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마블덕후 PC방+오락실+피규어 6평 방꾸미기 인테리어 랜선집들이🏠[집꾸미기] House Room Tour

[Gonna geek out anyways] [Let’s fanboy happily] [The owner of this room] Let’s make a space so that I can see my collections all at once. [Movie characters covering a side of a wall] [His house is an arcade + a museum] [Actually making a man’s interior design dreams come true] [Decorating a fanboy’s room… Read More »

LUXURY Canada Hotel – $500 Hotel Review – Room Tour of Wickaninnish Inn – Tofino – Hotels in Canada!

Disney’s Beach Club Resort & Room Tour 4K//Review 2019

Welcome Home to Disney’s Beach Club Resort! I hope you enjoyed the opening intro. In this video, I will be doing a tour of the resort as well as a tour of the Villas room we stayed in and an overall review of the resort compared to other Disney resorts we’ve stayed at. 1. So… Read More »

Room Tour Paradise Honeymoon Beachfront Grande Luxe Club Level Room HB Sandals Negril

Hello from Sandals Negril! There’s a little bit of rain right now. This is outside my hallway. Inside Club Level room. Bathroom. Very nice walk in shower. King size bed. Here is the mini bar. Fridge– you can see what’s in there. The seating area of the room. Little desk there. It is raining a… Read More »

Over the Water Private Island Butler Honeymoon Bungalow OWB Sandals Royal Caribbean

Hello! We are at Sandals Royal Caribbean. In Montego Bay, Jamaica. In an over the water bungalow. I’m going to give you a tour of that here. As you walk into the room There’s a little food prep area for our butler. And a nice coffee machine here where we can make ourselves coffee or… Read More »

Honeymoon Hideaway Luxury Club Level Garden Cottage- GC – Sandals Ochi

Standard Club Level Room Includes Room Service and some other upgrades. Here’s the minibar. It’s all included and gets restocked every day. Let’s see what’s in there. I already raided it for a Diet Coke earlier. Here is the bathroom. Spa products. Bathtub. There’s a robe in here and some of my stuff. Nice big… Read More »

My Disney Port Orleans Resort Room Tour and Vacation Review

Well hello, ladies and gentlemen, and everyone watching, I’m your host, The Report Of The Week. You know when it comes down to taking a trip or taking a vacation, anything along those lines, a lot of people have different types of standards, you can say, upon which they make a judgment about it, right?… Read More »

HONEYMOON in CANCUN RIU Palace Peninsula 2019 ❤️

Hey MTV and welcome to my crib. That’s how I know you old know you all of course I watch on TV cribs but I’m not referencing it starting this for this is bad hot tub Jacuzzi thing going on failure Fillion that you think you get a nice a walking shower rain washed out… Read More »

What An Average American Vacation Is Like

Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching I’m your host to the report of the week and thank you for tuning in to this random video Yes, this isn’t a food review or any sort of review though. I kind of do give a little bit of a critique of Certain things but this… Read More »


[music] So, for the past 21 years, I’ve been waiting for HGTV to give me my own room makeover show and.. It hasn’t quite happened yet. So, in the meantime, I’m just doing as many room makeovers as I possibly can. I promise I am working on my own apartment makeover, but I am being… Read More »