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By | March 7, 2020

– Today, we’re going to
Hinton and Weatherford. We’re gonna go to the Red
Rock Canyon Adventure Park, Gloria’s Kitchen and the
Stafford Air and Space Museum. Let’s go. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] This is the
“Oklahoma Road Trip.” From Clinton the team makes
there way east toward Hinton. Our first stop of the day is the beautiful Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park. – We are here in Hinton, Oklahoma, at Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park and I am here with Jordan. Hi, Jordan.
– Hi. – So where are we standing
right now in the park? – We are actually down in the canyon, and for people who’s
never been here before it’s very unexpected. When you drive down into
this beautiful canyon in the middle of nowhere
and there’s these rock walls that are just surrounding you and a lot of people honestly just say that it’s a hidden gem in Oklahoma. There is 300 acres of land and there’s a lot of it
that’s been untouched. So, we actually have four
different hiking trails ranging from 0.6 miles all the way to about
five-and-a-half miles long. They will either take you up
on top of the canyon walls or you’ll be able to
go down into the canyon and you get to see some fun beaver damage as well as rough horsetails so, there’s really some
great things to see on top of the canyon,
you’ll get to be on the rock which is something different that you don’t get to be around
all the time in Oklahoma. I see a variety of people.
Elderly people come down. I see big family reunions and young people come down for hiking and different activities. So, it’s definitely for everyone. It’s a great place to come. – [Narrator] From Red
Rock Canyon Adventure Park the team makes the short
drive north into Hinton just in time for lunch
at a local favorite. – We’re at Gloria’s Kitchen
in Hinton, Oklahoma. – My son-in-law kept asking me if I wanted to run a restaurant and somehow I ended up saying, yes. – [Carrie] We knew nothing
about running a restaurant. It was kind of a challenge, an adventure. But it’s been fun. Gloria’s the one that does
all the homemade baking and there are all kind of
secret recipes, burgers, fish we have all you can eat
catfish on Friday nights a lot of homemade desserts,
homemade onion rings. Greatest part of running the restaurant has been meeting new
people and serving people. – I ordered the hash browns. – [Woman] What’d ya get? – I got hash browns, and
I got the veggie omelet actually it’s called the garden omelet. – I’ve just started on the journey of eating the whole thing. – If you that whole thing,
that would be amazing. – [Woman] Hey there’s
jalapenos, you love jalapenos. – I do love jalapenos. – I don’t think I could
physically eat them. – I love spicy food. – [Woman] You didn’t even ask for this they just made you.
– No, I know, yeah. They know me. – If you want a lot of food good food, and great desserts
this is the place to eat. – Yeah, I agree. (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Narrator] From Gloria’s Kitchen the team heads west toward Weatherford until we get to our final stop of the day the Stafford Air and Space Museum. – Alright, we’re here at the the Stafford Air and Space Museum. I’m with Max, the Executive Director this is actually one of my favorite places in all of Oklahoma. – You know it’s an overused term but it is a well-kept secret. First of all, Weatherford is the home of the legendary test pilot and astronaut General Tom Stafford. His fingerprints are all over Aerospace Technology in this country. What he wanted was to use
maybe some of his background to keep alive America’s
spirit of exploration. It also highlights the incredible role that Oklahomans have
played in not only aviation but especially space flight. Oklahoma is the only state that can boast of having an astronaut in every American Manned Space Program. We’re bound and determined
to tell that history here. We have a 20,000-square-foot
addition being built so, it’s going to be the largest Air and Space Museum in
this part of the country. When you walk into the museum first thing you see is an actual
flight-ready, Wright flyer. Once the new edition is finished we’ll end it with an actual
F-117 Stealth Fighter. Most people don’t
realize how much is here. This is the actual Gemini Six Spacecraft that General Stafford and Wally Schirra flew into space to perform
the first rendezvous in space. Behind me is an Apollo spacecraft but further than that
there’s an Apollo spacesuit, the actual suit that Tom Stafford wore to the moon on Apollo 10. It is just unbelievable
what we did back then, but it’s also a great
reminder of what we can do. And it’s very important
for us to remind ourselves the capability of this country and the Space Program
is the perfect example. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] On today’s road trip, the team experienced some
of the fun and excitement that the Hinton and Weatherford
areas have to offer. First, we made our way to Red
Rock Canyon Adventure Park. The park offers guests
numerous hiking trails and hillside vistas that provide a beautiful view of the area. Red Rock Canyon also
hosts plenty of activities throughout the year where visitors can experience
the park in a variety of ways. Next, the team made their way into Hinton to have lunch at Gloria’s Kitchen. This restaurant and bakery
is known for its incredible made-from-scratch food and desserts. And we definitely recommend their omelets and their bread pudding. Finally, we finished of the day at the Stafford Air and Space Museum. This museum proudly displays
several authentic space suits vehicles and other technology
that have been used by NASA in various space missions. The Stafford Air and Space
Museum also celebrates the many Oklahomans, like
General Tom Stafford, who have greatly contributed to American Space Exploration
throughout the decades. And the next time you stop by the museum or any other Oklahoma destination, remember to share your photos
with us using the hashtag #RoadTripOK for a chance
to be featured on the show. And be sure to grab your free copy of our 2020 travel guides. Join us next time as the team heads west to El Reno and Yukon. We’ll explore downtown,
have lunch at a diner and we’ll even hang out with
some famous Clydesdales. We’ll see you then.

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