Staten Island Sandwich | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

By | March 4, 2020

I can’t believe Angelina
got in this time. We’re all having so much fun
being here. Both the drama and that energy
just faded away. I even see Jen and Ron actually
happy and having a good time. I’m like, okay.
Maybe they are past everything. Tonight’s gonna be a good night. Let’s dance
and have a good time. We’re in Atlantic City.
We’re partying. Even Angelina’s having
a good time with me. I don’t know what world
we’re living in where I’m having a good time
with Angelina. The drinks were flowing
and the next thing you know it, we’re witnessing a new dance. I really don’t even know
what to call it. The poopanini?
The hamster wheel? their own sandwich? What are you doing? The hard thing with being
with Jen and drinking with her is that she’s fun,
we have a good time, but she doesn’t know her limit.
She doesn’t know when to stop. She doesn’t know how to be
rational when she’s intoxicated, and I think that’s where
our disconnection is. All right, shit just got weird. She just kissed me. I’m sorry, Chris.
It’s not me, it’s not me. I didn’t see nothing. What is happening? That’s live as fuck. I think she likes him.
Look at her. This is so weird. It’s kinda hard to watch,
actually. I know. You’re yelling and …

18 thoughts on “Staten Island Sandwich | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. Roel144 pena Post author

    How can Chris be ok with his girl all over another man like that. My girl would be walking home to a motel cause she won't be coming home with me after that scene. Tell me what guy is ok with another man grinding and feeling all over their girl like that, imagine what she does when hhes not around? No trust..

  2. bergercookie Post author

    Poor Chris has no idea what he’s getting himself into ! Angelina and Vinny will always have chemistry no matter what 🔥

  3. Susett Chavez Post author

    Jenn literally looks like she came from a European pop/end group from the 90s… the hair cut, sultry eyes, thin brows.. super cute

  4. Piper Hesselton Post author

    Ron talking about Jen not having a “limit” when it comes to her drinking but he’s the one that doesn’t have a limit when it comes to sleeping with other woman🙄

  5. Jax T Post author

    Deena looks like an old lady, she had from the beginning it’s actually pretty amazing.

  6. Israel Martìnez Post author

    Ron talking about alcohol limits when he doesn’t even know his limits🙄🙄

  7. Noemy Gonzalez Post author

    WOOW lol this is just 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Angelina!!! I think it’s an open relationship??


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