“Some tourists deserve to be treated badly” | Respond to Drew Binsky’s Brunei Video

By | March 7, 2020

(Mumbling) Kimchi (Korean dish) Samyang (another Korean dish) I am hopeful of my chance to represent next year Confidence is key Babu Sinur’s quote We need to be confident You need to sell it I’m confused whether to use he or she Because his character is a mother I think I went the wrong way Night market is the other way They’re staying at Radisson Hotel What did you get from the Night Market? Put your new shoes on I went to your brother’s wedding I saw you but it was as if you couldn’t see me at all I didn’t know you were there I didn’t know you at the time Your car smells so good Here’s some coffee This is not a bribe FYI, I always wear seat belt But all these cameras are making me nervous I would like to take this opportunity to say Congratulations on your success in YouTube On behalf of Fasting Bro, I would like to say thank you to his subscribers for the support Hold on, somebody’s calling He didn’t know I’m shooting a video with Fasting Bro I have to reject this Because this is priority! Do you mind if we listen to a song? That sounds good (Singing) So cool that you’re modifying my song!
(Singing) So cool that you’re modifying my song! (Singing) Just waiving as if I’m famous (Singing) Bintang di langit malam (the song’s name) The song is about false hope It’s typical False hope is not only in relationships But also in sponsorships with brands False hope is common So we just have to chill If you’re heartbroken, compose a song If you don’t know how to compose a song, jump off a building JUST KIDDING! Happy teacher’s day! Thank you It’s never too late Thank you (Singing) I’m so honored to be here This car is legendary Many famous Bruneians already sat here Babu Sinur, I am Team Sutu The seat that you’re sittin on right now It’s legendary My friend even reminded me When you go to wash your car Tell them not to wipe or clean the seat! So the celebrity aura stays! If you want to become famous, just sit here (Superstitious) (Singing) I’m here with Fasting Bro! I’m famous like you Dayat (from previous episode) I’m famous like you, Maria (from previous episdoe) Nadzri, Babu Sinur, I’m here! He’s got a lot of subscribers, by the way Let’s forget about that for a sec My channel is about fishing (Wee Fishing) Why did you stop? Such a waste If I mention them here, my mom would be mad! If I go to sleep I need to have some object Like a small toy car Beside me I would just put the toy car right beside my face I was at Pavillion KL In KL? My Physique Manager challenged me He told me to take off my shirt and walk around Pavillion Yeah I did it Why is the road closed? IT’S HIS MAJESTY! Couldn’t really see He is going behind me (Singing) If you were Hank Pym from Ant Man What would you shrink and take with you all day? My bathroom Actually Right? Me too
Right? Me too Bathroom? Yes My bed probably? I could use the bed during lunch hour to sleep I would shrink a Stadium Because it’s hard to find Track that closes at night Let’s go back to the bathroom choice Comparing it to Dayat & Maria’s choice of car (from previous episode) Bathroom is a more sensible choice Do you ever get that feeling when you’re in a traffic jam and your stomach is upset? (Reference of going Number 2) (Still referencing going Number 2) That’s when you really need a bathroom Now that’s critical! I bet if I ask people if they know you Please NO!
I bet if I ask people if they know you Please NO! I feel shy There are people waiving at you, are they your friends? Do you guys know who this is? (Everyone star strucked) (Singing) Your IC is yellow, right? I didn’t say you were “Yellow” (referencing a joke from previous episode) I’m not “Yellow”, but my IC is yellow What’s Memurancah? What language is Memurancah? Brunei! Memurancah? I don’t know, talking? Wrong! Don’t take it seriously, yeah I like to joke around If you can’t take a joke, Move to the moon (Babu Sinur joke) Why are there 3? We only ordered 2 I thought the other one was for us haha Do you know what’s memurancah? Sleeping? Yes, you got that right!

60 thoughts on ““Some tourists deserve to be treated badly” | Respond to Drew Binsky’s Brunei Video

  1. rah hm Post author

    Love ur content 👍 Hahaha 12:32–12:51 (btw happy teacher's day sir alwieee)🤣🤣

  2. kelstonify Post author

    Luv the subtitles thanks bro! #cheering and laughing hard too!

  3. mkf 154 Post author

    Great content again bro….but were u really fasting bro?😀

  4. Goat Meat Eater Post author

    I suggest that you put/ hover your passenger's instagram, i mean not all people own one just yang dpt di simpanlah yknow. Great content as always, keep fasting bro!

  5. keem kamal Post author

    yayy new content also it's 'BJ' in reference to the 0.09, it stands for broadcast jokey in which it's a thing in korea where people usually this BJ do livestreamings for a living hehe

  6. Melda Morside Post author

    road to 10k. Semoga Dipermudahkan.. siukkk ehhhh yg part bawa pelancong ah..

  7. Wee Fishing Post author

    1.3k for an hour 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  8. zri161089 Post author

    wow…. maziah mahusin…. my former colleague…. she's a great person….. once again your video didn't disappoint…. keep up the good work, bro…. hope for putri, ezah hashim, dj zura and more to be your guest in the future…… stay cool…..

  9. Syaff Azizie Post author

    membari tekajut jua tu ia nyabut “biji” ah 😹

  10. Fairul HH Post author

    The vlogs are awesome. Keep it up bro. Those carpool karaoke are awesome. Tnyakan “tekulipit” bro

  11. Nadzree Omar's Post author

    saw you were shooting with Dewi Jumat a few days ago area pasar. I was the one who smiled at you masa kan masuk dalam my car and I pass by you again masa you stopped di siring jalan. i was using VW tu. kan tagur but malu hahahahha. anw, wish you all the best!

  12. Bari'ah Daud Post author

    Watching your video made me miss Brunei even more 🙁 #anakperantauan btw I love all your video 😉

  13. Julie Zulhizam Post author

    Ok.. This is funny, keep it up broooooo, nexttt 😊😊😊

  14. Hairul Safuan Post author

    Mau nya abit fishing lgi bro kawan c wee fishing 🤙

  15. Pakzaki Post author

    Big fan of falling for summer , during the good old days.

  16. Abdul Rahim Post author

    "kalau sakit hati buat lagu, kalau inda pandai buat lagu terajun" 😂😂😂

  17. Matilda45 Johanna Post author

    Your uber/dart taxi looks like so much fun to be a passenger. Maybe I will end up being in your car when I come to Brunei in February. Always fun to watch your videos.

  18. Nazri Osman Post author

    hi, what did u play when u were in falling for summer? and in what band is the vocalist now?

  19. SolracJ88 Post author

    Just looking out your windows I know exactly where you are lol forgot how small Brunei was

  20. Azhari Arif Post author

    Why are Bruneians so salty just because some guy among millions of other tourist, voice his opinion about Brunei? It's seems like you folks can't take constructive criticism.

  21. Fadzlan Hasan Ahmad Post author

    Hahahaha mantap kali cikgu ah 🤣🤣 Hyper kupi

  22. Simi Imran Post author

    u guys are overreacting. drew only gave personal opinion of how he got treated. and he proberbly shook at the time . maybe misunderstanding somewhere. he had bad experience other places as well.nobody was offended

  23. Ismail Umie Post author

    Klu ada tories mau round kpg air. Rcoment kn ani aaa no hp nya ismail 8311670 boat kpg air. tq so mchhh ..


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