Complete Guide to Visiting the Beautiful Islands of Okinawa Japan|Day 106-109 – Okinawa

Traveling to all 47 prefectures of Japan, vlogging every day I’m out, this is Odigo47 Hey guys, so as the last prefecture on our quest to cover EVERY prefecture of Japan, we got to spend it in the beautiful Okinawa islands. It is the most southern prefecture in Japan with a population a lil over… Read More »

Hotel Transylvania 3 (2018) – DJ Battle Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

Drac! Van Helsing’s beats are controlling the giant octopus thingy! If there’s one thing I hate, it’s an evil DJ! We need… POSITIVE ENERGY! [Gets equipment out without looking at anything] Get ready for a DJ battle! You just carry all that stuff around with you? Once a bar mitzvah DJ, always a bar mitzvah… Read More »

18 Weird & Wonderful Holidays To Celebrate in The New Year

Did you know that there’s a retail holiday bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined?   Hi, I’m Erin McCarthy, editor-in-chief of Singles’ Day is celebrated in China on November 11th, and it’s a behemoth of a day for online sales. The story goes that the holiday originally started at Nanjing University in China… Read More »

Warm Weather Vacation Outfits | 20+ Outfits

Hey, guys, I’m Prerna. welcome. in the month of July, I went on a family trip to Kerala and then conveniently forgot to share vacation outfits with you all. but thanks to you guys mujhe off late bht requests aa rahi hai toh share vacation outfits.. isiliye aaj mai aapse share karungi ki maine kerala… Read More »

A Dramatic Reenactment of Jenni & Angelina’s Fight | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

♪ Find me in the hills doing bigger things ♪ ♪ Platinum plat shining on my diamond rings ♪ – [Paulie] Vinnie bring those steaks over here before I bust your head. – [Vinnie] Do you think it’s done already? – [Paulie] Girls, time to eat! – You guys ready to eat? – Somebody cut… Read More »

Los Angeles: Tourist Attractions Vs. Hidden Gems • Tourist Trapped

(applauding tourists approach) (a synchronized snap of cameras) – What’s the best way to experience a city? I, Ryan Bergara, tend to enjoy a town’s most famous offerings. – And I, Shane Madej, prefer to head off the beaten path, and dig up a city’s secret wonders. – Today, we’ll present both sides, tourist attractions.… Read More »

Holidays : Expectations Vs Reality || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Tomorrow is a holiday. I should make a perfect plan for tomorrow. ‘I’ll wake up late. I’ll clean my room.’ ‘I’ll complete my assignments. I’ve to chill with friends.’ Perfect! It is only 11AM? I can’t wake up this early on holidays. I’ll sleep for another hour and get up for lunch. I’m so damn… Read More »

S. Korean tourism, petrochemical industries threatened by COVID-19

with the outbreak grappling the global community one of the industries slammed hardest by the spread of the kovat 19 is tourism and aviation sectors and that’s no exception here in the nation on top of that it’s oil refiners are also hurting as well or kim jae hee tells us more the coronavirus is… Read More »