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My life in a hotel room: Ireland’s hidden homeless crisis

Laura, do you know where the bag with the antibiotics is? Oh, here. That’s one antibiotic. Don’t know where the room key is. Nuala and her daughter Laura are homeless. For the last two weeks, this hotel room has been their home. I can never find this. There is no normality. It’s the not knowing,… Read More »

Idina & Taye’s Australian Vacation Video

>>IDINA: Hiii. Taye, look up. [pause] Hi, bud.>>TAYE: He has pretty eyelashes. Is this a male or a female?>>IDINA: Honey, get this.>>WORKER: It’s a young male, I think. Hard to tell unless you tip him over.>>TAYE: [laughter]>>IDINA: Hi. We’re in uh, where are we, North Queensland?>>TAYE: [laughter]>>WORKER: North Queensland.>>IDINA: We’re in North Queensland. And uh,… Read More »