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By | March 7, 2020

– [Narrator] Happy New Year, Oklahoma. Can you believe we’re already
nearing the halfway point of “The Oklahoma Road Trip?” (upbeat music) Well, we thought what better
way to celebrate the New Year than to take a look back
on all the fun and excitement that we’ve had so far. So let’s catch up with the
gang at the place where we started, the first stop
of “The Oklahoma Road Trip,” Welltown Brewing in Tulsa. – Hey guys, we are so
excited to be coming off our first six months of the road trip. Now it’s the holidays,
we’re taking a little break, a little pause, and we’re
gonna talk about some of our favorite things, places that we ate, some of our favorite food. We’re gonna talk about some
of our favorite activities, and then we’re also gonna
talk about some of our new friends that we made along
the road trip so far. So let’s get started. Let’s talk about favorite foods. – [Laci] Favorite food for me
had to be Molly’s Taqueria. – [Jason] Ooh! – [Laci] Those tacos
were the best I ever had. – And that’s the place
that had the little jar? – Yeah, the jars of sauce or something. – That was so good.
– The magic sauce. – [Man] That’s our cilantro sauce. – So good! – Mine was tacos too, but
it was Le Grubs tacos. – Oh yeah.
– At Tenkiller. Man, that was so good. They had the vegetarian,
those grilled plantains, I don’t know, you gotta try those out. – Well, what about you,
Jason? What’s your favorite? – My favorite was probably
the The Living Kitchen, which was absolutely magical. We showed up, it was
sunset, there’s farm animals everywhere, they raise all their own crops and we had like a 10-course
meal that was unbelievable. – Yep.
– So good. – The literal best bread I’ve ever had. – Wow. – Flavor, flavor explosion. This is what’s happening. – Favorite activity. We did some really fun things.
– Oh yeah. What was your favorite
activity, Hightower? – My favorite activity
would have to be whoo! Zipl ining in OKC–
– Oh yeah. – I mean, I was just able
to throw my arms out, and go across that river
and just love life. – [Jason] Yeah, that was awesome. – Cliff jumping, ooh, yeah,
that was just so much fun, you know the adrenaline rush,
it’s just, a little scary, a little scary, but then also
you know kinda calm it down, the horseback riding– – Yeah.
– Yes. – In Broken Bow, that was just amazing. – [Jason] With Zach? – Yeah, Zach. – Zach the horse.
– Oh yeah Zach. – The name of my horse was Zach. Name’s Zach, you need to lay off. Don’t let Zach fool
you, he’s the wildcard. – Whitewater rafting in
Oklahoma City was incredible. – [Laci] Yeah. – [Jason] It’s unbelievable
that you can go get in a raft and hit some like class three
rapids right in the middle of Oklahoma City.
– So fun. – I absolutely loved Redbud Valley hiking. I love to fish, so that’s
no surprise that going to Greenleaf and fishing was fun. I caught a ton of largemouth bass. You were a little jealous. No big deal.
– I don’t wanna talk about it. (group laughs) I’m gonna catch him, I’m
gonna catch my big one. – Well, I loved seeing
the elephants in Hugo. I just thought it was amazing that we have Asian elephants in Oklahoma. – [Jason] That was cool. – [Laci] Oh God, I just got snotted on. – [Hightower] That’s awesome. – I loved rappelling at
Robbers Cave and then lastly shopping at The Plaza District. – [Hightower] Of course. Laci liked to shop? Of course. – The Plaza District had
everything that I love so I gotta go back there
and buy some cool stuff. I’m supposed to Christmas
shop for other people, but I’m probably just gonna
buy things for myself. – Yeah, we’ve had a lot
of great activities, some awesome food, but you
know it’s about the people we’ve met along the way–
– Yeah. – And Laci, what’s a couple
of people you remember along the way? – Specifically I made friends
with Jane at Blue Doors, it was the most magical
oasis, like a sanctuary hidden by Lake Tenkiller. The other person I made
friends with was Loran at Robbers Cave. She had a big smile on her
face the whole we talked, that’s kinda like me too. – I would take it back to
Route 66, I must start with a frequent regular at The Rock Cafe. – I can build cars, I told you that,
– Yep. – I pastor a church,
– Yeah. – And I’m also on city council. – Oh, well you were the man. – No not really, I’m just another dude. – Just another dude. That guy was incredible. He was so friendly–
– He was so funny. – He was so fun, I really like that guy. – What about you, Hightower? – Well, I would have to say
probably the most unique character that I met along
the way was Kevin Stark. He has the toy museum down
there in Pauls Valley. I’ve got a love for toys, so
him and I clicked immediately and he’s actually a great artist. That was awesome to meet him. Of course Kirby, in
Tulsa, she was so helpful and just was so knowledgeable about all the Oklahoma local stuff. – Okay, so over here we
have all of our locally made food and snacks. A lot of it is made in Tulsa, but most of it’s just made in Oklahoma. – I could go for caramel corn. – Oh yeah, it’s made
at Antoinette’s Bakery. They’re awesome.
– I’m gonna hang onto that. Yeah, I’d have to say Kevin and Kirby. – Well, so that wraps up
some of favorite things and some friends we’ve made along the way. We’re so excited because
these next six months, we’re gonna keep going all
around the state of Oklahoma, we’re gonna keep road
tripping, we’re really excited. We’ve got these little
stickers for you guys for free. So these little stickers will
be at all of our locations, you can pick those up. – Before they run out. – And, if you are going
on your own road trips, make sure you use the hashtag, we’d love to see some photos
of what you guys are doing and hopefully some
pictures of your stickers on your vehicles, so. – Yep, and we will see
you next week in Norman. – It’s gonna be a good time.
– It’s gonna be fun. – Excited for the rest of the year. – Alright.
– See ya then! – See ya! – [Narrator] Happy New Year
from all of us at TravelOK and “The Oklahoma Road Trip” team. And tune in next week as we continue the road trip in Norman. We’ll visit the Sam Noble Museum, have lunch at Midway Market and finish out the day at
Tribes 131 art gallery. We’ll see you then.

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