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Last to Leave the Snow Wins $1000! Freezing Challenge! / The Beach House

Becca: Welcome to the beach Becca: Today, we have been inspired by our friends The Ohana Adventure to do a last person who leaves the snow gets a thousand dollars! Becca: We have some more of these amazing golden..these are 24 karat gold Becca: Hundred-dollar bill y’all Becca: And they have Becca: They even say… Read More »

WHICH kids had the BEST summer Vacation DAY?! LAST DAYS OF SUMMER

– There’s only, like, a few days left before school starts. We need to do something! And Rykel gets to decide what we do. Do we get to go to Florida? – Yeah! – And swim with dolphins! – [Mom] You guys are going to go to Alaska. – Yeah! (upbeat techno music) – Thanks… Read More »

LETTING the KIDS BUY whatever they WANT for SUMMER VACATION! where to??

– We’re going to let the kids decide where we go on summer vacation. (kids cheering) – So our idea is we’re going to be doing traveling. – [Boy] Look how shiny they are. – [Mom] We only have like 20 minutes left go! Power air fryer here I come! – Oh my gosh, oh… Read More »