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Intrepid 18 to 29s: Europe

[Laughter] Can you pronounce it? ‘Egeszsegere’. I just wanna jump in it. Had a little Sound of Music fantasy moment. [Laughter] That was really fun. I’m not missing England right now. This weather and this scenery, it’s so picturesque. Yaaay! We are tasting brandy in Stari Bar, Montenegro. Cheers! This is the ‘rakija face’!

Adventure Holidays (Travel Insurance Explained)

What is Joe up to now? It’s amazing how much luggage and kit you need on an adventure holiday. But one wrong step and all those plans can come crashing down should you have to cancel your holidays you’d be reimbursed for the cost of your prepaid unused flights and accommodation but you might not… Read More »

An American Tourist in North Korea: Exploring the DPRK and running the Pyongyang Marathon

Alaska Grizzly Bear Trip: Watch Grizzlies in the Wild

Alaska’s Coastal Grizzlies Natural Habitat Adventures Here we are, this is the second day of one of the Nat Hab photo trips, and we’ve gone up into Kaflia Kind of a challenging hike but we are seriously rewarded. The Bears are actually, uh catching sockeyes in the River. We love it here this is just… Read More »