Scottish Tourism Alliance Signature Conference

By | March 7, 2020

I do think that tourism and food and drink offer terrific opportunities for young people. There’s a growing appreciation that the work of chefs is really important to Scotland in helping further to embed the reputation of Scotland as a high quality destination for food and drink. I do think that the online business in food and drink, from Scotland as an exporting country, is a major part of the future. But the development of online business, plainly, is a big part of the way in which Scotland’s high quality food and drink products – showcased here today – will further grow and prosper. Many of the businesses here are exporting to an array of countries all over the world. The key thing is to work in partnership, and where we can provide practical support to help tourism businesses grow and expand, we do. The food and drink sector is arguably the most important sector within tourism in the Scottish economy. So it’s very important that we help further develop the business to business online selling potential, because it’s obvious that’s a massive opportunity; online is a window to the world.

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