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Happy Holidays from The Fuqua School of Business

– Greetings from the Fuqua School of Business in Durham, North Carolina. As the holiday season approaches, we at Team Fuqua want to send you our very best wishes and thoughts for the season. As I reflect on this past year, my belief is, this has probably been the most challenging year in the history… Read More »

Differences Between Travelling and Vacations

Hello everyone, welcome back to Advance in English! My name is Roxana and in today’s video I’m going to explain a few differences between going on holiday or going on vacation versus going backpacking or going traveling. Let’s talk about it! This is a really common question that I get asked not just from English… Read More »

High for the Holidays [Full Episode]

(uptempo beat) (creepy piano music) – Oh, wow! – You pointed the finger first. – I promised myself I wasn’t gonna do this. – What’s more summer, than daddy? (laughing) – Why would Ally have you do that? – I’m gonna faint. – Everybody is lookin’ at me now. – Who’s acting high? – I’ve… Read More »

British Holidays – Christmas

hi everyone I’m Gina it’s getting cold there are lights and decorated trees everywhere you look that can only mean that it’s nearly the 25th of December and nearly Christmas Day in this lesson you’re going to learn about how Christmas is celebrated in Britain if we think of Christmas we think of snow scenes… Read More »

It’s a Holiday Miracle with This Unprecedented Game of Holey Roller!

While Idina Menzel does her vocal warm-ups in her dressing room, I’m going to give someone a chance to play the hardest game in daytime television. Let’s play Holey Roller. Where is Dejanay Pope? [APPLAUSE] Wow, it’s Dejanay! This is awesome. I’m so happy. I’m so happy there’s someone else up here with me now.… Read More »

I Challenged Myself To Make Taylor Swift’s Dessert For My Friends • Holiday Dinner Series: Part 3

Everything Is Stupid – Holiday Edition | The Daily Show

It’s officially the holiday season, a time for family, togetherness and cocktails with eggs, for some reason. But you better enjoy it while it lasts. Ronny Chieng tells us why in another installment of “Everything is Stupid.” -(applause and cheering) -♪ ♪ Oh, it’s Christmas… again. It’s just another excuse for you people to send… Read More »