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Scottish Tourism Alliance Signature Conference

I do think that tourism and food and drink offer terrific opportunities for young people. There’s a growing appreciation that the work of chefs is really important to Scotland in helping further to embed the reputation of Scotland as a high quality destination for food and drink. I do think that the online business in… Read More »

Visiting Family, Lunar New Year Outing In Itaewon | VLOG

Florida Travel: Welcome to Downtown Flagler Beach

(cheerful ukulele music) – [Narrator] The sunny city of Flagler Beach offers a surprise experience, an eclectic day of shopping and dining right on the northeast Florida coast. In brightly colored buildings just a block off the beach, you can find treasures like this, Frankie Alice’s Beachside Boutique, with an ever-changing selection of trendy clothes… Read More »

Holiday Edition | What’s in the Box | HiHo Kids

– We’ve been good. And if you say we’ve been bad I will whack you with this stocking. (Christmas music) – Merry Christmas! – My name is Lilly. And I’m going to do what’s in the box. Holiday edition. – A dead elf. – Talbot. – Erm no. – I don’t know about that. –… Read More »

Visiting a French Winery Run by Veterans

(gentle music) (birds chirping) – [Narrator] In the green fields of Provence, in southeastern France, lies a unique winery, one operated entirely by French veterans. (vibrant music) The Domaine du Capitaine Danjou Winery has 100 acres of grape vines, and overseeing them all right is Alan Lonjarret. (speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] The fields… Read More »

Holiday Unboxing | Unboxing | HiHo Kids

– Whoa! – Hurry up, unwrap it, we need it! – Yay! (light holiday music) – [Marina] Hi, guys. – Hi! – Merry Christmas! – [Marina] Ho ho ho! – Ho ho ho? – [Marina] What? Who says that? – Santa? – [Marina] Yeah, you know Santa? – Yes! He gives me presents! – [Marina]… Read More »

Visiting COMOX VALLEY + WINE TASTING 🍷🍇 | Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

in today’s video we continue our Vancouver Island road trip in partnership with trover this time doing a little exploring along the Comox area this was another exciting day that featured our closest bear encounter to date a chance visit to a winery owned by a famous Hollywood film director and some fun at a… Read More »