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hi and Jess welcome back to my channel
and this very sunny Edition from here in Cabo St Lucas, Mexico. I’m always getting emails asking
about what I take on holiday so I thought this would be a good opportunity
to show you everything I take and why I take it so on a gorgeous day like this
there was no way I was going to sit inside to film this episode so I just
sat outside our apartment in the garden so let me show you everything I take on
holiday with me, my Spring outfits 2020 so first up this dress that I’m wearing
which you’ve no doubt seen before because it’s one of my absolute
favourites in my wardrobe I got this last summer from a brand club mes demoiselles
they have a really beautiful collection of very feminine dresses it’s quite
floaty little bit bohemian if you have a look at their website you’ll see what I
mean but really lovely particularly for summer I think I prefer the summer
collections to their winter collection so it’s definitely the time to be having
a look at their website now before I move on to all my outfit ideas I thought
I’d start with the beauty essentials because to be honest with you when I’m
on holiday I really don’t want to wear a lot of makeup at all I’m not fond of
wearing an awful lot of makeup anyway by wear even less when I’m away so this
little handful here on my essentials so I start with obviously moisturizing and
then I use the Charlotte Tilbury magic away liquid concealer so a little bit of
that under my eyes and any redness that I might have on my skin
tiny lick of mascara and I always use the Maybelline
Great Lash mascara cheapest tips and it’s brilliant so it’s not broke don’t
try and fix it make a brush and my bronzer that I got
from NARS this is called Laguna and it is my absolute favorite from them and
then finishing touch a little bit of Elizabeth Arden on my lips and makeup wise
that is literally all our wear in the evening while I’m on holiday I better
move into the shade because I thought I was going to burn alive in that spot and
next up is a brand I wanted to tell you about and I’ve actually bought all three
of their products away with me because I love them so much now they are called Native
and they create all natural deodorants, body wash and I think they do soap as well so I decided to go for a set of
deodorants and before I get on to all the clean elements I’m just going to
talk about a sense because they are so beautiful so I have gone with coconut
and vanilla which is probably my favorite combination of essential oils I
just love that it just smells like a really natural version of it you can
tell there’s no nasties in there it’s not got any kind of synthetic scent
whatsoever it’s just pure coconut and vanilla and I love it I really love that
scent then for my second scent I went for eucalyptus immense it’s beautiful
really really lovely and probably a really good one as a wee cup of
deodorant and the third scent I went for is lavender and Rose I am 11 to
obsessive so all three of really gorgeous but if I had to pick a favourite
I would say coconut and vanilla so that’s what they smell like but what
about what’s actually in them now native are all about clean living clean product
they never use parabens aluminium sulfates in any of their products
whatsoever in terms of their other ingredients they’re using an oil that
comes from coconuts and they use earth wax which is great at naturally
stabilizing all of the ingredients so not only are there no toxins in it no
nasties but they actually do the job they’re designed to do which is of
course keep you dry and smelling beautiful all day long so in the
description box below I will pop a link to Native’s website so after this video do
pop over there have a look at their collection I can highly recommend all
three of those that I’ve received they’re really beautiful so on two
outfits and there is a message to my big pile of madness here I tend to pack
quite differently to how I did perhaps when I was a bit younger these days I’m
a lot more conscious that one item can serve me in a couple of different ways
ie can I wear it in the daytime and dress it down can I go in the evening
and dress it up so let’s start with tops I tend to bring a couple of different
pretty little tops like this one that I got from Mango just to wear in the
daytime with a pair of shorts or if we’re gonna go for lunch I’m around the
pool just pop it on over my bikini top now I brought with me this very long
oversized Everlane white shirt and probably everybody has got a very
oversized shirt in their wardrobe somewhere doesn’t have to be white it
can be any color essentially what you’re looking for is a boyfriend shirt so
something that is just about long enough it’s going to cover your bum these sorts
of things are brilliant on holiday because you could use them in lots of
different ways so I always take a pair of jeans with me on holiday no matter
where I’m going I could be going to Dubai in the height of summer and I will
still take a pair of jeans just in case and I think something like a crisp white
shirt always look chic with a pair of jeans you could also wear this in the
daytime with a pair of denim shorts or maybe a denim skirt maybe tie a knot at
the waistband that looks really nice and the other way I tend to wear it is just
as a bit of a throw on cover-up around the pool with my swimsuit in my bikini
because it just about covers from home which I quite like I seem to have gone a bit dress tastic
for this holiday so I’ve got a whole collection of them here so along with this one from Mes Demoiselle i’ve got this one here which came from Hesper fox I
really like how it’s got the split at the side and that square neckline which
i think is very flattering with an open back so this next one came from a brand
called Tallulah and Hope I have mentioned them a couple of times in my
videos they’re that lovely independent fashion brand from England they made that kimono
dress that’s got the great big rainbow on the back that I’ve worn a few times
so this is from their new collection and it’s made from a beautiful fine cotton
and as you can see it’s just got these multicolored little heart details across
the back section so I thought the sleeves were really pretty and then the
slight arch here on the cuff with that frill detail I like the length I like
the fabric I like that sprinkle of embroidery it’s not too over-the-top
it’s just nice sorry there’s someone on the back it’s probably thinking what is
that lady doing talking to herself down there anyway so all-round another great
dress from Tallulah and hope you might remember this one from last
summer this one came from pink city prints so it is long sleeves but again
in the evening that’s quite nice when the sun’s gone down and it sometimes
gets a little bit chilly now I haven’t warned this next dress for so long I
