Nicole & Angelina Hug It Out | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

By | March 6, 2020

– Today is gonna be a reset. Let’s cancel last night. (yelling) Erase, cancel it, yay, rise in drinks. (screaming) ♪ Now wassup, wassup, wassup, wassup ♪ ♪ Wassup, wassup, wassup ♪ – I hope the wind doesn’t blow Vinny away. We should put a string on him. Hormones, no hormones, I’m just glad that everybody’s back. We’re moving on, we can have
some fun on the boardwalk. I don’t know what’s
lighter, Vinny or Ronnie C. (laughs) Do you guys have stripper seating? Male strippers. – Jenk’s is legendary for us because we’ve been here so many times. I’m gonna get some drinks
and eat a nice food. I wanna enjoy the shore for today, without any drama. – [Woman] Thank you. – Do they have air? – Oh my gosh! – Oh my god! – [Woman] Go home. – I’m a little hungover. – I am.
– I am wrecked. We’re just deleting last night right? – No, cancel all of it, it didn’t happen. – I have a lot of regrets. – Same. – I waxed my (beep) a couple of weeks ago. – You waxed your (beep) hole? – Yeah, it hurt so bad. – What position did you
have to be in for that? – That’s what I asked. – You lay on your stomach. – With your butt up? – [Vinny] Yeah. – Then he had dingleberries. – Why’d you do that? – Cause I wanted it to
be shaven, and I didn’t– – Yeah, but nobody sees
in between your ass. – Well.
– For Chippendale’s? – Yeah, a lot of people (laughs). But I regret it ’cause it hurt so bad. – It hurts? – I never got that done. – Ugh, it’s the worst. – What the fuck is wrong with you? Like, why would you even do that? Vinny sometimes does not think. – [Snooki] Do you wanna have our talk? – Sure. – So, I feel like right now is the time to have at alk with Angelina because I just wanna like
hash it out and move on. – All right I just wanted to talk with you because I’m a drunk bitch
that sometimes blacks out and I don’t know what I do. My intention was to text you to be like, listen you were drunk,
you might’ve did this. – That’s why next time just call me if you feel like that because– – I don’t call people. – Text messages could
be misconstrued, like– – Well, yeah it definitely – [Angelina] Ours was. – Yo, what the fuck happened in Vegas? I’m hearing you’re trying to kiss Zach and ask him for a threesome and (beep). When I read those text messages, I felt like you were
attacking a little bit. – Because you said, “You
weren’t even there.” And to me I was like I’m
trying to look out for you and I got annoyed that I was
trying to reach out to you when you were like you you
weren’t even there, shut up. That’s how I took it. – That’s not how I meant it. – Honestly I feel bad for Angelina. I’m not trying to be mean, I really like the (beep) girl. I literally was just
trying to help a girl out. – I just feel like, you
know, you gotta put yourself in my shoes sometimes. Yeah, I get drunk I do stupid (beep), but that’s just my nature,
that’s just who I am. I’m not a bad person. I know you don’t think I’m a bad person, we get along. – I get drunk and do stupid (beep) too. – Exactly, that’s why
me and you, actually, we’re like the same person,
but different, right, like. – Yes, the same person, but different. – Exactly. – So, the fact that I’m
so dramatic about it, it’s because I care. I want you to know that I like you. – [Angelina] I like you too. – And stop being (beep) stupid. – Honestly.
– I love you. – You’re–
– Give me a hug. I’m so (beep) over me and Angelina drama. Like, I’m so glad we had our talk. I feel like we’re good. – Ooh, I love you. – But, Angelina surrounds
herself with drama, that’s just who she is, so we’ll see. Like girl, please, just be normal now. Stop it. – (beep) I just walked into the surfboard.

58 thoughts on “Nicole & Angelina Hug It Out | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

  1. Julio Hernandez Post author

    “We’re like the same person but different” 😂😂😂😂

  2. YaYa. Post author

    Snooki trying to apologize to Angelina and then calls her stupid and doesn’t want drama.

  3. Susan V Post author

    No talent, no class, ordinary looks, too much makeup, too much liquor, no education= millionaires.

  4. Howie Feltersnatch Post author

    Looks like vinny is finally done with this lifestyle

  5. nick allen Post author

    Those girls are a bunch of skanks especially J wow she's disgusting

  6. Graced with Beauty Post author

    Literally said the text weren’t meant to be taken that way but in the same breath says I meant it cause you said something mean…. definition of a liar.

  7. Kanyon S Post author

    It was pretty cool to see the "family" be a family again.

