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Complete Guide to Visiting the Beautiful Islands of Okinawa Japan|Day 106-109 – Okinawa

Traveling to all 47 prefectures of Japan, vlogging every day I’m out, this is Odigo47 Hey guys, so as the last prefecture on our quest to cover EVERY prefecture of Japan, we got to spend it in the beautiful Okinawa islands. It is the most southern prefecture in Japan with a population a lil over… Read More »

Top 10 Helpful Japanese Phrases To Know When Visiting Japan

Hey! We’re here to talk about some Japanese phrases today. Yup, these are really useful phrases to use in Japan. They’re very common and we’re just gonna list 10 today. First word is “sumimasen” and this means excuse me or I’m sorry. It’s used interchangeably because… for example if you’re at a restaurant and you’re… Read More »

My Favorite Shrine in Japan with NO TOURISTS!

Summer Holidays in Japan: Sadogashima

Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video! Today I want to talk about my Summer Holidays! No, I wanted to talk about my trip on Sadogashima in Niigata Prefecture Sadogashima is the 6th largest Island of Japan and is located around here! Some friends of my who live on the island try to… Read More »

新婚旅行スタートしました!/HONEYMOON destination: Prague

We’re going on honeymoon! we take the bus 5* hours of bus to Copenhagen! it’s gonna be FUN ! Destinations: Czech Republique and France ! It’s pizza time 🙂 GoOoOoOod i’ll dig in too 😛 We take a flight early in the morning so our bed for the night is the bench of the airport… Read More »

Honeymoon Trip ♡ Tsukioka Onsen ♨️ [ENG Sub]

And here we go again with the second part of our little honeymoon trip … First we were driving along the Mogamigawa and after a small softcream break and a few more miles, my husband suddenly asked me Should we take the path through the mountains or do you want to drive along the sea?… Read More »

Okinawa DAY 3 💮 Aharen Beach!

That’s a great shirt. Thank you. Everyone has such great cameras. They’re for our jobs. Work?? Are you a cameraman? We make videos. Wow. Can I see anything of yours on YouTube? A ton! How can I look you up? We’re all under different things- This is Aharen, and this is the main street. This… Read More »

Bullies Ruin Our Picnic! | Babyteeth More!

hey guys we have a special episode for you today not only are we going to unbox these two lovely boxes we are going to try to make a skit at the end of this video using the stuff in here we have absolutely no idea what’s inside of these two boxes so I’m a… Read More »

Top 10 Tourist Vocabulary You Need to Know in Japan

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Japanese Top Words. Today, we are going to learn top 10 most common tourist vocabulary. Let’s go! 切符 (kippu) “ticket” 東京駅までの切符を一枚ください。 (Tōkyō-eki made no kippu o ichi-mai kudasai.) “One ticket to Tokyo Station, please.” 旅行者 (ryokōsha) “tourist” この町には旅行者がたくさんいます。 (Kono machi ni wa ryokōsha ga takusan imasu.) “There are many tourists in… Read More »