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Holiday Unboxing | Unboxing | HiHo Kids

– Whoa! – Hurry up, unwrap it, we need it! – Yay! (light holiday music) – [Marina] Hi, guys. – Hi! – Merry Christmas! – [Marina] Ho ho ho! – Ho ho ho? – [Marina] What? Who says that? – Santa? – [Marina] Yeah, you know Santa? – Yes! He gives me presents! – [Marina]… Read More »


Today the Beach family will go to the beach. Are you guys excited? Wow Good job Ellie decided to go out there. While I was out there I was trying to take a selfie. It didn’t work, but anyways I was out there, so they both came out there. And now they’re out there playing… Read More »

Florida Travel: LGBT Getaways in the Palm Beaches

(upbeat electronic music) – As someone who is part of the LGBT community, and especially a trans woman, when I travel to different destinations safety is an important thing for me. In the Palm Beaches, I feel very safe on my day-to-day life, and really enjoy living here. The Palm Beaches is a great place… Read More »


*Festive music* WVU is home for me because I’ve gained so many friends throughout my three years here. *Festive music* All the people were so friendly, it was crazy to think that I could feel so at home, so far from home. *Festive music* I definitely feel that it’s a community and it is a… Read More »

Visiting New York’s LARGEST Toy Store !!!

– Today we are in New York City. We are here all week long for the launch of our toy line, XOXO Friends, which is available at Target and Walmarts now. And today, we don’t have any commitments, nothing for YouTube, nothing for our toy line. Today is just going to be a day of… Read More »

Hotel Transylvania 2 Movie CLIP – Convenience Store (2015) – Selena Gomez Animated Movie HD

Oh! Hi humans. The gang’s all back in Hotel Transylvania 2. Check out the sneak peek. Bye, everyone. Woo-hoo! So, you’re telling me that I can pick between all these different kinds of chips? Yes. How do people decide? Whoa! Now what’s that beautiful fountain of rubies? Johnny, have you tried the Slurpee? Not that… Read More »

Nusa Penida, Bali: DAY 1. We explore Diamond Beach + Night Markets!

I’m Kristina and this is John. Believe it or not we’ve been traveling together since we were teenagers. When we’re not working as a TV journalist and pilot we’re exploring the globe. Subscribe and let get lost. Today we’re getting out of Bali and we’re heading here, to Nusa Penida. So we just landed into… Read More »