  8. BG303 Post author

    If i was snooks brother or related to her in some way I’d roast her about her lips every day

  9. TCR Post author

    Why does Vinny always look like he’s being forced to be there

  10. Ariane Hannig Post author

    You guys are all on Angelina's side but this girl starts all the drama lol since season 1 and that's why everyone is always fighting with her she flirted with 24 period she messes with jenny when jenny tells her to leave her alone you all are really not trying to see Angelina is the problem but when she fights with Vinny and everyone else so obvious she's the problem

  11. My life as a Addict in revovery Post author

    Vinny looks annoyed about being picked on all the time

  12. carmonkey Post author

    snooki is just playing both sides. she doesn't want enemies. unfortunately jenny manipulates her and it seems that snooki is afraid to be on her bad side. i don't blame her jenni can be real nasty.

  13. Flyy Girl Post author

    Snooki & them are one of the reasons why I generally despise females . They make me sick smh.

  14. Rachael Magerl Post author

    Nicole and Jenni have turned into the two nasty girls in high school who tormented and bullied others. And when you stood up for yourself, they they spread rumors about you and turned everyone against you. I use to love them but now I really dont like them. They dont like being called mean yet they call other people names and are mean to them. Dont dish it if you cant take it. Setting great examples for your kids.

  15. Bahareh R Post author

    I don't understand 24 is the one who was super inappropriate with Angelina from the beginning and then was grabbing her so inappropriately and she's the one that takes the blame for everything?? And then Nicole starts throwing a fit because she knows that she was in the wrong mmk got it

  16. amy Yos Post author

    Nicole is always fighting with Angelina cause of Jenni. If Jenni wasn’t around I’m sure they would have a great/fun relationship but Nicole always wants to show loyalty to Jenni

  17. ShuBabe Facey Post author

    Sorry but calling some one stupid beacause you are in the wrong is being mean. And your a girl.
    So yes you are are a mean girl.

  18. Samantha D Post author

    Out of all these girls, Deena & Angelina are my favs🍻

  19. Jason Post author

    Snookie only made up with her cuz Angelina made up with Jenni….

  20. it's literally sidney Post author

    It's funny because Angelina's literally giving her advice for better fuckin communication and Snooki's shutting her down. Talk about rude.

  21. Lacy Jones Post author

    Angelina took all the fault basically 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Jen & snookie y’all still mean girls …. Deena too!

  22. Brandy Pompeo Post author

    Months later nicole should feels FOOLISH that she took jenni's boyfriends word over Angelina's!

  23. Chris Lovitt Post author

    Angelina, please fight snookie. Don't be nice about it like last time.

  24. Adriana Parilac Post author

    They will never like or accept her.. lol it’s just always been like that

  25. Father Leo Post author

    I gotta be honest

    Deena is the best looking girl in that house. Actually….she's the only good looking girl in the house.

  26. angel pilot Post author

    Aren't they too grown for this? In desperate need of money and fame maybe? Jenni is fake af, Snooki is a liar, Vinny just look lost mah…. And I'm absolutely loving Angelina. She has really grown

  27. browneyes rico Post author

    Idk how Snooki's husband has lasted with as long as he has and keeps having kids….🤣

  28. The Kings Princess Post author

    Vinny, get laser treatments. Less pain, permanent results. I recommend bleaching as well 😉

  29. Greyson Wessinger Post author

    l love watching y’all tv Show y’all funny 😂😂😂

  30. lauren marie Post author

    At the end of the day. Every single person from the jersey shore cast deserves it. They each deserve the massive hang overs, awful headaches, terrible bruises and awful tabloid stories because they choose to come back and be slaves to television. The most unhealthy and toxic group of people ever because they’re all 100% okay with the noise around them

  31. marwa elashrfi Post author

    Angelina surrounds herself with drama ? Didn’t you just make fake peace with her five seconds ago

  32. Queen Swervo Post author

    Anybody else feel like Angelina shouldn’t be there 🤣

  33. NH4 Ci Post author

    Snooki tried to manipulate Angelina into thinking Snooki was right. Angelina saw through her bs but decided to hug it out because she just wants that MTV paycheck.

    Get your money Queen, we know Jenni and Snooki are snakes

  34. Inah Baxter Post author

    I like Angie they all was so mean to her in the pass for the things she did but they also made mistakes too every time I see jenni threatens to his Angie I feel bad for her I feel like they was mean girls but now til this day they now like Angie

  35. jessica Cloud9 Post author

    I'm actually glad that Snooki decided to leave! Now If only she was taking Jenni along with her. Snooki used to be funny during the first few seasons of Jersey shore. Now, she's boring and brings NOTHING exciting. Angelina is the one who makes it entertaining and fun to watch.

  36. AnnaMarie #ItalianPrincess Post author

    Out of all the girls that got married, Angelina was probably one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen and what Jenni, snookie and Deena did to her is disgusting and absofrigginlutely unforgivable!

  37. AndreaNoel Betmudez Post author

    Snookie needs to look a that clip. And so dose jwoww to

  38. Matty Boyd Post author

    I’ve loved Angelina since day one, and I’m so happy people finally collectively like her more now too!


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