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By | March 4, 2020

– Today, we’re headin’ to Lawton. We’re gonna go to The Holy City, Eat some great barbecue
and go check out a museum. Let’s go! (invigorating rock music) – [Voiceover] This is
the Oklahoma Road Trip. (upbeat piano music) From Norman, the team heads
Southwest towards Lawton. Our first stop of the day is
the Holy City of the Wichitas, located near the Wichita
Mountain Wildlife Refuge. – We are here at the Holy
City, and I’m with Deena. It’s so cool, I’ve never been here, and my mind is blown, what is this place? – Right? A lot of people call it
Lawton’s hidden treasure because there’s a lot of people
that don’t know about us, that don’t know we’re out here. It was built in 1935, in ’36
is when they finished up. We will be celebrating 95 years. Our big deal is the Easter pageant, it’s the longest outside, ongoing Easter pageant
in the nation right now. We have guided tours by
cast members in costume, and they’ll take everyone on
tours, and everything’s free. We run off of donations
alone, so donations are very important to us out here. All the structures are built to represent the town of Jerusalem. We use all the buildings
here, they’re all lit up, it’s beautiful at night. And so we get people from all over, and it’s non-denomination so everyone can come out and enjoy it. – I am up here on one of these
platforms at the Holy City. This place is unbelievable, I’ve never seen anything like it. – It’s really beautiful,
I mean I never really knew what it was but I’m
glad I came out here. Its a great place to visit,
I mean I’m from Texas but I’ll definitely come here. – We have visitors come in
from all over the world. It’s absolutely amazing
too, we have a sign in book in our chapel, and I love to go in there and just see where people are from. Our grounds are open from 8:00-5:00, Monday through Saturday, and
on Sunday from 1:00-5:00. And to everyone who has
never been to the Holy City, or even if you have, come
out, bring your families, come out for the day, have a picnic, and just enjoy the day
here at the Holy City. It’s absolutely amazing. (invigorating rock music) – [Voiceover] From the
Holy City of the Wichitas, the team heads east into Lawton, just in time for lunch at our next stop, John & Cook’s Real Pit BBQ. – We have been in business since 1930. It was started by my great
uncle, which his name is John, and it was called John’s
BBQ, and my grandfather and my grandmother which is
John’s, the original owners sister and brother in law,
they decided to make this a business thing and they
formed John & Cook’s BBQ which was in 1936. I’ve been running the family business for the last 15 years. I try to just make sure
that when everyone comes in, they get treated all
fairly and all the same. We have some of the best barbecue in town. We use a brick pit to cook our food with, and it’s 100% wood that we cook with. No gas, nothing else, nothing but wood. That’s why John & Cook’s is
so popular the way it is, it’s been around for so long. So I’ve had, for a couple
families where they have brought their grandkids
and great grandkids here, and they come back to get the good food. And then I’ve had customers
that come in here, they get married, but
the one thing most of all is the troops that come in
here, those are the ones that are very special to me. Our main courses on the
meal is beef brisket, pulled pork, ribs, hot links, turkey legs, and on Fridays and Saturdays
we do half a chicken which is really pretty, golden brown, and they are very tender and juicy. I got a half a chicken. – [Female Interviewer] Are
you gonna eat all that? – I’m gonna eat it all. I’ve been known to eat
two of these. (laughs) – Now this here is some real pit barbecue. – If you really want to
taste what real barbecue is suppose to taste like, come down to John & Cook’s Real Pit
BBQ in Lawton, Oklahoma. (upbeat guitar music) – [Voiceover] From John
& Cook’s Real Pit BBQ, the team heads northeast to
our final stop of the day, The Museum of The Great Plains. – In 1960, ’61, the museum was built, and at that time it was a small,
historical society museum. And through the years it’s just blossomed. We basically have two parts to our museum, we have an 1860’s Red River trading post, which really was the inspiration for hands-on discovery base
exhibits in our gallery. We have an archeological dig,
a Native American campsite. We have a pick apart bison, which is very popular with the children, where you can actually
remove the intestines, and the heart and the liver and all that, which will tell you how the native American’s used each piece. – They’re doing some
surgery on this bison. (camera clicks) (laughs) – [John] We have a cattle run. There the children can act
as if they’re moving cattle across the plains. (yells) Oh, come on. – I should have been a cowboy, I should have learned to rope and ride. – [Female Interviewer] It’s okay – But I didn’t. – In our mercantile area,
which is extremely popular, well we thought it would be nice to have kind of an 1890’s approach. All our labels are 1890’s, we have money that comes from that time period. The neat thing about all of those exhibits that I just mentioned, when children get together, and they don’t have to be friends, they don’t have to know each other, when one child sees
other children playing, they all become a group, so I would say bring your family, and
if you plan on coming to the museum, plan on
staying a long time, because you don’t want to drag
your children out of here, and that’s usually what happens. (upbeat funky techno music) – [Voiceover] On today’s road trip, we explored just a few stops that make the Lawton area so special. First, we stopped at The
Holy City of The Wichitas. This 66-acre stretch of the Wichita Mountain Wildlife
Refuge is built to resemble first-century Israel, and is also home to the nation’s
longest-running Easter play. The site is also home to a
variety of other monuments and events throughout the year. Next, we made our way to
John & Cook’s Real Pit BBQ, where Lonzo told us all about the history of the restaurant, and what
makes it such a local favorite. John & Cook’s has been
serving up some of the area’s best barbecue since 1936, and their secret family
recipe has now been passed on to its fifth generation. Finally, we made our way to
the Museum of The Great Plains, where John gave us a tour of
the museum that celebrates the culture and natural history
of the Great Plains region. The variety of interactive
exhibits and self-guided tours give visitors the opportunity to explore Oklahoma’s past, present, and future. And the next time you find
yourself exploring Oklahoma, don’t forget to share your photos with us, using the hashtag #RoadTripOK for a chance to be featured on the show. And be sure to add our new
photo frame on Facebook. Join us next time on
the Oklahoma road trip, where we’ll take the short
trip to Medicine Park. We’ll explore the aquarium,
do a little shopping, and finish off the day
at the Star Dust Inn. We’ll see you then.

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  1. Linda Woods Post author

    wow,, the holy city. I have never been there,,didn't know it existed..and I am from Oklahoma..thank you for sharing.

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    This is my home. Thanks for sharing!!! Come for a visit more to see.

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    Lmao, Jacob you're showing up in my YT feed now. From your best roommate ever!

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    I live in Flecher a few minutes from Lawton that place is great and there is parallel forest witch is haunted too we go there all the time but never maid it to the center of the forest

  5. Warrior Weekly Post author

    Your BBQ choice was terrible. Good video though!! Love our state!!

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    I love Holy City! Our Family Reunion always ended for worship at this beautiful place!

  7. Carolyn Giles Post author

    Also, Mt.Scott has been reopened. It was closed for some time because of landslide damaging road is what I heard. Too bad you did not get to drive up the mountain. Awesome view. It was reopened earlier this month.

  8. Kelli Frusher Post author

    I am so excited that your page was suggested. I’m a single woman with very little travel budget. But I do live here in OK and am getting a bit of the travel bug. This is a perfect fit 👌


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