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Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Hotel and Room Tour

Hi It’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV. Today we are going to take a look at the beautiful Riu Palace Hotel in one of our favorite cruise destinations; Cabo San Lucas. When you arrive at the entrance side of the Riu Palace you’re greeted by solemn statue surrounded by tons of agave plants. On this side of… Read More »

3 Michelin stars Frank Giovannini, Hotel de Ville, Crissier: grand tasting menu [2019]

Two Grand menus, please! Yes, chef! No changes. We are starting your lunch with a cylinder of tomatoes, with some guacamole. Olive oil and basil. And a little tomatoes focaccia. The taste is quite simple. But I like when you see the work on the plate. There are enormous details on every plate. But it’s… Read More »

My life in a hotel room: Ireland’s hidden homeless crisis

Laura, do you know where the bag with the antibiotics is? Oh, here. That’s one antibiotic. Don’t know where the room key is. Nuala and her daughter Laura are homeless. For the last two weeks, this hotel room has been their home. I can never find this. There is no normality. It’s the not knowing,… Read More »

Trip VS Vacation: How to take an actual vacation // The Holderness Family

(whooshing water) ♪ Oh, hello there. ♪ (rap beat) ♪ This is relaxation ♪ ♪ This is an actual vacation ♪ ♪ We’re in the ocean on a gorgeous ship ♪ ♪ This is a vacation and not a trip ♪ ♪ What’s the difference ♪ ♪ When the trip ends ♪ ♪ You’re more… Read More »

Weekly German Words with Alisa – Tourism

Hello, welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is tourism. The first word is [Karte] ticket. It is feminine and it is [die Karte] is also used as map. [Bevor ich die Bahn nehme muss ich eine Karte kaufen.] – “Before I take the train, I have to get a… Read More »

Attracting Tourists with Move the Mouse | Parklife Tutorial Part 4 | Cities: Skylines

Move the Mouse here and I’m collaborating with Paradox Interactive to bring you tutorials for the new Parklife expansion. On my channel I focus on Cities: Skylines and primarily the Xbox version which is what the footage you’re seeing here is from. In this tutorial we’re talking about ways to boost your city’s tourism. Parklife… Read More »

Pack With Me Summer Vacation 2019

hey guys what’s up it’s Ashley today’s video is going to be a pack with me video because I am getting ready to head to Rome Italy for a month and a half and I thought I would share this hectic super down-to-the-wire day with you because I leave tomorrow and I haven’t packed or… Read More »

Hello We Need Suckers To Pay Too Much For Cruise Ship Vacations Is That You?

hey everybody I you know and it’s Bruce here with traveling with Bruce welcome to my channel I got a video for you today the title of which is hello we need suckers to pay too much for cruise ship vacations that’s right the cruise lines are looking for you to pay too much and… Read More »

Visiting Serbia: Belgrade and Novi Sad

Given its recent history as a sort of conductor in the Balkan wars in the 1990s its hard to believe that this former Yugoslavian nation rates second highest in the Global Peace Index for the Western Balkans. Its also hard to know what to expect when you’re on your way to Serbia. We arrived by… Read More »