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Holiday Unboxing | Unboxing | HiHo Kids

– Whoa! – Hurry up, unwrap it, we need it! – Yay! (light holiday music) – [Marina] Hi, guys. – Hi! – Merry Christmas! – [Marina] Ho ho ho! – Ho ho ho? – [Marina] What? Who says that? – Santa? – [Marina] Yeah, you know Santa? – Yes! He gives me presents! – [Marina]… Read More »


what’s up guys, Josiah Martin here! my parents and I have spent the night here in Belgium with our good friend Silvia. we’ve got big plans today we’re gonna be heading up into Germany to go explore some of the oldest villages in southern Germany so let’s jump in the car and let the adventure… Read More »

Visiting a Secret Cave in Wilderness, South Africa

So it is another beautiful day here in Wilderness. And today we are hiking out to some caves. Now these are very special caves because apparently they had built a restaurant into these caves and then the business failed and the place basically shutdown but a man moved into the restaurant in this cave and… Read More »

Visiting New York’s LARGEST Toy Store !!!

– Today we are in New York City. We are here all week long for the launch of our toy line, XOXO Friends, which is available at Target and Walmarts now. And today, we don’t have any commitments, nothing for YouTube, nothing for our toy line. Today is just going to be a day of… Read More »

This Orangutan Baby House Moves to a New Location

NARRATOR: Up the road from Jungle School at the old Baby House, the youngsters know something’s up. There are way more babysitters than usual, and even a couple of veterinarians. Everyone’s wearing masks as a precaution against spreading human germs. But this isn’t a medical checkup. It’s moving day for these nursery school kids. [MUSIC… Read More »


Good morning, guys. How we all doing? I cannot believe we survived yesterday. Pretty intense Very indulgent, but we’re not indulging. I think we’ve only just begun. Right. We are in Cork. It’s known as the second city of Ireland. But when it comes to food , it is number one We’re surrounded by very… Read More »

Holiday Music! 🎄 Sing w/ PAW Patrol, Shimmer & Shine, Blaze, Bubble Guppies & Dora! | Nick Jr.

♪ The time has come When everything’s bright ♪ ♪ With songs and treats And holiday lights ♪ ♪ With gifts to make And mountains to ski ♪ ♪ We’re trucks, we’re trolls We’re one family ♪ ♪ When I reach out to you You’re always there ♪ ♪ We laugh and celebrate The things… Read More »