Staten Island Mating Ritual 👀 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

By | March 4, 2020

– Tonight was a fun night. – Are you going to bed? – I guess. Where you going? – See you later. – I thought you were sleeping with us. – All right. (laughs) – I was kidding. – I like tonight. – I can’t believe– – Vinny, tonight was fun. – Oh my god. Oh, she’s gonna hit you hard. – [Vinny] Stop girl, get away from me. – Idiot. – [Pauly] Whoa. – Vinny. Vinny is like so skinny,
I’m thinking to myself, I could push that kid around. I could literally wrestle
the (beep) out of Vinny. – Stop that’s my Lany’s toys. So Angelina starts fighting with me, like play fighting. (beep) But now Angelina is on steroids. – Are you on steroids, what? – All I know is it’s an
FDA approved and I’m on it. (whip noises) – [Pauly] Oh. – She’s really giving it to me. – Damn, is this how you guys foreplay? (beep) (laughing) – Oh my god, what is going on? They going at each
other, they’re wrestling, punching, fighting, but the
weirdest thing about this is this is how people on Staten
Island end up pregnant. – You ain’t winning bitch
we’re gonna get it on. (laughing) – It’s so easy to see how
much pent-up sexual energy Angelina has right now. – Come on Vinny. – Come on, what? She likes it. She likes the thing. – [Pauly] I know. – Jesus. – Holy (beep). (laughing) – Oh my god they love it. (laughing) You guys should just sleep together. Get it over with. – [Angelina] Let me up. Let me up asshole. – [Pauly] Are you gonna stop? – Staten Island doesn’t
stop until someone wins. – Bro, you guys have to just pound it out, get it over with. – [Vinny] How do we end this (beep)? – Say that you love me and
I’m you’re (beep) bitch. – I love you and you’re my bitch. (laughing) – That was easy. – Yeah, you’re my bitch. (laughing) – Angelina. – No (beep) that. – Yo, stop. We’re going at each other. (Beep) that, (beep). – Oh my god, this is crazy. Bro, there’s security here. Angelina it’s over. – [Pauly] It’s over, stop. – Whenever you see a security show up, you know that a real fight is happening. Security actually shows up
while Angelina is fighting me. I’m so tired. I can’t get Angelina to stop fighting. I’m getting scared now
from her steroid stamina. I have to do something. End it, end it. (farts) – Ooooh, end game. That’s his finishing move. (farting noise) (laughing) He finished her, he was
like dead after that, because it smelled like somebody died. – Vinny, that’s not fair. (wrestling bell) (club music) (beep) – Yeah, run. (club music continues) – (beep) Let me in (beep) idiot. – Get the (beep) outta here. – [Pauly] You’re gonna
break down the door, stop. – Staten Island jerk off. – These steroids are (beep) crazy. (laughs) This truce is real!

100 thoughts on “Staten Island Mating Ritual 👀 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

  1. Romina Vasconcellos Post author

    That was an actual fight, Angelina had Vinny sweating 😂

  2. C.M xxo Post author

    Ok im just going to come right out and say it because someone has to, vinny really does want Angelina but he's too afraid to admit It because in the first season she was disgusting and also because she's not afraid to be gross on camera and everyone has seen it and would make fun of him. Angelina secretly wants him too and she was actually right about what she said that night at dinner about her reminding him of his mom. But she's also too afraid to admit It because she's afraid to get denied. Had Angelina not have been gross all those times on national television, I bet any money they'd be together right now!

  3. Josue jaimes Post author

    She loves Vinny so much, she is trying her best to hide her emotions from him, i mean look at her face

  4. Inah Baxter Post author

    Angie should take class bc she’s aggressive asf she’ll beat snooki if she have to she can fight a lil oh yeah she did whooped her alil

  5. Inah Baxter Post author

    That was hot but girl don’t cheat 😭😭😭💯💯💯

  6. Inah Baxter Post author

    He farted on her 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭🤢🤢🤢🤢

  7. Kimi Cyprowski Post author

    Love Vinny and Angelina couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😅

  8. Marrus Mccay Post author

    you gotta love : A women Tb that can up lift the man that says hes the uplifter . but a downer Thank you Ang for coming in

  9. Jessica Lynn Post author

    Angelinas hubby is great! But it’s funny because I have seen the fire connection between Vinny & Angelina…I know she’s married now….but just saying her & Vinny are adorable & funny together…

