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Portuguese Wine Tourism

Wise men always say that some things are not meant to pair Are we supposed to believe in that? What if we look at them with different eyes? The eyes that penetrate deep into things. Do you ever gaze at the shape of a wave? And at the shape of a grape? They are both… Read More »

Top 5 Under Tourism Destinations | MojoTravels

Head off the beaten track to one of these hidden gems. Welcome to Mojo Travels and today we’re counting down our picks for the top five under tourism destinations are you a fan of our videos be sure to subscribe to mojo travels and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos for… Read More »

Ellen’s Advice to Get Through a Stressful Thanksgiving Holiday

Thank you so much, everybody, for being here. And thank you at home for watching. And thank you for being here and then going home and watching to look for yourselves– [LAUGHTER] –on TV, feeling very thankful because it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. [CHEERING] Which means there’s only one more day until you find yourself saying, no,… Read More »

Natural Holiday Makeup Look | Haley Kim

Get Productive with Me! | a holiDAY in my life

Happy Amanda Claus! Hi guys, it’s Amanda welcome back to my channel and good morning if it’s morning for you it is currently morning for me Today, I’m gonna be taking you along during my day kind of like a day in my life get productive with me sort of video I have a lot… Read More »

18 Weird & Wonderful Holidays To Celebrate in The New Year

Did you know that there’s a retail holiday bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined?   Hi, I’m Erin McCarthy, editor-in-chief of mentalfloss.com. Singles’ Day is celebrated in China on November 11th, and it’s a behemoth of a day for online sales. The story goes that the holiday originally started at Nanjing University in China… Read More »

Happy Holidays from The Fuqua School of Business

– Greetings from the Fuqua School of Business in Durham, North Carolina. As the holiday season approaches, we at Team Fuqua want to send you our very best wishes and thoughts for the season. As I reflect on this past year, my belief is, this has probably been the most challenging year in the history… Read More »

Differences Between Travelling and Vacations

Hello everyone, welcome back to Advance in English! My name is Roxana and in today’s video I’m going to explain a few differences between going on holiday or going on vacation versus going backpacking or going traveling. Let’s talk about it! This is a really common question that I get asked not just from English… Read More »