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My life in a hotel room: Ireland’s hidden homeless crisis

Laura, do you know where the bag with the antibiotics is? Oh, here. That’s one antibiotic. Don’t know where the room key is. Nuala and her daughter Laura are homeless. For the last two weeks, this hotel room has been their home. I can never find this. There is no normality. It’s the not knowing,… Read More »

The Venice Beach People Don’t See: Homelessness in the Rain!

Venice Beach Homeless Man Has Lived in Tent for Five Years

Venice Beach Homeless Woman Sleeps in Front of the Apartment She Rented for 17 Years

Thousand Oaks Tourism Video

Thousand Oaks So White Toast Not much to do here at all The same thing…Every day Chain smoking…Go Crazy Yuppies show off stupid toys Get Ripped Off ….H.O.A.’s At the Oaks …Trophy wives Might as well drive right on by

Las Vegas Tourism Video

Your unemployment check came You want to blow it away Party all night, Make mistakes And do the walk of shame Oppressive heat and sweaty guidos Bankrolled by mafia thugs Abandoned job sites More houses foreclosed America’s highest suicide rate Las Vegas! Where the stars go to fall Las Vegas! Spin the wheel, lose it… Read More »

Heroin Holiday in the Czech Republic

And Anna can you explain what [our] laws? I’m breaking right now Go get about money obstacle dropping logic tomorrow paragraph of all dos pilas Daddy now CVG actually g Means our own organs. [oh] no, don’t you touch my hospital? Oh? We’re like a cartel right now ah I see 50 near their chairs… Read More »

Van Nuys Tourism Video

GRAB YOUR SHOPPING CARTS EVERYBODY WE’RE GOING TO A NEW TOWN Van Nuys Van Nuys Answer the call Excitement’s waiting for you Van Nuys Van Nuys So much to savor Eat corn sold on the street MORE MAYONNAISE PLEASE Then take your kids to a Moonbounce battleground They’re happening every week Watch out, kids for… Read More »

Canoga Park Tourism Video 2

Canoga Park WE’RE BACK A wonderful city to share Mass transit With tracks that lead nowhere WHERE THEY GOIN’? There’s Scotland Yard or Casey’s Get hit on my elderly drunks NO MEANS NO If you park your bike You might lose it To these guys, or that guy… I’m not messin’ with that guy over… Read More »