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Perfect Canada Day Picnic with Mairlyn Smith

We’re packing a picnic for Canada Day Scott you’re supposed to be shooting the bubbles! I love eating local and seasonal and supporting our local Canadian farmers right across Canada so I was thrilled when the people at Saskatchewan mustard asked if I would like to work with them it’s like right on I will… Read More »

First Annual Family Picnic | Johns Hopkins Center for Fetal Therapy

[MUSIC] Today we’re really excited because this is the first annual family kinda get together reunion that we’re doing. And this is just such a great experience because we actually get to celebrate the lives of these kids that have come to be because of all the hard work that the team has done and… Read More »

Large Picnic Table with End Benches

So here’s a really cool picnic table because it’s got benches at both ends. And it’s all done mostly with 2 by 12s here. You can see two by twelves bolted together to this 4 by 4, cross braced with four by fours. The whole thing is bolted with through bolts all the way down.… Read More »

[Eng Sub] Picnic food الفكيرة 115 | اكلات خفيفة لنزهة أو رحلة‬‎

Welcome to Fokaira channel recently I prepared for a picnic This is the first picnic in my life It is common in Europe but for me it was first time And today I will take you in journey of how I prepared for this picnic I started with the Red and white famous table cloth… Read More »

Games4King G4K – Picnic Girl Rescue Game Walkthrough 2018

Games4King G4K – Picnic Girl Rescue