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Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Hotel and Room Tour

Hi It’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV. Today we are going to take a look at the beautiful Riu Palace Hotel in one of our favorite cruise destinations; Cabo San Lucas. When you arrive at the entrance side of the Riu Palace you’re greeted by solemn statue surrounded by tons of agave plants. On this side of… Read More »

EP02 Gustav’s Huge Runway Debut – Tokio Hotel TV 2019 Official

See, when I’m here with my boys I get a bigger room, usually I get a smaller one. Good morning, what may I get you? It just looks like — I’m 17 and I ride skateboard. It could be a “Billabong” piece. It looks like — “I’m gonna go camping and I wanna lose my… Read More »

$50 Hotel Vs. $35,000 Hotel

– Steven! – Steven What you up to? – We’re taking a selfie? Nice hair. – Thanks. – Steven, you work way too much. – No I don’t. – So– – Wait, what are you doing? – We’re gonna go on vacation. – Yeah! – No I can’t! – We’re going, let’s go! – I… Read More »

6 Columbus Circle Hotel – Video Review

This is 6 Columbus… I like the overall 60s feel of the hotel. You can find chic mod touches in every detail. We are in a King Deluxe room. Each room has boutique extras that make it just a little more posh than an average hotel. And they are well appointed for the business traveller.… Read More »

The pregnancy test was negative… Then I gave birth in a hotel toilet! 😱- BBC

Caller: Hiya, can I have an ambulance at the Brittania hotel at Portland street please? Dispatcher: Is the patient breathing? Caller: Yeah. Dispatcher: Tell me exactly what happened. Erm, my friend, well, she’s not been well all day and then she’s literally just had a baby. Dispatcher: So she actually had a baby? Yeah. When?… Read More »

Hotels Fails That Will SURPRISE You

This hotel put the toilet in the closet in the closet Like I’m all for saving space but this is too far where you just I hang up your clothes and now you hang up your clothes and now they smell like like the toilet the worst part about this is imagine you were having… Read More »

How They Really Clean Your Hotel Room

Menginap Mewah di Jambuluwuk Hotel Batu Malang Free Mind FM

Jambuluwuk Hotel Batu Malang Jambuluwuk Hotel Batu Malang, is one of expensive hotel with villa in Batu Malang Jambuluwuk Hotel Batu Malang, a five star beautiful resort infinity pool it was really amazing experience a nice place to spend a weekend or holiday in Batu Malang ( East Java ) One Deluxe villa with 4… Read More »