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Holiday Edition | What’s in the Box | HiHo Kids

– We’ve been good. And if you say we’ve been bad I will whack you with this stocking. (Christmas music) – Merry Christmas! – My name is Lilly. And I’m going to do what’s in the box. Holiday edition. – A dead elf. – Talbot. – Erm no. – I don’t know about that. –… Read More »

We Try Every Holiday Food at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

– Do I have to swallow that? – Ew. (beep) – You have to get this when you come to Harry Potter World. (beep) – I hate this. So much. (beep) – Cheers! – Drippage! (beep) – Well hello, muggles! Welcome back to Clevver Style. If you can’t tell, we’re in London! – We’re gonna… Read More »

Is Bratislava, Slovakia Worth Visiting?

Before visiting Bratislava, Slovakia I had no idea what to expect. I hadn’t really read anything or looked at photos and I can tell you that from the time I got off the bus and I’d walked less than five minutes into the centre of town, while Frank freaking Sinatra music played in the streets,… Read More »

SpongeBob Holiday Acapella Mashup 🎄 🎤

And now a SpongeBob Holiday Acapella Mash Up. ♪ It’s shaping up to be a wonderful holiday ♪ ♪ Not your normal average every day ♪ ♪ Sounds like someone Fell on my coral tree ♪ ♪ SpongeBob, Patrick Why’d you do this to me? ♪ ♪ The world feels like it’s in love ♪… Read More »


*lip syncs to song playing* (sings) Yeeeeeah. *continues lip syncing* Hello, everyone in the YouTube world. It’s a little d— It’s a “little ditch”. It’s a litte bit different here. It’s a little bit different here because I’m in a hotel room all alone with no animals. Can you hear that silence? You can probably… Read More »

Visiting Serbia: Belgrade and Novi Sad

Given its recent history as a sort of conductor in the Balkan wars in the 1990s its hard to believe that this former Yugoslavian nation rates second highest in the Global Peace Index for the Western Balkans. Its also hard to know what to expect when you’re on your way to Serbia. We arrived by… Read More »

Holiday Unboxing | Unboxing | HiHo Kids

– Whoa! – Hurry up, unwrap it, we need it! – Yay! (light holiday music) – [Marina] Hi, guys. – Hi! – Merry Christmas! – [Marina] Ho ho ho! – Ho ho ho? – [Marina] What? Who says that? – Santa? – [Marina] Yeah, you know Santa? – Yes! He gives me presents! – [Marina]… Read More »


So hello! It’s morning in Boracay… and I will go now to the bar… Ronnie is now washing his face to get ready… So my aunt gave me a bracelet to wear… right to the bar So this is their comfort room The print in my back is awesome I’ll just see my Good Morning!… Read More »