thought it was about time it came out of storage and got a couple of our things
because I really loved it I don’t know why I haven’t worn it more so this one
came from Reiss it’s obviously made from beautiful silk fabric so this one is
doubled white linen as you can see which just about makes it thick enough to get
away with wearing it without a bra if you wanted to and of course white
dresses are one of the huge trend for spring/summer 20 not particularly
groundbreaking as white dresses are probably in fashion every summer Hey
apparently this summer it is particularly on trend so what I really
like is the square neck here and then round the back here you’ve got the
elastic just sitting just below your back and then you’ve got this tight
which will go effectively where you put a strap if you wanted to wear a bra and
then just a really nice midi-length thing that I love about has the Fox more
than anything else is the fabrics she uses you couldn’t absolutely feel and
see the quality of those fabrics I finally cut past the dresses that I
bought so then I bought the trousers with me that I got from Suzanne recently
love love love these trousers these have got a special name and for the life of
me I can’t remember what the gold something like Vince or Malibu or Venice
something like that these have been out of stock for quite a while because they
were so popular everybody snapped them up including me I
think and I hope by the time this video goes out they have restocked because I
know it was coming and I know how popular they were obviously I’ll put
link in the description below but they have got the perfect 70s Flair shape to
them in the most flattering way you can imagine even if I can’t remember what
the name is I can’t recommend them enough then I’ve got my distress shorts
here which came from All Saints they’re in sell at the moment actually I think
off the top of my head they’re 38 pounds now down from 70
possibly I’ll pop a link in the description below so you can have a look
for those but I sized up I went for the 29 whereas of normally go for a 28 I’m
not really a short short kind of girl so I wanted to be able to shimmy them down
didn’t want them digging in anywhere and I think by sizing up it’s the perfect
fitting short for me and then I just bought a collection of
my capsule wardrobe t-shirts to see me through again as I often do I would wear
those in the evening or daytime as well so there’s a couple there from super dry
and or one it from organic basics I bought my new shirt with me which I also
got from super dry for someone who doesn’t have a shop super dry I’ve done
a lot of shopping there recently so yeah that is the oxford shirt that I picked
up last week I think I always always take a kimono or two or three with me
away because again a little bit like the eveline oversize white shirt they’re
brilliant to wear as a cover-up around the pool I
think unless you’re Elle Macpherson there will be an element of feeling
slightly conscious around the pool and I definitely do feel like that I would
never want to get from some lounger to the bar just in my bikini
I always feel the need to put something over me so kimonos are perfect for that
now I picked this one up in Sarah a while ago but I’ve also got a couple
that came from Etsy I’d buy them from free people chasing unicorns there’s
another lovely brand I’ll pop a few of my favorites in the description box
below because I probably live in kimonos all the way through summer and on
holiday I’d say they’re probably the handiest thing that I have in my
suitcase swimwear wise I tend to just bring all of my favorites so there’s
this one at which I got from jets by Jessica Alan last year I actually got
this on the out net if you get that perfect fitting swimsuit or bikini it
just gives you a boost of confidence so I absolutely don’t mind investing in
those pieces as and when I find them this purple walnut came from Paul Smith
as did this little diamond one and then this one which really has seen better
days but I can’t bear to throw it out because I love the fit I really just
need to buy a new one this one is by Melissa o Debashish shape wise I’d say
it’s probably my favorite bikini I’ve got
and I had it for about five years and the pants section as well they don’t dig
in anywhere oh it’s just really subtle around your hips so there’s nothing
bulging anywhere which is always a good thing don’t forget to have a look at the
native collection I’ve popped a link in the description below to their website I
love all three scents that I received but I would probably say if you’re only
buying one my absolute favorite would be the coconut and vanilla followed very
very closely white lavender rose so do let me know if you go for any of those
which was your favorite right we are heading it out for dinner so I better go
check on my monkeys and see if they’re ready if you’re not already subscribed
to my channel if we really lovely if you could do so I post videos twice a week
on a Wednesday and a Sunday predominantly talking about fashion with
the odds were from time to time so it’d be really lovely if you could subscribe
and make sure you find me on Instagram too and fashion and start edit so I will
be back in a couple of days as some more fashion for you and lots of outfit
inspirations so hopefully I will see them again

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  1. Bright Angel Post author

    Jess- it looks like you’ve landed in absolute paradise! I hope you and the family are having a great time in Cabo. Re video: I love the minimal selection of make up you use. I humbly suggest that you try using a tinted sunscreen when you get home to transition the look of a tan back to normal. My fav is by Elta MD. It goes on ultra smoothly. It can be layered or be worn under foundation. But I usually just wear with it alone with some powder bronzer. It really feels like you’re not wearing anything on your face.
    I looked at that gorgeous macramé kaftan. I have one just like it! If you go for it, remember to wear it at sundown or you’ll get a very interesting patterned tan. Lol! Last thing-sorry to make this so long-but I’ve been collecting real pre-war kimonos for years and have an excellent buyer I use from Osaka. Let me know if you’re interested. The real thing is amazing to wear. I have a favorite I wear around the house on cool days. It’s practical and comfortable but you’re also wearing a piece of art. Amazing.
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your vacay with us. Great video! Hugs from hot Florida! 🌴💖😎

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    Very nice video and blew a warm breeze as if I was there.
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    Loved this, i tend to wear swimsuits, with various cover ups. These seem to get longer, as my bum gets lower 😅
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