracted many visitors who were passing by. They would say….. “oh…there’s a map” What type of tourism is the favourite for most Germans? Surfing, diving, seeing mountains, culinary They are very interested in those and they also know that Indonesian food is very delicious Typical German tourists usually like outdoor activities So they like diving, hiking, surfing… sunshine They are not really into clubbing, nor high class resorts They are more into nature That’s right Did many people visit the Indonesian Pavilion? Of course !!! The Indonesian Pavilion was visited by more that 5000 people They enjoyed the brochures that we gave out They liked the Indonesian snacks As well as the Indonesian coffee that I personally brought from Jakarta And also the candies, such as the coffee candies, ginger candies Many people were very interested and visited us again and asked… “where do you buy these?”
“can we have some more?” So they really liked Indonesian snacks Hopes for the future? We hope that the Indonesian Consulate General can be present again at CMT 2021 with a bigger, better, festive, and interesting booth so that…more and more people are interested to visit Indonesia Thank you Risa, Wita, and Talitha You were all so “OK!” The 3 pensosbud angels are always OK The 3 pensosbud angels of the Indonesian Counsulate General in Frankfurt are always OK Are we done yet? Are we done yet? Are we done yet?

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