President Donald Trump Plays The Victim While Visiting Victims | Morning Joe | MSNBC

By | February 27, 2020

25 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Plays The Victim While Visiting Victims | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. joseph schumacher Post author

    Its funny that nobody is ever happy he went down to el pass he gets flack, if he didn't go down their he would be non-caring there is just no please people now a days.

  2. Cashmere Funk Post author

    He said he turn on the tv …lie the tv are already on, inside the plane..

  3. dennis winters Post author

    They think it's more important for people to know that Trump was treated " like a rock star " than whether or not he showed even a trace of empathy. This is the level their minds operate on and it never fails to shock and horrify me.

  4. William Helfrich Post author

    Just waiting for Lolitagate,trump needs to register now!

  5. Joy Phoummavong Post author

    Democrats got a movie out about attacking conservatives msnbc

  6. Joy Phoummavong Post author

    I love President Trump who cares he’s got a mouth tell it like it is we voted for him too .

  7. Joy Phoummavong Post author

    We are going to have a civil war I’m not giving up nothing

  8. Joy Phoummavong Post author

    Democrats need to be walked out of those jobs they got

  9. Serving with Sonia Post author

    We have a responsibility to stand up as a nation and stop the mistreatment of all Americans….VOTE!!!

  10. GKproductionsHQ Post author

  11. Jose Arocho Post author

    This imposter of a president is nothing but a parasite!

  12. shirley smith Post author

    It amazes me that so many otherwise and seemingly intelligent Americans, thats right,Americans can back this apparently self absorbed monger as the leader for this nation. The guy is obviously unhinged and the mere audience , supporters that he has left are looking just alot of insane!!!!!!!

  13. shirley smith Post author

    Yet here we all r. Chatting about the nut job. Hes loving it I promise! Gov. Needs to shut this magot down! Stand up!

  14. shirley smith Post author

    I for myself am watching lucifer at work. Had hoped id be gone by this!

  15. Blinkin Winkin And Nod Post author

    MS NBC is now the head leader of the enemy of the people they will go down just like CNN!

  16. Pam Davis Post author

    A—hole in chief. Sad this is what we have for our leadership. Inflated ego, everything is about him.

  17. Terry F Post author

    President Obama never spoke for me. He was abysmal. Trump may boast and exaggerate, but what you see is what you get. He is for us.

  18. Gary Carter Post author

    I came here to say you guys are as dumb as box full of rocks…..But, keep paying your taxes so Trump can build the " The Wall" to protect your acting jobs………

  19. ShadowFoxSF Post author

    That screaming they probaby heard at the hospital wasn't the excited fankid screams like a rockstar might get, but screams of agony and terror from the shooting victims

    Trump will never be satisfied.
    Criticise him and he will complain about being criticized.
    Say nothing and he will complain about not being praised.
    Praise him and he will complain that you didn't praise him hard enough…

  20. Joshua Witt Post author

    Please sell us more snake oil. Demand entitlements in a stolen land, get cozy and invite every opportunistic parasitic land thief on earth to come join you.


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