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*lip syncs to song playing* (sings) Yeeeeeah. *continues lip syncing* Hello, everyone in the YouTube world. It’s a little d— It’s a “little ditch”. It’s a litte bit different here. It’s a little bit different here because I’m in a hotel room all alone with no animals. Can you hear that silence? You can probably… Read More »

These Fish Are All About Sex on the Beach | Deep Look

This baby fish is stuck. It’s ready to hatch, to swim out into the open sea. So how did it get here – stranded up on the sand? It all started two weeks ago, when its parents left their watery home for an adults-only beach party. During the very highest tides, California grunion ride in… Read More »

Koh Phi Phi (Thailand) – The destruction of a paradise. How tourism destroys the beauty it promotes

Rush hour in paradise: the first speed boats from Phuket arrive here around 10 a.m. They are crowded with Chinese tourists. This beach used to be a jewel, deserted and pristine. But this is over. Jareed Na Takuathung seems to be the only one in charge of restraining the tourist masses. Jareed is the chief… Read More »

Hooking HUGE Mysterious fishes while beach fishing!

[reel buzzing] [Erin] Oh my gosh [Brendon] Let’s take a straight shot to the rocks, we’re not going to climb the rocks, we’re going to fish near it. Rocks will always hold fish. Always. Yeah, they’re rounding bait up, pushing them into the corner like that. So I’m using a paddle tail swimbait right here… Read More »

Trout in Sight

Nice fish He’s standing in front of the rock It’s hard to reach it That’s a nice fish. Stand still It’s big He got spooked by the line I guess It was just the tippet. But it didn’t run away He’s rising Keep going He’s watching it. Pull it a bit He’s coming. He’s coming… Read More »

The Best Way to Enslave a Dolphin

A little under three years ago, just off the coast of the island chain of Ogasawara, I got to swim with wild dolphins. Not dolphins fed by hand to come up to the boat, not dolphins kept in a pool, not dolphins trained for tourist purposes. Just dolphins in the Pacific. And while it was… Read More »

Playmobil City Life Beach House Building Playset and Sea Animals Toys for kids

Welcome to RaceToyTime Hi guys, today, we are going to show you another Playmobil playset and this is the City Life Beach House Okay now, let’s open up this box so we can get started. Now, the beach house is done. Let’s check out the accessories. Let’s put an umbrella on the dock. And on… Read More »

Tourists Try Dutch Herring

Amsterdam Calling…so pick up! The Dutch have quite a few foods that are unique to their country. And one in particular is probably the most devisive between people either loving it or hating it. and you know what that is?…. Herring! So we thought it would be a fun idea to ask to ask some… Read More »

Honeymoon Trip ♡ Kanazawa [ENG Sub]

Rain … nothing but rain. We covered a very long distance today and it has been raining the whole time. We made a break at a rest stop to have lunch and then we visited Ken’s maternal grandmother, to thank her for the congratulations on the wedding. After that we finally arrived in Kanazawa. At… Read More »