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*lip syncs to song playing* (sings) Yeeeeeah. *continues lip syncing* Hello, everyone in the YouTube world. It’s a little d— It’s a “little ditch”. It’s a litte bit different here. It’s a little bit different here because I’m in a hotel room all alone with no animals. Can you hear that silence? You can probably… Read More »

Parrots Crash our Picnic! – in VR180!

– What’s going on, guys? Today we’re at the Australian Reptile Park, which is famous for all of its reptile species. But as you can see, instead of getting up close with snakes, turtles, or lizards, we’re in the middle of a bird feeding frenzy. Mario, what species of parrot is this? – These colorful… Read More »

Japanese Giant Salamander CAUGHT!

– [Coyote] Right here. Right here, we got one, got one. – You got one? – Yeah, yeah, look at this. All right Dr. Okada, move in for the catch. (fast drum music) (growling) A thick cloud of lores hung for centuries, over the densely forested mountains of Japan. Stories that spoke of creatures living… Read More »

Finding Baby GIANTS?!

– It’s a baby salamander. I mean, it looks big to you and me as compared to salamanders, but this is tiny when we’re talking Japanese Giant Salamanders. ♪ Fire ♪ ♪ A fire on the mountain ♪ What’s going on Coyote Pack? And, welcome to Base Camp, a special Japanese Giant Salamander edition. –… Read More »

BIGGEST Salamander in Japan!

– Alright, comin’ up. Alright guys, I’m going in. Whoa. There’s the head, there’s the head. Look at it, it’s the size of a cantaloupe. (energetic music) (animal roars) – [Coyote Voiceover] The giant salamander is considered a special national monument by the Japanese government, and for centuries, it has lurked in the shadows of… Read More »