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Florida Travel: Welcome to Downtown Flagler Beach

(cheerful ukulele music) – [Narrator] The sunny city of Flagler Beach offers a surprise experience, an eclectic day of shopping and dining right on the northeast Florida coast. In brightly colored buildings just a block off the beach, you can find treasures like this, Frankie Alice’s Beachside Boutique, with an ever-changing selection of trendy clothes… Read More »


hi everyone welcome back to my channel and if you’re new welcome today’s video I’m so excited because it’s all about Jamaica I’m going to share with you ten things that you should bring fashion clothing wise to have on your trip in Jamaica and I’m so excited to do this video because I love… Read More »

Ziya’s Holiday Hairstyle! Curly Hair Routine for Toddlers | Vlogmas Ep. 7

Pack With Me Summer Vacation 2019

hey guys what’s up it’s Ashley today’s video is going to be a pack with me video because I am getting ready to head to Rome Italy for a month and a half and I thought I would share this hectic super down-to-the-wire day with you because I leave tomorrow and I haven’t packed or… Read More »