  10. Pablo Pulido Post author

    I swear to god I'm gonna watch this w my girlfriend and she's gonna want to Duke it out 😭

  11. Aidan Luap Post author

    Who'd have thought Angelina would end up being the fave on the show.. She's the only reason why I watch it now

  12. ACE& REW Post author

    She still wants vinny 😂🤣 "they should just pound it out"

  13. Jenntalia26 Post author

    Who “ play” fights with someone who isnt their crush or their husband ? Im just curious

  14. autumn bree Post author

    Wow ok there one thing to play fight for 2 seconds and then just to be play fighting for 30 mins touching each other, y’all low key enjoying it , y’all low key like each other , idk hoe her husband deals but if I was vinney girl I wouldn’t be to happy about this

  15. Nayops 19 Post author

    200th Commenter❗️
    The fact that Pauly’s just there watching🤣

  16. Fla Gal Post author

    This was so dumb. I lost brain cells watching this mess. This show has jumped the shark.

  17. Lizzie M Post author

    angelina and vinny should prank the whole house and say shes pregnant with vinnys kid

  18. jessica Cloud9 Post author

    Let's face it, all the guys, especially Vinny all secretly have a thing for Angelina. Why else would they be messing with her so much.

  19. Avonta Palma Post author

    Pauly be laying up in the bed like a black woman that just got her hair done

  20. Rose Castillo Post author

    You guys have to pound it out 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂 fkn pauly I love him

  21. Sibusiso Mlinjana Post author

    If they were to live Angelina and Vinny without cameras shooting, they'd probably pound it out

  22. Nathalia Arreguin Post author

    This was the most entertaining clip I've seen in awhile… vinny for the win!!

  23. Khoa Do Post author

    i think this chick got some mental issues and that doesn't mix well with steroids…

  24. Arii Post author

    Such a weird relationship…I can’t take her serious . Like where is your husband? Lol

  25. moni tatum Post author

    Love these 2 together. Angelina is my favorite. She's so beautiful too💗

  26. Christopher David Suryanarayan Post author

    Vinny disowns her when the cameras are there but we know what’s up. 😏

  27. Maria Macias Post author

    I wonder what her husband thinks if he is a very jealous person/husband

  28. The White RickJames Post author

    Headline should've been : How to be a dirty little hamsta

  29. Gyna Jose Post author

    Didnt Angelina got married. ? I dont get this right now..

  30. Luis Milian Post author

    If I was Vinny I would of smashed Angelina obvious that's what she wants everybody if a boy and girl play like that its going to lead some were alse

  31. Lily B Post author

    Bruh Vinny low key annoyed of her! She definitely comes off that way like bro you can tell he doesn't want to keep going but she keeps trying ugh!!

  32. E Ramos Post author

    Bruh, i would've just smashed!!!! U wrestled for more than an hour… SHE WAS BEGGING FOR IT!!!!!

  33. Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter Post author

    Older Angelina is sexy. I'd smush

  34. samanetha89 Post author

    There are moments where you can hear how much the boys have lost their jersey accents, moreso Vinmy than Pauly

  35. Thug Nasty Post author

    They all should get together and toss some salad.

  36. Korvus Post author

    After that she went to slap her roast beef for a good hour 😂😂😂

  37. eagletmars Post author

    I actually think Vinny and Angelina are a cute couple. They already slept together before, so if they are still horsing around more than a decade later..well, they still have a flame there. And it's not just Angelina here. Both of them

  38. Jorge Chavez Post author

    Vinny shouldn't have hit Angelina in the head because she kind of gave him a run for his money in their play fight.

  39. Tyra Walters Post author

    Why would a woman want to take steroids? 🤔

  40. Janan Miranda Post author

    I really hope from the bottom of my heart that they one day end up together

  41. alexandre martin Post author

    Really happy that Snooki is leaving the show 👌🏻 I prefer Angelina all the way

  42. Derrick Fullard Post author

    Her diabolical laugh at 1:30. I love it

  43. Alya Durgan Post author

    I think that is the same security guard from cold as balls

  44. linda M. Post author

    angelina and vinny look like brother and sister 🤣

  45. bonbonaro bonbonarov Post author

    Such idiotic programs should be banned with a law !

    The idols you have …. !

  46. evilB300 Post author

    Bruh I'm watching season 3 of jersey shore and on God I didn't even recognize this as angelina!

  47. Jay Coulee Post author

    Jenny should write Angelina’s husband a note.

  48. Paul Martinez Post author

    She gonna get some hot arsss tonight lol


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